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Thread: Want To Be Featured On The Facebook Page?

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    Want To Be Featured On The Facebook Page?

    How would you like your custom figure or sculpture featured on the Facebook page?

    Please post a picture in this thread along with a brief description of your figure. Occasionally, we'll go through this thread and pick a custom to spotlight on Facebook!

    Keep your eye out on the Facebook page to see if yours is chosen!

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    Here's my MOTUC 200x/MYP He-Man. I figured Mattel would never make one so I made my own He's made up of a King Grayskull base, He-man head and a 200x He-man Harness, sheild and axe. And of course the MAA 200x sword. Hope you guys like!

    *Two-Badd*~*Snake Armor He-Man*~*Tung Lashor*~200x Sorceresss~Calix ~*Mantenna*~*NA Skeletor*~*200x King Hisss*~*Ninjor* ~Evilseed

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    Well, let's repost this one for starters.. :P

    It's a 200x Horde Trooper Staction heavily inspired by Emiliano's design.
    I'm pretty happy how it turned out, although I am really concidering to update the feet, which I am not too happy about.

    Take a look at my deviantart.

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    MOTUC Skelcon: One of Skeletor's evil warriors in the Ladybird books, he seems to use these guys more than the more well-known henchmen in the cartoons and toys. I've seen a few of these guys in MOTU form, but none in MOTUC, so I made one of my own.

    Recipe: Toothless Skeletor head and body, Mo-Larr labcoat (modified), and LOTS of hot glue.

    From my youth and hometown when I was a kid...He-Matt and the Masters of the Kunaverse!

    My feedback thread:
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    My B/S/T thread:!

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    Working on some more at the mo but here's my last DC/MOTU Mash up

    and the one before
    DT81's Tinkering thread -

    Check out all my customs over at figure realm

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    Eyes of grayskull 018.jpgI thought the Eyes of Grayskull were worth looking at.

    See the whole castle here:
    Last edited by MOTUalberta; May 13, 2013 at 09:06pm.
    Check out my customs. Go on, treat yerself!
    New life into old playsets!

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    Deep within the bowels of Beast Island, Shadow Weaver magically created a ******* child, half Arachna, half Avian, all evil!
    The creature grew to be too violent and uncontrollable for even Vultak to contain.
    Vultak brought this monstrosity before Horde Prime to seek permission to destroy it. However,
    Horde Prime saw potential in this "monstor" and his life was spared. Monstor was assigned to Hordak's elite task force with one single solitary mission, destroy the Great Rebellion!

    Part Needs: MOTUC

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    Sounds good!

    Skeletor from the NA cartoon.. I tried to take the look from the cartoon Skeletor, mixed with some ideas from the NA Skeletor action figure i.e. the tubes on his body & arm and some detailing on the Skull-staff. 16 " tall and sculpted from scratch.

    naskeletorbust_zpsd566148f.jpg naskeletorbust2_zps18f373bd.jpg
    Justice, Truth, Honor and Loyalty!

    Visit my website for handmade Scenery, Statues & More! CUSTOMSCENERY.NL

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