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Thread: Pre-Christmas MOTU Poll Results?

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    Pre-Christmas MOTU Poll Results?

    Sorry if this has been answered, and to the mods feel free to delete/move the thread as necessary, but can anyone provide me with a link to the poll results from pre-Christmas? I can't seem to find anything about it. I'm talking about the series of polls that included questions like "Are you excited for Star Sisters" and "Are you buying Spector" etc.

    Thanks guys.

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    That makes two of us. And I don't want any "really busy lately" sort of answers! Action figures > life.
    I left my wallet in El Segundo...

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    Val addresses this issue in this post.

    I'm sure he'll have the results up as soon as he can. And despite a-star's request against it, I'm sure he hasn't yet because he's been really busy lately.

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    dorrmann is correct.

    I'm almost done with 'em. But I got some last minute Halo corrects from Marvel that had to get done for this morning.
    I'm working on the right now, along with some Divination script.

    I really am crazy busy. I don't mean for delays to happen, I really don't and I'm sorry about all of that. I swear a month passes by these days before I know what the hell has happened.

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