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    Quote Originally Posted by CptSpandex View Post
    Why would I be ticked off about this? I don't think I follow. I loved the 200x line as well, but it was long gone.
    I took it as Scott saying here they were planning on making the 200x style figures that never got made for the online collectors. But they decided to start the Classics line instead.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    I'm not angry about it but I do feel a little like I lost some very cool additions to my collection. Especially since I'm not really loving the classics line. I do own every single figure of the classics though.
    It's not that im angry.. just to read that they were actually thinking about completing the 200x line.,, before the Horsemen brought them this new idea to do the Classics.. kinda feels like being kicked in the crotch.
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