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Thread: Did you collect New Adventures figures as a child?

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    Did you collect New Adventures figures as a child?

    With the vocal NA fans calling for support for more related figures in the Classics line, I'm curious to know how many people here collected those NA toys as children. Does anyone have photos of themselves as kids playing with NA figures?

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    Had He-Man/Skeletor 2 pack, Optikk, Flogg, Battle Punch He-Man and Lizor, they were given to me as Xmas gifts. I only recently re-bought He-Man MOC, but I did not actively collect them and have no plans to begin collecting them now.
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    I didn't even knew they existed, I learned about them when they came out in Classics.
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    I was a big BIG fan as a kids...
    im sure i'll get flack for saying this.. but i thought they were WAY better than the vintage motu stuff... added articulation at the knee was huge for me..... anything thing that had knee or elbow articulation i was on it... and anything that didn't got buried in the yard
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    No. I was at an age where though i still collected and played with toys, He-Man had been off my radar since Ninja Turtles and I never saw the cartoon come on in my area. Actually to that point, I didnt find out about there even being a tie-in toon for NA until the DVD adds on the awesome Mill Creek dvds, or comming across it on Youtube or remember which.

    I do distinctly remember comming across He-Man toys in the toystore (once, dont remember them lasting long enough to come across twice evidently) and being joyfully pleased that he was "still around" but then quickly dissapointed in the designs. They were so all over the place and kinda junky looking. Just design wise costumes all over the place. However I remember gazing and studying Optikk for what seemed like forever. I almost got him, though at the time I couldnt just buy one of a line. I never forgot him and always kept 'im in my heart.

    Years later I wished I had, many times. Eventually I discovered Ebay and bought one. Ironically not long before MOTUC introduced him into the line! hehehe....

    After buying all the He-Man, She Ra, and 200x toons, I finally went back and collected the NA toon. Watched it all over the course of a couple of months. There were alot of good stories in there even though the execution may have left something to be desired. I think had I seen it as a kid, I would have lumped it with toons like Inspector Gadget, that I kinda liked and would watch if on, but held no specific great fondness for it.

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    i don't remember but i artilla is so dam familiar

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    I voted no, but I have nearly all of them as an adult. NA has a fantastic toy line and its saddening that most people don't realize this.

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    Nope, I was already a teen when NA happened...and way past my interest in Masters of the Universe.
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    I also was a teen by the time NA came out. I didn't collect the last wave of MOTU for the same reason.
    I didn't collect POP as a child.
    I collect them all now in MOTUC.
    I am glad that POP will have a chance to be complete by the end of 2015 and I am looking forward to getting more NA in 2015 and beyond.
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    Yes, I did alongside my brother who was 4/5 at the time and I was beginning to grow at of toys slightly at that time. He really liked the NA series.
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    Even as a child I had taste

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    SAY10 is coming... dedset13's Avatar
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    No, I didn't "collect" them as a kid.

    I did have regular NA He-Man and Disks of Doom Skeletor, but never got any other figures.

    I also had Skeletor's Skull Staff and my cousin had the He-Man Powersword. Needless to say, we had epic battles.

    As an adult, I have every vintage NA figure and I've really been enjoying their inclusion to MOTUC. Bring on Hoove!!
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    No, but I saw them when they first appeared; though intriguing (not just their design, but their awesome card art), I was too busy with other pursuits and never bought any.
    Classics have changed all that- I have every NA Classics release, some in multiple, and have sought out select vintage NA as well. I will continue to buy Classics NA figures for as long as they continue to see release- REALLY want silver mini-comic Sorceress!

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    I said yes, I did collect them, but not as a child, when they came out I was already married and bought them for my 2 oldest sons. (I got married in 86, yes I was an older kid who loved MOTU and hid it from my classmates)

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    Heck yeah!

    I feel like I'm in the minority, but He-Man still had a strangle-hold on me during the huge TMNT craze (of which I was fully a part of as well). The fact that they were more in scale with other figures at the time and had more articulation hooked me. Plus, I was really into the whole "space odyssey" thing at the time. I remember loving the fact that the NA show looked like a Japanese anime (which I was also into) and I would try to watch every episode, although it got difficult toward the end because the networks kept moving it around...

    This might explain why I defend NA as a legitimate and important part of the MOTU franchise. I understand why others may not like it, but I simply LOVE it.

    Really, I haven't stopped collecting MOTU since I received Beast Man as a birthday present back in 83'...
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    Nope, don't even remember seeing them.
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    Yeah I did. As I was born in 82 I was still young enough for He-Man by the time NA came out and I've have great memories of it.
    I was very lucky one Christmas when I got the Starship Eternia, Astrosub and Terrorclaw, and my birthday after that I got the Doomcopter. I still have all of them now

    Quote Originally Posted by Ornclown View Post
    I feel like I'm in the minority, but He-Man still had a strangle-hold on me during the huge TMNT craze (of which I was fully a part of as well).
    Same here. I was into TMNT like everyone else but He-Man was still my favourite by far.
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    Yes, I bought a bunch of wave 1 & 2 cheap from a discount store. I had He-Man, Hydron, Skeletor, Brakk (Flogg), Kalamarr (Slush Head), Optikk, Hoove, & Lizorr. I lost interest in NA when they stopped publishing the comic.

    Currently the only NA toys I own are Skeletor, Brakk, Nordor & Starship Eternia. One day i'll hunt down the rest.

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    Yes I would purchase them at the kb toys in the mall. I remember my favorite toy was the bolajet, really cool action feature. Disks of doom skeletor was a great figure too.

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    Totally Dyslexic
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    As a NA fan i oddly had to vote NO.

    Friends of mine collected them and it was exiting but than they left my place but one forgot a Spinwit figure and i played with it just spinning him when all of a sudden it was broken…

    That was terrifying and so i didn´t wanted them…except for Sagitar. Him i wanted, owned and loved.
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    Oddly, I was a BIG fan of the cartoon but never even thought to seek out the toys.

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    Nope. I didn't even know about NA until last year. I have a vague memory of seeing a commercial for a weird, skinny He-Man figure that looked like Flash Gordon, and I recall thinking I was glad I had grown out of it before he got ruined. Lol.

    As an adult, I have found an appreciation for what they were trying to do...especially because it allowed me to watch "new" He-Man episodes, thirty years after I thought he was gone forever.
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    My sister got "Artilla" and "Butthead" on clearance because they were a $1 each and got them mainly out of curiousity. We found it hilarious that a toy would be named a butthead.

    So no, we did not collect them. They were the equivalent of dollar store knockoffs to us.

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    I don't even remember seeing these at the time.

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    I had a few but was more into other lines at that point.
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