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Yeah I think at a minimum I would need

The 4 Turtles
Casey Jones
Foot Soldier with mousers
Baxter Stockman
Rat King

They could do a few waves of 3-4 figures and get it done in 2 years so I hope they can get that done
Yeah i think that within two years the above list plus some others too would be achievable for sure. Geez they'd make for a great display!

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These sound good. I'd add Leatherhead to this list, too.

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That is a great list and is almost perfect. My dream would be to have Mutagen Man and Muckman & Joe Eyeball as well
LoL, i totally forgot about these guys! Was Metalhead in the cartoon? Can't recall...

Would anyone have any interest in General Traag? or Panda Khan? or Triceraton?

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This line would be absolutely perfect if Usagi Yojimbo were to show up as a figure!
Definite +1!