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Thread: silver star story complete

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    silver star story complete

    I bought this game(for the ps1) earlier this year and now that I've finally gotten the ps1 to work(still would like a new one though)So I get to the end of disk #1 and it says to switch to disk #2 I do and just before the cutscene it says to switch to disk #1! why? and how do I get disk #2 to work? it has no flaws that I can see looks like a brand new disk but what could be the problem? (I'm referring to "Luner:Silver star story complete" btw I forgot to mention that before)
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    As I recall there was some problems with the port and it wouldn't play or had problems locking up in certain systems. I couldn't get my copy to load past the first cutscene on my PS1 or PS2, I never tried my Ps3....

    Upsetting since I actually never bet the game on Sega CD the last boss was a beast I couldn't get past.
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