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Thread: Netossa, Fang Man, King He-Man for sale plus a few others

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    Netossa, Fang Man, King He-Man for sale plus a few others

    I have Netossa, King He-Man, and Fangman for sale. All three include their mailer boxes and of course King He-Man includes the Subternia map. Shipping will vary upon the figures depending if you want me to mail them out directly in their mailer (meaning shipping label attached to mailer) or in a box to keep the mailer in good condition. Obviously though, KHM will be the later. I'm looking at $27 for Netossa, $60 for Fangman, and $90 for King He-Man.

    Also, I still have the following for sale:

    $25 no mailer

    Battleground Evil-Lynn, Moss-Man, Keldor, Marzo, and Sy-Klone all MOC with Zolo cases (no mailers) for $22 each.

    Oh, and both the Hordak and Sorceress Stactions MOC for $20 a piece.

    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Pm sent!

    Sergio R.
    Thank you so much to my partners of for helping me to get MOTUC figures:

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