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I'd never expect anything less from Da Guru; he's a joke. He's a legend in his own mind. All he does is copy and paste answers. I think I would fall over if he ever did anything to tease fans. He should take a lesson from Hasbro brand management.

Given that he is the "voice" for the fans I would highly recommend that he "up" the communication and that he, also, work on being more of a cheerleader and an excitement generator. I think he's full of himself and that he thinks he's "really something special." I don't think he's an advocate for the fans; when I see him speak and I read his canned answers I think he "deals" with the fans. Big difference.

I think he should realize two important take-aways: 1.) Improve the communication... you are a brand manager... it is ok to over communicate and 2.) Please increase the sincerity and reduce the "pat" answers.
Not once did I ever get the impression that Scott considers himself a "Legend in his own mind" What exactly has he done or said to make you feel that way? to me he comes of as a nerd that is overly excited to show off these figures whenever he has a chance. (see his videos with Pixel Dan at SDCC) And no disrespect for the nerd comment as I consider myself a nerd.

Cutting and pasting answers is okay in my book if 20 fans ask the same question....

As far as upping the communication goes he's stated that he will 100% be putting in more effort in this area. Yes a mistake in the warehouses happened over the holiday season causing a delay in motuc figures, but heaven help the fans if he didn't rush to a computer to give the fans updates while he was trying to enjoy his holiday on vacation with his family!!!

I find it really hard to read comments and answers someone types out in a forum site and honestly be able to tell if the person posting is either being smug, arrogant, full of themself, rude, happy, sad, or whatever. I don't get any bad vibes from what scott posts. I think its all in the minds of fans who feel like he is a jerk.

And for the cheerleader comment...would you like him to wear pig tails and pom poms when he does his figure unvailing? haha..that would be funny by the way however I find him really excited himself when showing off things from the line. Just me though.

Him being a boss of motuc line doesn't make him the final decision on much of anything. he's the one who has to take the fans comments, and suggestions to the big bosses with the fat pockets. Scott is not perfect, nor are you or I. He's just a guy who apparently is not allowed to take any credit for this lines existance, but is at every fault when something goes wrong. Thats why I feel bad for the guy.