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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread January 2012

    Happy New Year! Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for January 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Man-E-Faces cut-off for issuing re-issues

    I did look to see if this question had been asked/answered, and I wasn't able to find anything.

    It has been said there won't be any reissues after Man-E-Faces. Does that mean Man-E-Faces himself won't be getting reissued, or that he is the last character Mattel will do reissues of?

    I know some folks wanted him in an orange body suit (more like the vintage figure rather than flesh colored), and I'd like to have one that makes Man-E-Faces look like he's in an enclosed spacesuit as I just can't bring myself to try to customize one of my Man-E-Faces figures for this purpose. The painted shading on him is just too well done to obscure with a lousy paint application by me.

    We can do a different version of Man-E, but we won't be reissuing the original version.
    TOD Sorceress Convention Schedule???

    Hi! I was hoping you could shed some light on which conventions Mattel will be attending this year, where they will be selling the Temple of Darkness Sorceress? Also, what price will the figure be? Thanks!!!

    We sure can. This will be confirmed at NYTF along with all other upcoming announcements.
    Of Generals and Rattlesnakes

    The looks of Rattlor and MYP's General Rattlor were so different, that it would make sense to make them two characters - "the General" AND Rattlor (the henchman). Just like Mattel did with Zodac and Zodak.

    Any chance of making them two characters?

    The more Snakemen, the merrier.
    I'd buy both for sure, as would many other fans.

    One more thing:
    Please give him a hinged jaw!

    Zodak and Zodac not only had different looks, but very different roles. One was a Cosmic Enforcer seen in the DC Comic books and 80's vintage toy. One was a Mystic Warrior seen in the 2002 series and 2002 toy line.

    Rattlor is the same character, just different interpretations of him visually. So while we could do both versions (in terms of armor and weapons), both would be Rattlor.
    Reissue Packaging Follow-Up


    We understand that Mattel/DR can't guarantee which version of a reissue the customer gets (burst vs. no burst), but you missed the point of the question asked multiple times.

    We need to know if Panthor is produced now with the "The Original" burst on them yet.

    We need to know if BA Skeletor is a real reissue or just first run CS stock.

    Thanks so much for all your fan communication!

    Both will be a combination of first and second run but we can not guarantee which one any customer will get.
    Reissue or not?

    You're keeping me from buying figures by not clarifying for me whether they will likely have the "Original" burst on them. Battle Cat still has that "Reissue" clause in his description but BA Skeletor and Panthor don't. Because of this, I haven't ordered these figures from you. In the future, will you please clarify this issue?

    Reissues will be a mix of both original releases and the second release with the burst. Alas, MOTUC is just not a large enough line that we have the resources to control this. I totally get this does not work for MOC collectors. We simply can't cater to every collector and every buying habbit. We'd like to, but we just don't have the resources with such a tiny tiny line.
    TG, question about Granamyr

    Hey TG,

    1)Any news on Granamyr in terms of when we might get a sneak peek?

    2)Since the figure is going to be big, has the design team settled on what the packaging might look like? Open window perhaps to view the figure or will it be more like the Wind Raider packaging with art instead?

    3)One more thing....seeing how the Wind Raider didn't sell quite as quick as Matty would have liked, does this change how you might position Granamyr in terms of "sale month"? For example, he might sell better during the summer say,during SDCC versus Oct.,Nov.,Dec. as fans are gearing up for the Holiday. I know the Star Sisters (highest price point item so far) did well and sold out, but we might have the Sub to thank for that. I could be wrong.
    But with Granamyr being the highest price point to date, maybe Matty might want to give him a month all by himself.

    He will be shown at SDCC at the earliest. He has not been sculpted yet.
    Griffin update

    Will the Griffin's new wing color scheme be displayed at NYTF?

    Ideally yes.
    future variants question

    You've mentioned before that a general list of characters that you'd like to get into the line up until 2017 and beyond. You also stated that it was in the plan to get to every character that had a figure before.

    So, my question is, does your list include all variants that existed previously? For example; Scratch and Sound Catra, Laser Power He-Man, Too Tall Hoove, Ice Armor He-Man, etc.

    Keep in mind, I'm not asking if any of these are in production. I'm only wondering if the tentative road map included all pre-existing variants.

    These are all great ideas for variants but nothing to announce right now.
    Star Sisters follow up

    why would it have to be them or a all new character's can't they *one at a time/year* take up variant slot's?
    with as little tooling as they need they would work well for that slot. TallStar only needs 1 new tool, she can come with Glory Bird and his new hair so she's not just 1 new part.
    Starla is only 2 new part's...well 3 if you did her back pack
    JewelStar is 8 but that's only 2 more then BG Evil-Lyn and with her being all rock covered she can be clear as the rocks would hide her articulation and she would be less paint ap's so that would help save some money on her

    Yes, they could absolutely take up a quarterly variant slots one figure at a time. But again, this would take that slot away from variants of other characters like Snake Armor He-Man, or New Adventures Skeletor etc...

    If more versions of the SS are really what fans want to see over variants of other characters we could certainly take this route. Let us know fans!
    Evil Robot Question

    What is the official Mattel word on the affiliation of the "Evil Robot" that was seen in a the 80's toy catalogs, but never produced. The paragraph describing him mentions Skeletor, but it looks like he has Horde symbols on him.

    Offically, he is evil.
    Mini-Comic Pages at SDCC

    Could it be possible to display the original pencil and/or inked pages of the new mini-comics at SDCC or Power-Con? That is, if they even exist. I am not sure if they were entirely produced digitally or not. If pages are available, it would be really nice to see them up close and on a larger scale.

    It may depend 100% on how much space we have in the booth. But it is not out of the question.
    Red Beast

    If and when you get to Red Beast, do you see it as a regular sized monthly figure or an oversized beast? I'm just curious on what you're opinion is, this is not a question about whether or not Red Beast is in production.

    If you mean the prototype Beast Man from Mark's drawing, he would likely be done just as we did Vikor or Demo-Man. But no plans at this time.
    TG... Reissue Clarification

    Why doesn't anyone ever clarify whether or not the older figures that become available again are "reissues" with the burst.

    MOC completists need to know whether they should buy another BA Skeletor or not. Does BA Skeletor have "The Original" burst?

    As a collector myself, I totally get this frustration. The reality of it is, MOTUC is a tiny tiny line. If we were the size of something like Hot Wheels or Barbie (or heck, even Monster High) it might be something we could do. But for the size of out customer base we just can't provide package itteration guarantee.

    The reissues will be a mix of both second and first run product. We just can't guarantee which version you will get. All we can do is guarantee the figure.

    I know for MOC collectors this is not ideal, but the MOTUC line is just not large enough to cater to every collector and every individual buying habbit. I do get it, but it just is not something we can do at this time.
    Weapons Pack item suggestion

    Is it possible to include additional extensions for Tallstar in a future weapons pack?

    Possible, but nothing is planned at this time.
    Add-on subscription question

    I know you've stated that a tiered subscription is not possible. However, is it possible to change the subscription to 12 monthly figures (plus the exclusive) and make the 4 quarterly variants an add-on sub, and the oversized/multi-packs an add-on sub? That way it provides more opportunity to those only wanting the 12 monthly figures (hence more sub sales in general), yet doesn't take away from those that want the additional quarterly items. We've seen how add-on subs are possible, with regards to the 30th anniversary figures.

    What are your thoughts?

    No. We nee to have all MOTUC skus with one quota. Items outside the sub will be large holiday items like vehicles and giant dragons. But the standard figs/beasts/multipacks need to be under one set quota which the sub helps us hit.
    The Mighty Spectors bio

    Will we get the Mighty Spectors bio at toyfair?

    He may be a bit father down the pipe. But soon.
    now that the Star Sisters are a hit

    now that the Star Sisters set is a hit and almost gone can we hope to see the toy look of them that fan's wanted?
    it would not take a lot of new tooling from what you already have, Starla needs 2, Tall Star needs 1, Glory Bird needs 1. Jewel Star would need the most

    the toy look

    clear red glitter legs
    NO orange
    sash over 1 arm *NEW TOOL*
    new hair with out a hat *NEW TOOL*
    no red outline on arms or legs
    no outline on star

    Tall Star
    darker pink hair
    painted silver top
    deep maroon neck,wast, lower arms and legs
    purple upper arms and legs
    pants *NEW TOOL*
    no outline on star

    Jewel Star
    jewel upper arms *NEW TOOL*
    jewel upper legs *NEW TOOL*
    jewel lower legs *NEW TOOL*
    jewel body suit *NEW TOOL*
    jewel lower arms
    unpainted hands
    clear very deep glitter reddish pink
    no outline on star

    Glory Bird
    no outline on star
    gold star swooping back over pink hair swooping back no mohawk

    Revisiting the Star Sisters and doing a more toy accurate verison is in no way off the table. It really comes down to slots. If we did the SS again (either as singles or another 3 pack) it would take up monthly or quarterly slots away from doing another all new character.

    So the question is really, would fans like to see a new version of the SS or would you rather more all new characters first? If this is really something fans overwhelmingly want we can certainly look into it. But my gut tells me getting to characters like more POP girls, more Snake Men and more Filmation characters is what fans would rather see first.

    You tell us!
    Are You Saying It is Unlikely There Will Be A Vehicle in 2013?

    Since WR did not live up to expectations sales-wise, are you stating that one vehicle in 2013 is out of the question? Don't you think a Battle Ram or Land Shark would sell out, especially if sold in the mid-summer as oppossed to Christmas time?

    Nothing is off the table. A lot will depend on the 2013 subscription sales in July. Either way, a vehicle will not be part of the sub so we will use the sub sales as a gage of how large or small the customer base will be in 2013 before going forward with anything like a vehicle or something larger.
    Hi Toyguru! I hope you reply to this, as it's a very important issue.

    At Power-Con, when the Star Sisters sample figures were first shown off, many people mentioned that Tallstar and Jewelstar's "underwear" looked very stretched out (and Tallstar's legs looked like they were hanging low). The current samples Pixel Dan and TheFwoosh got, also look this way.

    A few of us have discovered the problem is the NEW pelvis piece for Female Buck 2.0. The crotch part is too long and the holes for where the hips/legs attach is drilled too low. This is a problem that will affect all future female figures in the MOTUC line. Bubble Power She-Ra, all three Star Sisters and the Sorceress are affected by this so far. It's harder to notice the problem with the Sorceress and Bubble Power She-Ra, because their skirts cover most of the problem.

    It's most evident on Tallstar where her legs look like they're just hanging there. Like when the elastic breaks inside a G.I. Joe and their legs hang low.

    If a new female pelvis is NOT created for the Bubble Power She-Ra body, women who wear short skirts/"underwear" will continue to have "granny panties" or a diaper look to them. Some individuals are already saying they will not buy another female figure in MOTUC until this is corrected.

    The Battleground Teela pelvis is actually designed correctly (crotch is not too long and the legs/hips connect in the right spot). This pelvis does not work with the Bubble Power She-Ra body type that all the women are using now. A new pelvis, similar to the Battleground Teela one, needs to be created that works with Female Buck 2.0.

    Can the Four Horsemen/Mattel please start working on a new female pelvis as soon as possible to fix these issues? This will effect ALL future females in this line.

    I have put together a visual guide to show the difference between prototype and production figures (because none of the prototypes had this issue). The issue is because of the pelvis piece.

    This is a picture showing the G.I. Joe pelvis problem (when the elastic breaks). Tallstar's legs look like the figure in yellow and brown compared to the correct assembly on the character in red and gray:

    This may be a case of having to make some changes when translating a sculpt to an articulated toy.

    Or maybe corrections can be made! Either way I'd be happy to send this off to design and it is particularly helpful that you included detailed visuals and articulated your point well. That will certainly help the design group to review this.


    Please combine Demo-Man

    Since Demo Man and BG Evil Lyn are now in the warehouse with the star sisters PLEASE COMBINE SHIPPING after all that has happened to us sub holders the least that you could do is not charge us twice for shipping on items that are going out at basically the same time

    I'll try to use this answer as a catch all for all the outstanding questions still coming up from the 30 day delay on Demo-Man:

    While we we certainly love to do this and on paper it seems easy to do, Demo Man is set up under a 2011 sub and Star Sisters under a 2012 sub and they have different systems. We looked into it and to ship them together would cause another 20-30 day delay. We just don't want to do that to fans. Also, had Demo Man shipped in Dec, you would have still played shipping on him, so we are not asking customers to pay additional shipping beyond standard normal obligation for a month's figures. If you were prepared to pay shipping on him in Dec, you can now just pay this same amount in Jan. The costs has not changed, it just moved from Dec to Jan. It was only 30 days. (and yes we know for some customers on a tight budget they may have already spent the money they allocated for a Dec figure, but we simply can not build the line around every customer's specific shipping and or economic needs). At the end, Demo Man was bought under a 2011 sub and Star Sisters under a 2012 sub and we simply can't combine them in our system. All 2012 items can be combined but we can't combine items over different years' subs. We did look into it and it just won't work without another massive delay.

    It is unfortunate we can't combine the shipping but it is just not possible without causing another major delay while 2011 and 2012 lists are matched up to see who did and who did not buy both year's subs. While it seems easy to do from 100 feet away, down in the trenches we found this will only complicate things.

    Fortunately we have changed out policy going forward so this type of issue will ideally not come up again. We will now not sell or ship a figure until the full quota has arrived, even if that means delaying a figure by a month (like we did with Photog and Sorceress).

    At the end of the day it was only a 30 day delay in getting the Dec figures. We know this is not ideal and it is disappointing, but honestly in the big picture, this isn't the end of the world and delays should 100% be expected in this type of business/industry. Assuming all figures will always ship on their originally announced date is a bit of a perfect vision. I'm telling you now (to manage expectations) you should expect delays to happen every now and then for all of our online toy lines, especially those tied into monthly figures. If you don't expect this now and again, you will only be further disappointed. Delays can and will continue to happen. It is just the nature of dealing with the toy industry and having "monthly" items. (remember Wun-Dar, Palace Guards, Mer-Man etc...) all of those figures were delayed, but the line keeps going along very strong. I don't see too many posts from angry fans still upset that Wun-Dar shipped in April and not March in 2010. In time, once Demo Man is in everyone's hands, ideally this will be an issue of the past.

    Going forward 100% expect that delays can and will happen for MOTUC and all lines. We will do all we can to avoid them, but we have too many factors (vendors, weather (stormy seas, etc...) shipping problems and just human error) that can change when a figure arrives. Too many unknowns exist. So just know that delays will happen from time to time. You will still get all your figures, they just may not be in the exact month originally announced.

    I know some fans feel Mattel "owes" them something (like free shipping or a free figure) due to Demo-Man shipping 30 days late. But that is all it is, 30 days late. Not the line ending, not product being advertised and canceled. It is a 30 day delay. Small in comparison to other delays we have had (Thee LOSH pack shipped 14 months later then we originally announced!). We do not have the resources to pay for fan's shipping due to a delay (especially when this can and will happen from time to time and should be expected every so often) nor do we have a free figure we can mail to people. We are offering a small free gift for GB fans because we canceled the entire annual subscription after some fans bought it. But a 30 delay in a figure is a normal thing. Like hitting a red light on your way to work. You don't expect the city to give you a free gift if you happen to hit multiple red lights one morning? Same thing with a 30 day delay. This is normal and should be expected now and again. Not at all what we would consider an extreme situation where we would need to "make things right". Delays are normal and will continue to happen every so often.

    I understand this frustration, but as I said, delays will happen. Better to just except this as part of the line vs. trying to fight it and getting angry everytime. What we will do is 100% improve our communication and get better at informing fans about delays. We know we did not communicate Demo Man's delay as best we could. We will work on this.

    But there is simply nothing we can do to stop delays from happening fully. Delays will happen from time to time. It is part of the hobby, part of the business and not something that can be fully avoided. WE can except it, or get angry every time it happens. I am choosing the former. Better for the head. :-) No one should be angry all the time! Especially for things that can't be avoided.
    Why are my subs not shipping on time? WARNING if you got other subs!!!

    Dear ToyGuru,
    After not getting any email notifications for the Star Sisters being shipped or any funds being removed from my account I called Matty Collector. Apparently I wont be getting my Star Sisters or anything else MOTUC until the Club Lion Force ships because I ordered them together! Is this right? I checked with not one but two Matty Reps and was told the same thing. Really makes me ALMOST wish I didn't get Lion Force.... Mad Matty can you shed some light on why people aren't getting emails for subs and those with other subs are nw getting delayed? I thought we were told subs would ship BEFORE Matty sales day, mine wont ship now until way after!

    No, you will still be getting your Jan figures. I will pass this along to Digital River.
    Next weapons pack suggestion

    Since a lot of us received our Wind Raiders without the guns and supposedly customer service doesn't have any stock left, how about including the guns in the next weapons pack. While I love the updates from the original version, I would like to have the guns and a weapons pack would solve a lot of issues. The mold is already there, so no extra tooling should be necessary. Thanks for the GREAT line!!!!

    There are indeed Windraiders set aside for customer service and replacements. I will pass this along to the customer service team.
    Snake Mountain Stands

    I recognised the new schedule and I asked myself, why not putting the Snake Mountain stands to March?

    They are the cheapest item so far in 2012 and are surely more easier to produce than a figure.

    March & May would be more balanced.

    They won't be ready in time for March. Of the figures are being sold in the earliest month they are available. We can move figures down (like Shadow Weaver to March) but we can't move anyone up.

    Luckily, the SS were originally slotted for Jan so we were able to move them back to their original spot. They were moved to Feb by fan request that Jan was too crowded. Now that Sorceress and Photog slipped out to Feb it made sense to move the Sisters back to Jan.
    Demo Man and Evil-Lyn - What happened ???

    I purchased 2 Subscriptions of CLUB ETERNIA 2011.

    Why my ORDER 10174492700 from 10/December/201 are still in Process ???

    2 Battle EVIL-LYN and 2 DEMO MAN -------------------- $102,10

    If you check my ORDER HISTORY at you can see that my ORDER 10174492700 are still in Process...

    I Paid for that Figures and you should Ship my Figures every month !!

    Why my "December Figures" was not Shipped yet ???

    What happened ???
    I want my Figures because I purchased 2 CLUB ETERNIA 2011 Subscriptions.


    The December figure Demo-Man had a last minute shipping delay. He will be fully in stock by the top of next week and will ship out to all remaining customers ASAP along with BG Lyn.

    We totally apologize for this delay. It was in no way intentional. To ensure this does not happen again, we will no longer ship or sell figures until the full quota is in stock. So if a figure is running late (like Photog and Sorceress were) we will move them to the next month. We recently revamped our shipping schedule for the next 6 months to ensure we are fully in stock and we won't ask our customers to go through this a second time! We know how annoying it can be. Thank you for your understanding! Look for Demo-Man and Evil Lyn to ship as early as the start of next week.


    There are several polls on a few sites (including this one). We will take a look at the polls next Wednesday and go with whatever the polls say.
    MOTUC sub and 30th sub shipping question

    I just wanted to make sure that the MOTUC and 30th subs will be shipping together for customers that used the same address/CC/shipping option. And if that will happen, will that apply to all 6 of the 30th sub figures.

    All subs for all brands if bought by the same customer with the same credit card will ship together regardless of when they were purchased or if they were originally purchased together or separate (at least that is what is supposed to happen!)
    please toy guru, help!!!

    I am writing this because, now that us, subscribers know what's coming in february..i am worried about the issue of costs, because I have the motuc sub, the 30th sub, and the voltron sub..its gonna be a massive hit on my wallet..sighhh...oh well..

    Totally hear you on that. We do our best to spread items out, but it doesn't always work. That is also one of the reasons we are upfront with the total annual cost of subs so while we can't always control how many skus per month are sold, we can control the total annual cost and make sure that is clear with customers.
    Only 2

    Thanks for all the updates. Will there only be two reveals for MOTUC at Toyfare? I thought somewhere I seen that it was 4

    There will be more then 2.
    Star Sisters, Battleground Evil-Lyn and Demo Man together??

    Will you ship the Star Sisters, Battleground Evil-Lyn and Demo Man together or seperate?
    Oh and please do not move Shadow Weaver to March! She's allready paid last year, so to move her will not reduce the February cost. (I'm an international sub holder).

    No. Because 2011 subscribers list does not match 100% to the 2012 subscribers we will not be able to combine shipments of the final 2011 figures and the first 2012 figures. Ideally Demo-Man and Lyn would have shiped in Dec but we had a delay. But since 2011 subscribers would have paid for Demo Man's shipping in Dec regardless (if he had shipped on time) there is no addtional cost. He is just shipping later then expected. You would have paid his shipping regardless whether he shiped in Jan or Dec. Also, Demo Man should be shipping well before the Star Sisters ship.
    concerned about motuc future:::

    Should we fans be concerned about the line's future?? I ask this because of all this delays that are plaguing 2012's future. To me this is not good at all.. Why is all this happening??? Can the fans have an explanation of why this is happening? Please!!!! anybody?

    Not in the least. MOTUC is doing great and outsells all of our other collector lines. Delays are a normal expected thing in this industry. I'm honestly surprised (and grateful) we have had so few (remember Wun-far, Mer Man, Palace Guards to name a few.)

    Just like those, delays happen. At the most we are talking 30 days. And we will have the complete new roll out for the next 6 months to post in a day or two, so you will know what is coming when.

    So no, a few delayed figures is not seen as a reflection of the line being unhealthy. We expect this every so often. Kinda like bad weather. You hope for the best and weather the storm when you have to.
    photog problems

    withdrawn from the photog is the same problem with demo-man? if you buy a sorceress with photog shall command him on 13 February? or what you will put on sale on February 13? how is this?

    After Demo Man we have changed policy. We will no longer sell any figure unless the full quota arrives in time. If a full quota does not, we will simply move the figure to the next month's sale so that one figure does not hold up another figure shipping.

    We absolutly expect several figure to slip out 30 days over the next 6 months but should be back on track with the original roll out by July. A full updated roll out for the first half of 2012 will be posted on Facebook in the next day or so
    TG: Why are figures turning white?

    Why are figures turning white? This is particularly upsetting to the MOC collector community. Here is the thread from

    Moc Masters of the Universe Classics turn white over Time!

    I passed this question to our CPI group and this is what they had:

    "The white powder (made up of soybean oil) can sometimes leach out of the PVC and is used as a mold release. This has been used for over 20 years and has passed all HE and phthalate testing. It can simply be wiped off by consumers."

    I know this does not solve the issue for those keeping figures mint in package. I asked CPI if there are any long term goals of resolving this with our vendor. In order to do so we need samples of figures with this issue. If anyone has an older figure with this issue and would like to donate it to Mattel to review, please PM a Mod to get our mailing address and we can disect the figure and work on a more permident solution.
    Has Photog Moved To February--Matty Email says Yes . . .

    I and many others just received an email stating the 30th Anniversary figure has been moved to February. True?

    After the Demo Man issues we will not ship or sell any figure until the full quota arrives. We are still waiting to confirm which figures will be available for Jan and hope to have an update posted later today. Thier will definately be some changes from the orignal roll out plan simply because stock is still in transit. We don't want to sell anything unless it is 100% at Digital River and accounted for. If their is a delay in getting the full quota of any figure we will just move that figure to the next month!
    Communication can solve anger issues (DemoMan & Photog)

    Just received the email that Photog is moved to February. The fact that we have no info on Demo-Man's shipping (sorry but they made it to the US after 1 month doesn't count) and now Photog being pushed back, but still being on the January sales page, just creates anger towards Mattel and the MOTUC brand workers.

    Is it to hard to update the fans on what is going on? We have agreed to buy the product for the next 12 months and can't even be really kept up to date with what is happening.

    After the issues with Demo Man, we will not ship or sell any figure unless the full quota arrives in time for a sale. Figures will ship when the full quota arrives and for some figures that may mean a delay until the next month. Better to have the full quota then to try and ship incrementally.

    We have an update on 2012 figures. Thier will be quite a few changes from the orignally avail dates but all 2012 figures will ideally still ship during 2012 (we hope!). Right now we are just waiting for a double check on all avails with our distribution center before we make an offical post. The last thing we want to do is post incorrect info. Hopefully we will have an update to post before the end of today.
    2012 Prices Increases

    Quick Question.
    We know that day of sales are increasing for the 2012+ figures/beasts to $22 & $33.

    Why are you also raising the prices on older figures?
    Shouldn't He-Man still be $20 and not $22 ?

    No, older figures will also be at the new "day of" prices. It simply costs more to produce figures vs. in 2008 when the prices were set regardless if it is an older figure or a new figure. We have not had a price increase since 2008 and this is just the way of the economy. We held prices as long as we could at 2008 prices.
    Is it true Glimmer has been bumped for Sea Hawk?

    There are many people saying that Glimmer one of the Pop world's most important and missing characters has been bumped for Sea Hawk. If true this is a real slap in the face to all Pop fans as we have none of the core Pop heroine's except She-ra/Adora herself and the Star Sisters.

    Why has Glimmer been pushed back (for yet another male character), please correct this awful decision if it's true and get the Princess of Brightmoon to us in 2012. Pop fans have been waiting long enough for her.

    We have not announced a Glimmer figure or a Sea Hawk figure at this time. So not an issue. :-)
    Demo Man - Bad Customer Service

    I have emailed customer service twice regarding my 2011 Club Eternia subscription for Demo Man and Battleground Evil-Lyn. Although my order continues to say "order in process" like it has since December 10th, Customer Service continues to tell me it will be "shipping soon." And to keep checking the status on the website. Do THEY even know what is going on? Seems like a generic programmed response when they do not know what there are talking about or to pacify. A formal response should be given out to those who have a subscription with a estimation date of shipment. We all have bosses we need to report to, I'd assume this company is no different and should have answers from someone, Mistakes and issues happen, but its all about the communication to your customers.

    The full quota of Demo Man is now in the US and is shipping to DR to send out to remaining customers. You will have him soon!
    Demo Man Update Needed! 2013 Subs. Will Not be bought by some fans

    I'm reading that people are not going to sign up for the 2013 MOTUC sub. if they don't get an update about Demo Man and Battle Ground Evil Lyn. It's already the 9th and we're just over a week from January's sale.

    Please provide any update you have regardless of how small it might be. Thank you.

    Demo Man arrived in incremental shipments. The full quota is now here in the US and on the way to Digital River as we speak. Going forward we have changed our policy so figures will not be mailed out until the full quota arrives to avoid some fans getting figures earlier.

    Delays do happen (remember Wun-Dar?) but he is coming. Thanks for your understanding everyone. Not the perfect situation but he is coming.
    mattel are a company?

    Mattel how you feel to see so many complaints? what about demo-man? too bad he does not want to come to any home? or just the elected? other people's money is worth more than mine?

    I think you have to start to explain

    Demo Man arrived in incremental shipments and is being send out as he comes in. The remainder will be at DR in the next few days and will be sent out ASAP.

    Going forward we will no longer send out figures until the full quota arrives to avoid soem fans getting figures earlier then others.
    Scott Is Demo-Man IN STOCK YET?

    The Reason I'm asking If Demo-Man is in stock at the warehouse is because people on the forums are reporting getting and showing pics of their December Club Eternia sub items Demo-Man & BG Evil-Lyn.

    If Demo-Man is in stock why is it taking so long for the warehouse to ship out the December MOTUC's subs? My December Sub still says order in Process. Also What if any changes were made to Demo-Man because I recall you saying "we think when you see the final look of Demo-Man you will agree he was worth the wait"

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply.

    The remainder of Demo man arrived at our distribution center and is on the way to DR now. A small quota arrived alreadyand DR started sending them out. The remainder will go out ASAP!
    Granamyr Question

    While I don't want to be spoiled with details regarding his release:
    Is his package going to have any type of feature that may interfere with an "International release" as it happened with the First King Grayskull? (due to the electronics in the box)

    No, he will not have electronics in his package
    Meckaneck - I searched and you keep dodging ?'s related to him :-(

    I actually just did a search and you dodged questions when it comes to how his neck should look/designed extended.

    I'm hoping you can answer this. How might he look with an extended neck? Is this even possible with the tooling budget?

    We haven't gotten to him yet so these type of discussions simply haven't taken place.
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    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    I know this has been discussed to death before but I'm really not happy with the way they did the Tallstar extensions. I hope with Mekaneck and Extendar they lash out for a new buck with internal periscoping extensions. I'm not asking for the vintage Mekaneck twist waist feature, just the vintage Extendar pull-push model.
    Grayskull needs its Cardboard Spacesuit MOTUCized

    Voice your support in the Cardboard Spacesuit/Robot thread:

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    I second what Swanmarsh said. If they could splurge out on Roboto, I don't see why they can't do that for Mekaneck and Extendar. And they should release a Tallstar 2.0 at some point in the correct colours with the pull-push model on a single card.
    Got Fur

    I want a Glimmer by the end of 2012 and Extendar by 2013!
    Other Wants:
    MotU: Rokkon, Stonedar, Dragstor, Modulok, Multi-bot, Horde Trooper, DB Skeletor
    PoP: Peekablue, Madam Razz, Lighthope, Kowl
    NA: Quakke, Sagitarr
    MYP: Hawk, Queen Andreenos, Lord Dactys
    Mini-Comics: Kex Queen, Tug-of-War Yellow Warrior, King Hiss' Slave Girl

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    Sometimes I get the impression, MOTUC is the first line Mattel ever sold and they are new to the "retailer/customer" business. Most of their answers come off so arrogant, it's a darn shame. And what's even worse - many answers aren't even answers.

    Those more "expensive" Skeletor's better be painted real good ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novelty View Post
    And they should release a Tallstar 2.0 at some point in the correct colours with the pull-push model on a single card.
    I'd definitely buy a Tallstar 2.0 with pull-push extensions.
    Grayskull needs its Cardboard Spacesuit MOTUCized

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    Yeah give Mekaneck some Starcom extension mechanism!

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    Crappy answers. You can clearly see the shameless "I don't give a ****" attitude... Very, VERY sad !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swanmarsh View Post
    I know this has been discussed to death before but I'm really not happy with the way they did the Tallstar extensions. I hope with Mekaneck and Extendar they lash out for a new buck with internal periscoping extensions. I'm not asking for the vintage Mekaneck twist waist feature, just the vintage Extendar pull-push model.
    well, I dont have her in hand, but so far seems great to me. Actually I think I want another set to really extend her out. Watch out MOTUC Marketplace on the .Org!

    But actually I have always been in the camp of consistancy. So I love the extenders and hope that is what we get for Extendar and Mekanek. I like their idea of solid parts, buck re-use, ect. Give me an articulate buck, and since that was the idea, I expect to get that.

    Oh sure, they gave us Roboto, but I was actually just happy we got a clear chest with that inside, it didnt need to actually work.

    So not to be contrary, just putting out there that for everyone that wants one thing one way, or was unhappy with something, there's someone counterpoint.

    That and why were the extentions bad? They certainly look better than the (I think terrible) "thin connector bits" that dont look at all natural on extending figures. This way they are consistant in thickness, instead of thin ole connector bits.

    Quote Originally Posted by Novelty View Post
    I second what Swanmarsh said. If they could splurge out on Roboto, I don't see why they can't do that for Mekaneck and Extendar. And they should release a Tallstar 2.0 at some point in the correct colours with the pull-push model on a single card.
    again, not trying to be contrary, but While I agree they could do a Tallstar 2.0 (not that I'd want one) it wouldnt be the "correct" colours as I think it's pretty obvious in all but one appearance of that character, the colours they chose were the most common depictions. So really, her current MOTUC Colours are clearly correct.

    But sure, as long as it were a second release (that I wouldnt hold my breath for) why not do a push pull model. Wouldnt look as good with that feature, but why not, if they could afford it and it were later in the line?

    Quote Originally Posted by Canada-Man View Post
    To be honest. I don't find scott's answers ignorant, arrogant, or having an "I don't give a **** attitude" can you imagine being asked 10000 times when demo-man is going to ship and replying to a lot of them? Scott is straight forward and to the point. (Most of the time) he does misunderstand some questions I will agree. And using fun words like "logistically" is his way of not disclosing information that is either A) none of our business or B) not set in stone yet...

    At least he takes the time to answer some of the fans questions.
    Agree. He clearly cares a great deal. Great customer communication. Not their fault if some of the questions are repetitive and/ore unanswerable...and repetitive.

    But yeah, the company makes mistakes, but I am certain they will fix them. I do hope it doesnt hurt the line, though I am certain it will. But I want the line to thrive and basically accept anything that keeps the line going. I would rather have more and more and since it keeps getting better and better, I can forgive alot.

    I get tested, and sometimes I want answers too (like why did we really not get Demo on time, and why are the rest so jacked up in release?) but they are obviously private industry situations that arent really quite our buisness, or even if it is our buisness (it is our subs that are getting messed with) knowing the answers wouldnt make anything better, nor us knowing allow us to fix it in any way.
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    I have nothing against Toyguru himself.

    But it has its reason why I'm underwhelmed by many decisions made for the line. If rumors are true, 2012 will make me only buy 50-60% of the items... My cheapest year ever!

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    Quote Originally Posted by baronterror View Post
    again, not trying to be contrary, but While I agree they could do a Tallstar 2.0 (not that I'd want one) it wouldnt be the "correct" colours as I think it's pretty obvious in all but one appearance of that character, the colours they chose were the most common depictions. So really, her current MOTUC Colours are clearly correct.
    I've seen you mention this in another thread as well, and I'm not sure where you're getting this information. In the cartoon, Tallstar has red hair and a silver chest and pelvis and the rest of her is only about a 75% match to the version we received. (I won't even get into the others) But more importantly, the American toy catalog in particular was the most referenced over the years, available to view online way earlier than the magazine (scans of the interior of the She-Ra magazine didn't show up until much later and I'd say physical copies are borderline rare) and discussed as if those versions were matter-of-fact. Folks were curious as to how they were going to approach Tallstar and Jewelstar's action features, references to Starla's backpack were made, one member created a thread asking if we wanted Jewelstar to be translucent like the toy, etc. I honestly don't believe most of the fandom ever considered the magazine depictions to even be in the running.

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    Just a statement : other than the explanations about the December 2011 and 2012 schedule debacles, I don't see many "news" coming from Mattel in this "news thread"... Fortunately, at the end of February, we should FINALLY get some news at NYTF. Until then, I wish you all a nice nap !

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