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To be fair... I blame the fans for messing THAT up. I remember a LOT of people screaming for the 'All in' subscriptions in order to save on shipping... Considering the way the 12 figures turned to 16 turned into 4 beasts and two or three packs and every other thing... I really wish THAT was a change they never listened to.
Well, there were two reasons for the fans screaming for the All-in sub. The first was the RSOD and subscribers (who, for the most part, are completionists) still had to deal with the RSOD every 3rd month. Secondly it was to save on shipping. Subscribers were paying MORE for their complete sets than day-of buyers.

If Matty can find some way to combine subscriptions with day-of purchases...and still have the WSOD at bay...then I think most would be ok with going back to the 12 monthly figures.