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Thread: Eternia and Etheria Celebrations are on - name your celebration/event.

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    Eternia and Etheria Celebrations are on - name your celebration/event.

    With all of the talk of the 30th Anniversary i thought it might be fun to name some celebrations if we were the characters (so to speak) on eternia or etheria, they have caught wind of the 30th Anniversary so they are going all out, the vision of evil vs good has disappeared and are all friends, every event is classed as a celebration. Dosent matter how stupid they sound like i said its a bit of fun.

    # Scareglow has snuck into Castle Grayskull after dark and is telling the local kids ghost stories.

    # Evil-lyn, Teela and Marleena are throwing the Sorceress a surprise girls night out, they have organised Fisto to be the entertainment for the night. Well he does have the BIGGEST right hand in the land

    # Panthor and Battle Cat have broken their way into the local pet store having an all you can eat experience.

    # Madame Razz has decided to treat herself to a new broom.

    # Skeletor is treating himself to a facial.

    # Clawful has taken his cousins out to the local club to try asnd get lucky wearing T-shirts we are not full of crabs.
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    Spikor uses an ancient artifact that grants him the greatest intelligence on the planet. He begins quoting Aristotle and Shakespeare at will. Unfortunately, no one on Eternia other than Queen Marlena knows who these people are, so most still thinks he’s a brainless dolt…

    Adam convinces Cringer to take a self-improvement class to bolster his confidence. The cat reluctantly agrees, and winds up graduating with high honors. Unfortunately, the very next time Adam transforms into He-Man, Cringer tells him where to stick that sword, walks off, and never becomes Battle Cat again. The new team of He-Man and Battle Ferret does not go over as well with Eternians…

    Beast Man goes to the Eternian Pet Salon for a flea dip. Unfortunately, after he leaves, he doesn’t notice the pretty pink bows in his fur. Mek-A-Nek is spying near Snake Mountain, sees the furry henchman approaching, and calls in the heroic warriors. The heroes then route all the villains, who are too busy rolling on the floor with laughter after Beast Man’s entrance to defend themselves…
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