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Thread: Yet another ID thread from Beastor!

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    Yet another ID thread from Beastor!

    Everyone has been so helpful in the past. Just wanted to see if anybody knew what this stuf was. I can't do back to back posts so if anyone can reply with one of these items, I can post 10 more! I will add the name in parentheses once it is ID'd in case anyone else is trying to figure out what random parts they might have lying around. Thanks again for all of your toy knowledge!



    3 (Weirdball Wrestler - still no idea what this is!)

    4 (Stone Protectors gun holster)

    5 (G1 transformers grimlock's missle)

    6 part of a pocket desk set that made a SAM rocket launcher that shot 2 missle erasers

    7 (Battle Toll arrow for either Count Trollula or Nunchuk Troll Series 1)

    8 (Transformers G1 Metroplex gun)

    9 (1990 Gi Joe AIRWAVE SKY PATROL gun - weird part is mine is black and the ones I found on eBay are all grey)

    10 (RAMBO Skyfire Assault Copter part)

    Thanks in advance!!!
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