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Thread: Saturday Morning Preview Specials

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    Saturday Morning Preview Specials

    Hey with the new fall season almost here I was feeling nostalgic and thought I would ask all of you who all remember Saturday morning cartoons and know they are not what they used to be but how many of you remember they used to air a special showing the new and returning cartoons the Friday night before? I am sure there were more and maybe at some point all of them will be put in a collection and released on dvd or something but all I could find on youtube were a few.
    Back to Saturday Morning 1985/86 starring Punky Brewster and co. and "Rudy" from the Cosby show and "Blair" from Facts of Life
    Saturday Morning Preview Park starring Weird Al and Scooby and Scrappy Doo
    Alf Loves a Mystery
    Who Shrunk Saturday Morning 1989 starring the cast of Saved By The Bell
    1982/83 special starring Richard Clark it was introducing Pac-Man
    1980/81 special starring Boss Hogg and Rosco from Dukes of Hazzard with Scott Baio
    and I think one of the last specials before things changed from 1993 starring the cast of Perfect Strangers
    anyone else remember these and anymore?
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    Oh, ABSOLUTELY! I would look forward to those previews almost more than the actual Saturday morning itself!

    Saturdays ain't what they used to be, that's for sure. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever see those days again. But I'm sure glad I got to be a part of them once upon a time. :-)

    -Johnny C

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    Those were the days!

    I remember TGIF on ABC would have a special to start the show previewing all the new cartoons. And pretty much every Marvel comic book from the mid-70's to the early 90's this time of year had ads for the upcoming cartoon premieres/lineups for each network.

    Here are some specials I found on youtube:

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    Thanks for posting those were the days indeed. I hadn't seen the Saturday Rocks on CBS one before but I remember the line up. Alot of those are on dvd, netflix etc.. I suppose if today's parents wanted to they could recreate Saturday mornings that they remember for their kids but it's just not the same. Warner was releasing 60's,70's and 80's Saturday morning collections a few years back but then stopped I would have liked to have seen more.

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    I have a grainy copy of the CBS preview with Roscoe an Boss Hogg in also starred Scott Baio in it . He sang a couple of songs in it to as well as co hosting the up coming toons.This was during the Saturday Supercade time an D&D.I also have the Alf Loves a Mystery 1 to.Was there any other NBC 1's with Mr.T an Kidd Video previews?
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    I found on wiki a complete list

    1972 - Preview Special (hosted by The Brady Kids from The Brady Bunch)
    1973 - Sneak Peek (hosted by Avery Schreiber and Jack Burns)
    1974 - Funshine Saturday (hosted by Lee Majors from The Six Million Dollar Man)[1]
    1975 - Funshine Saturday (hosted by Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi from The Lost Saucer)
    1976 - Sneak Peek (hosted by Jimmy Osmond; featuring Chris Kirby, **** Clark, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, Marty Allen and The Osmonds)[2]
    1977 - All-Star Saturday (hosted by Kaptain Kool and the Kongs; featuring Lennie Weinrib, Meadowlark Lemon, Robert Hegyes, Shaun Cassidy and The Krofftettes)[3]
    1978 - All-Star Saturday (hosted by Jimmy McNichol and Kristy McNichol; featuring Adam Rich, Danielle Spencer, Donny Most, Donny Osmond, Haywood Nelson, Joey Travolta and Maurice Gibb)
    1979 - The Plastic Man Preview Hour (hosted by Michael Young)
    1982 - Pac Preview Party (hosted by **** Clark)[4]
    1983 - Preview Special (hosted by **** Clark)
    1984 - Preview Park (hosted by "Weird Al" Yankovic, featuring Wolfman Jack, Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo)
    1985 - Saturday Sneak Peek & Fun Fit Test (hosted by Tony Danza; featuring the droids of Star Wars)
    1988 - (hosted by cast of Mr. Belvedere)
    1989 - Perfectly Strange Saturday Morning Preview (hosted by cast of Perfect Strangers)
    1990 - (hosted by Roseanne Barr and cast of Family Matters)
    1991 - (hosted by cast of Family Matters)
    1992 - ABC Sneak Peek with Step by Step (hosted by cast of Step by Step)[5]
    1993 - (hosted by cast of Hangin' with Mr. Cooper)
    1994 - Whole New Level of Fun (hosted by cast of Boy Meets World)
    1995 - Saturday Morning Jam (hosted by Gary Owens, Marquise Wilson, Raven-Symoné and Zachery Ty Bryan)[6]
    1996 - Preview Party (hosted by Melissa Joan Hart, featuring Ian Ziering and the casts of Bone Chillers and Flash Forward)
    1997 - One Saturday Morning (hosted by Charlie, played by Jessica Prunell)
    1998 - One Saturday Morning on Friday Night (hosted by Meme, played by Valarie Rae Miller and Salem of Paramount's sitcom version of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch)
    1999 - One Saturday Morning on Friday Night (hosted by Meme, played by Valarie Rae Miller)
    1969 - CBS Funtastic Preview (hosted by Sebastian Cabot, Johnny Whitaker and Anissa Jones of Family Affair)
    1974 - Socko Saturday (hosted by cast of The Hudson Brothers)
    1975 - Dyn-o-mite Saturday (hosted by BernNadette Stanis, Jimmie Walker and Ralph Carter from Good Times)
    1976 - Hey, Hey, Hey! It's the CBS Saturday Preview Special (hosted by Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, guest starring Joanna Cameron as Isis and John Davey as Captain Marvel) [7]
    1977 - Wacko Saturday Preview (hosted by cast of Wacko)
    1983 - Preview Special (hosted by Scott Baio; featuring the Krofft Puppets, and Sorrell Booke and James Best (in-character as Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane from The Dukes of Hazzard, respectively))[8]
    1984 - Saturday's The Place (hosted by Joyce DeWitt; featuring Howie Mandel and Ted Knight)
    1985 - All-Star Saturday Spectacular (hosted by Roddy Piper)[9]
    1968 - Saturday Morning Preview Special (hosted by The Banana Splits)
    1973 - Starship Rescue (featuring Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth from Emergency!; Billy Barty, Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters; and characters from the world of Sid & Marty Krofft)[10]
    1974 - Preview Revue (hosted by Jimmy Osmond; featuring Johnny Whitaker)
    1975 - Preview Revue (hosted by The Lockers; featuring Michael Landon, and Billy Barty and Johnny Whitaker from Sigmund and the Sea Monsters)
    1976 - Smilin' Saturday Morning Parade (hosted by Freddie Prinze)
    1977 - C'Mon Saturday (hosted by Andrea McArdle from Annie; featuring Arte Johnson, Leonard Nimoy, Muhammad Ali and Ruth Buzzi)
    1978 - Saturday Superstars (hosted by Bay City Rollers; featuring Erik Estrada, Joe Namath and Scott Baio)[11]
    1979 - The Thing Meets Casper and the Shmoo
    1983 - Yummy Awards (hosted by Ricky Schroder; special appearance by a live-action Spider-Man to promote his animated show)[12]
    1984 - Laugh Busters (featuring Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Kidd Video, Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Snorks, Pink Panther and Sons, Mr. T and The Smurfs)
    1985 - Back to Next Saturday (starring Keshia Knight Pulliam and Lisa Whelchel, guest starring the casts of Punky Brewster and Kidd Video)[13]
    1986 - Alvin Goes Back to School[14]
    1987 - ALF Loves a Mystery (hosted by Benji Gregory & ALF from ALF)[15]
    1989 - Who Shrunk Saturday Morning? (hosted by cast of Saved by the Bell; featuring ALF, John Candy and Marsha Warfield)
    1991 - NBC's World Premiere Cartoon Spectacular
    1991 - Fox Kids Preview (This special wasn't aired on television; instead it was released on VHS in a tie-in promotion with KB Toys.)
    1999 - Fox Kids Sneak Preview (hosted by cast of Malcolm in the Middle)
    2002 - What's Inside the FoxBox? - FoxBox Preview
    2003 - Fight for the FoxBox[16]
    The CW (formerly The WB)[edit]
    1995 - Welcome Home, Animaniacs! - Kids' WB Preview (hosted by Harland Williams)
    1996 - Kids' WB! Sneak Peek
    2008 - The CW4Kids Preview
    2011 - The CW4Kids Friday Fall Preview

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