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Thread: MOTU Hybrid Enchantress Concept

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    MOTU Hybrid Enchantress Concept

    Hi all! Name's Jay, and I'm kinda new around here. I wanted to get the opinions of some dedicated MOTU fans for a project I've been working on.

    Over the last year, I've been building a series of custom MOTU figures that I call MOTU Hybrid. They are MOTU figures using the 2002 Four Horsemen sculpts, with MOTUC-style articulation, and the general aesthetic (colors, weapons, ideas) of the original Filmation series. Basically a combination of what I think is the best of all the lines.

    Now, since I'm using the 2002 designs, those characters that appeared in that line are no problem. However, I tend to hit a snag when I try to update more obscure characters. Case in point:

    past03.JPG EnchantressHeMan.jpg

    This is the Enchantress. She appeared in one episode of the original cartoon. Not an important character from a series standpoint, but she had the distinction of being A) the villain who kidnapped Randor's father for decades, and B) a counterpart to the Sorceress, in design if not in outright intention.

    So I wanted to update the character for my Hybrid line, since the villain side is, well . . . kind of a sausage fest. Ergo, I wanted to design a cool 2002 look for the character, something similar to the updated Sorceress, but more sinister, someone to be taken seriously rather than ridiculed.

    Here's what I came up with:

    enchantress1.jpg enchantress2.jpg enchantress3.jpg

    - This is just a concept sketch, not actual production art. The final piece is going to be a figure, obviously, not a picture, so no shading or depth.
    - Design is based off a pic of the Sorceress I found via Google Image Search, possibly made by someone who frequents this board . . . not trying to step on anyone's toes, just needed a reference to work from. All credit to the original artist, etc.
    - I haven't finalized her weapon design (or even whether or not she'll have one, the cartoon version didn't) so that's the deal with her staff there, just a placeholder.
    - Yes, I know she was originally an owl, the idea was to make her more dangerous and less goofy. Go ahead, look up "scary owl" on Google. Even mad, they just look fluffy and cuddly. It's HARD to make an owl look bad-@$$. I felt a dragon motif would work much better (plus, I don't have any spare bird wings in my fodder bin. Dragon wings, however . . . .) EDIT: I have included an owl version to make my point.
    - Note the gold bracelet, intended to be the one belonging to King Miro, that led Man-At-Arms and King Randor to his prison.

    So, thoughts? Do you folks think this design works? Anything I should change? Should I stick to the owl motif? Should I change the colors a bit? Should I remove the purple back of the headdress, and just have her brown hair flowing out the back, as with the original design (EDIT: see concept pic 2)? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    And hey, if you check out my previous figures (linked above), please comment on those as well! I intend to post them on this forum eventually, but I'd love to hear your preliminary thoughts!
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    looks nice but lets see an alternative picture with an owl motif for comparison

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