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Thread: The Filmation Evil-Lyn poll

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    The Filmation Evil-Lyn poll

    A straightforward one, people. TG and Eric Treadaway from the 4H mentioned earlier that an-all new Filmation Evil-Lyn is possible if enough people want her. So tell us what you think about an all-new Filmation Evil-Lyn.

    Would you say that you would want all different kinds of this figure?
    Would you grudgingly get her but be miffed that you have already bought BG Lyn not knowing what to do with her?
    Would it depend on whether you've got the dough or how she turns out?
    Do you think BG Evil-Lyn is close enough to your Filmation Lyn?
    Don't you want her because you hate all that Filmation shenanigan?
    Would you say before we get to her they should do XY first?

    Please vote and specify!

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    Not interested in a Filmation Evil-Lyn. What I want is a 2002 version on the new twist-waist body.

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    Would you say before we get to her they should do XY first?

    I am interested in a Filmation Evil-Lyn, but only to a point. I guess it's one of those things where I want it as long as other more important repaints come first. Like Tallstar, I would like a 200X version as well with the new body, but seeing how we are already getting our first repaint, there are other characters I'd like to see be released first before a 3rd version is released. If her release would in no way affect the chances of other core character's being released.. bring her on
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    Quote Originally Posted by rewkee View Post
    Don't you want her because you hate all that Filmation shenanigan?

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    I voted maybe because sh'd need to have something REALLY worthwhile for me to get her.
    (Still a firm believer that they should've just painted BGEL in Filmation colors if she wasn't meant to be a classicized 200X Evil Lyn)
    I'd rather have other revisits to other characters first (especially those with backwards shoulders or cracked torsos...) instead of doing Evil Lyn variants again and again...
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    No thx. We just got BG EL & Eric said they'll get to a 200x EL as well one day. So, that's enough for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vlcan View Post
    No thx. We just got BG EL & Eric said they'll get to a 200x EL as well one day. So, that's enough for me.
    Totally agree! BTW: Even only one EL would be enough for me. There are a lot of more exciting MOTU characters left over. IMO.

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    Given the choice of another Evil-Lyn figure, I would go with Filmation, but honestly, I'm all Evil-Lyned out when it comes to variants of her. 2 Lyns is more than enough for me.
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    No interest here. The versions I do want are:

    -teenage Rebel
    -winter gear/Snakemen alliance

    ...and I really would like a yellow-skinned version of the helmetless head.
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    Not That I really need one, because I like BGEL a lot, FIlmation or not she is the Evil Lyn I waited for, for 30 years, a non yellow, more darker looking version...even though, I voted maybe.....but this site seems very biased towards 200X if you ask me. And what no one realizes is that even if a 200X version of someone is made, they will not be 200X, they will be Classics in appearance, so even with a 200X EL, you may get a Classics styled dress & head, which probably won't be what everyone is thinking it will be at all. This is Classics...not 200X, those characters will not look like they did, or even like Marzo did (Before Mattel changed their minds about 200X heads and figure appearance), they will look more like Keldor, but maybe with a little more detail.

    I'm not knocking a 200X Evil Lyn, she and Mantenna are the 2 best looking of the 200X to me, and I don't like 200X at all, so I wouldn't mind a 200X Evil-Lyn, but I myself have BGEL (the only EL I want, or have) coming, so I don't need another version of her at all, unless her looks are worth it.
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    With 2 Evil-Lyns down and a 200x propbably coming, I've had my share of EL. Never really cared much for her either.

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    As the OP I'd like to voice my opinion as well. I would buy Filmation Evil-Lyn, but at the same time I can sympatize with all those who do not want her. BGEL does not please many fans who wanted a true 200X EL. She does have more in common with the Filmation Lyn and for that she should have been given a more fleshy skin colour to match the Filmation style in the first place. Alas, that didn't happen, and I have to say I can live with that. What I'd hate most is having too many EL variants and only one I really want. Thus, the up side to not getting a Filmation Lyn is not having to dump BGEL. Like you shadowfall1976, I prefer BGEL over the yellow version, and I am very happy to have her (Love the GITD sphere btw!).

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    BGEL is satisfying enough for me. I wouldn't want a cartoony Evil-Lyn even if she had pale skin and a black cape.

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    See, a Filmation colors Evil-Lyn would have been perfect for one of the DC/MOTUC 2-packs, but she needs an entirely new outfit.

    I'd rather have Young Lyn from the MYP series.

    But then, I'd like both. LOL
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    For the time being I am 100% satisfied with BG Evil-Lyn. I could see possibly revisiting her 5 yrs down the road, but nothing else at this particular moment in time.
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    I voted maybe. I agree with DO4M. They should have just painted BG Evil Lyn in Filmation colors.

    So at this point if it's just a repainted Teela dress again my answer is "NO"! If they decide to quit being cheap and lazy and sculpt an actual Filmation accurate Evil Lyn, then yes. I'll take one eventually. But the 200x version needs to be first. Most of those fans are still very unhappy with BG Evil Lyn and don't have a version of the character to call their own. Whereas I've seen quite a few Filmation fans say they're satisfied with the current BG Evil Lyn as a substitute for Filmation.

    Bottom line though, I love Evil Lyn and I'll buy any variant of her they put out. I'd much rather have two more Filmation and 200x variants of Evil Lyn than Flying Fists He-Man, Laser Light He-Man, NA He-Man, etc, or any of the She-Ra variants.

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    ignoring how much I like the yellow lyn and the new definative bg lyn, I have no need for a "filmation" lyn any more than I need a "200x" lyn, as there just isnt enough specifically different that I think these two versions dont cover or interprate well enough.

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    No thanks. Winter gear EL, and 200x EL (in the future) would be enough for me. Filmation would be like beating a dead animal. What's the point? We already have two versions of her.

    They should make filmation variants of existing characters in the mini-masters line. Cheaper, smaller versions don't suck.
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    I'm good on Evil-Lyns now. I voted "Maybe" because I don't know if they can make a 3rd Evil-Lyn different enough for me to want to spend another $32 on another Evil-Lyn. If they put a colorful Filmation logo sticker on it somewhere, that might sell me.
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    2000x first then we can talk about her

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    I wouldn't say no, but we've already had an Evil-Lyn variant, and I'd much rather have that slot go to another character. Perhaps Filmation style Hordak, MAA, Clawful, or Skeletor.
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    I would get a Filmation Evil-Lyn.

    I agree with the fans who are saying that Battleground Evil-Lyn should have been a Filmation repaint. I think Mattel should have known to do this if they didn't have access to the new 2.0 body yet.

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    No interest at this point in time.

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    Honestly, no. With so many character to be made, I don't want to get bogged down in stylistic variants. While I was hopeful for the 200x Evil-Lyn because the character was so different from her previous incarntion, I'm just dissapointed in her. She's not a bad figure, but she isn't really what either Filmation fans or 200x fans wanted. She's a weird hybrid whom. I just don't trust Mattel to really commit to much to these types of variants so I'd rather they just be skipped.
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    I'd definitely buy a FILMation Evil-Lyn!!
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