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Thread: Be shamed of your toy collection!

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    Be ashamed of your toy collection!

    I won't deny you the pleasure of discovering what this thread is about by telling it myself, but I invite you to read this article instead:

    It is funny how, in this other article ( the writer of the above piece states: "I may only pick up Lego once every couple of months, but I cannot walk past the store without checking out their latest models. The prospect of the Lego Movie is embarrassingly thrilling, and I have spent too much time looking at custom-made kits online."

    Comment, please, you shameless collectors.
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    That article is a complete load

    nuff said
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    Wow... that's so ridiculous, hypocritical, and ironic.

    He somehow tries to defend collecting Legos as being different from collecting figures (this comes up in the comments of the figure article), but it's all a silly lost cause. And what's ridiculous is that in the action figure article, he shoe horns in the stereotype of a developmentally-stunted grown man still living with (and being dependent upon) their parents, still being a virgin, and collecting toys.

    I collect figures. I've been happily married for nearly 8 years (our 8th anniversary is next month), my wife and I moved in together just over 9 years ago when we got engaged, and I have a good job.

    And for that matter, even for anyone who, as adults, still live in the same house as their parents, there is a different between the stereotypical parent-dependent "man-child," and someone who simply still lives with their parents out of need/convenience while still pulling their weight and doing their share. Depending on where you live and what kind of job you have, the cost of living can be pretty high. And someone being single doesn't mean they can't handle a relationship... the likely had past relationships, but haven't met th right person yet. Without having a significant other or a roommate to split expenses with, living by one's self can be pricey. Someone who is paying rent to their parents or in some way splitting/contributing to the bills is not some kind of man-child mooch. I still lived with my mom and step-dad up until my wife (then fiance) and I moved in together. I was 25 at the time. I paid rent to them after I finished college, but was still living there.

    A hobby is just that... a hobby when kept in-check. And whether someone just buys the occasional one-off figure here or there, or goes for an entire collection of a particular line... if they are still paying their bills and doing the things in life that they need to do as an adult, then I really don't see the problem.

    Also, while there may be exceptions (and there's nothing wrong with those exceptions), generally speaking most adult collectors don't actually "play" with their figures as a child would (which is what he is asserting in this article). At most they open the figure, maybe move it around a bit, and then ultimately display it on a shelf. They may change up the pose and overall display every now and then, but for the most part, the buy them and display them.

    There are so many false assumptions and bad stereotypes that it's ridiculous.

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    Ashamed of having 4,000 plus pieces? Should I be? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
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    What a crock. The writer (if you can call this person that) of the article is a little out of touch. I missed the days when real writers wrote real articles about things that were actually relevant. The only point the writer made that was correct is some day history will look on our era as a low point for culture....because of crap like that trying to pass as journalism.

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    WAR WAGED ON ADULT TOY COLLECTORS - Why you should be concerned

    Gamers have to deal with it, Barbie doll collectors have to deal with it, now it’s the adult action figure collectors turn.

    Let’s be upfront here, this is censorship. Instead of leaving it up to consumers to decide what they will and won’t purchase, people are now pushing for items to be removed from store shelves. It’s Prohibition all over again, but with action figures.

    You may not have heard about the recent controversy, involving the Breaking Bad toyline that was, yes was, on sale at Toys R Us.
    Susan Schrivjer of Fort Myers, FL took great offense to the Breaking Bad adult collector figures being sold at Toys R Us. So much offense that she started a petition, gathering 9,300 supporters. The petition can be found here...

    Toys R Us has since removed the figures from shelves and even went so far as to post to their Twitter account “Re: BB "Let's just say, the action figures have taken an 'indefinite sabbatical.’”
    The problem here, and this is Soccer Mom Censorship at its worst, is that by taking this action they are both offending and alienating their adult toy collector customers.

    Daniel Picket of has started his own petition to get the figures back on the shelves, citing that this is not just about the Breaking Bad figures but about the larger principle in question. Daniel Picket’s petition has gained over 6,000 supporters in a fraction of the time as Susan Schrivjer’s. His petition can be viewed here.

    He also posted an eloquent follow up here...

    I’ve been paying close attention to this growing issue, I’ve heard it on my biased in the Soccer Mom’s favor local CBS morning news, I’ve seen it all over Facebook, and the first argument that people make in defense of Susan’s petition, is that adult toy collectors have no business collecting toys. That we’re weird. Flawed. Creepy even. I’m offended. Completely and totally offended. Don’t believe me? Check this news article... I can’t make this stuff up. We’re being stereotyped. And don’t think this isn’t a slippery slope, because it is. What’s next? Video Games (again)?, Transformers because they have guns? He-man and She-Ra because they dress to scandalously?, GI Joe because they’re too violent? The Road Runner because he’s so mean to Wile E Coyote? Truth be told, the Breaking Bad figures are rather bland. I mean, I can’t imagine a child going out of their way to even want one, I’m and adult collector and I’m don’t see the appeal. But I do see the larger issue at hand. I get that a couple of meth cookers isn’t ideal for kids. But if you’re a good parent, your kid isn’t watching Breaking Bad, recognizing the characters, and probably doesn’t care about the toys.

    This is a time where adult collectors of anything considered outside of the box, like video games, action figures, comic books, anything sci fi, we need to band together. Sign Daniel Picket’s petition.

    In the spirit of compromise, want to put the Breaking Bad figures on a higher shelf? Different aisle? Glass case? Okay, fine, (I think they’re in a different aisle anyway). But to pull them completely isn’t the answer. Just remember, your hobby is probably next.
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    Me thinks the writer of that article may be projecting their own insecurities. It's just a really immature viewpoint overall.
    Hey, if you want to wallow in the negative, go nuts. Sure, things aren’t absolutely perfect, and people passionate about a property can get all keyed up about things. But I don’t collect toys to be miserable. So I’d rather think about the things that do excite me

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    Where was the outrage with the Prometheus rape figure?! What's next?!

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    Wow. just wow. after I read the headline, I knew the article would be garbage, which it was. seriously cant believe that guy.

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    why be ashamed of anything that makes you who you are? What a moron

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    Supposedly he used to collect tin soldiers

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    Probably the best thing for you to do when you don't understand something is to generalize and stereotype those who partake in it. He really thinks of toy collectors as the scum of society that should be shunned and ridiculed. I am far from any of the stereotypes he espoused in his article, and even if I was, so what?? There's no harm in this hobby. This article is bullying as far as I'm concerned. As far as Toys R Us is concerned, I wonder how well they'd do without adult collectors? I know this segment is not the majority who is buying toys, but I'm sure it's a significant enough of a percentage to hurt their bottom line if they stopped shopping there.
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    The article was an opinion piece...... in my humble opinion I thought it was crap!!

    He must hate adult collectors like me who purchase their figures and leave MIB and MOC!! I hope he wasnt paid to write that dribble.

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