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Thanks man. it was WAAAY easier than I anticipated. hardest part was the initial eye screw going into the plastic, but once i did one i found a technique that made it a breeze (all I did was switch hands ) I held the screw with my left and pushed and twisted the plastic with my right, it was so simple. not hard to keep straight either, I wanted to sand down the nubs first but I was too impatient.

Needle nose pliers to pry open the eye screw ( just hold the base with your hand or another pair of pliers and use the needle nose to open the gap in the eyee screw)just enough to accommodate the chain and then use the pliers to squeeze the eye screw closed again and the rest is as you see it. the eye screws are pretty malleable with the pliers, it doesn't take too much force to open or close it, but they are still strong. I bought em from ebay because I didn't want to search store to store, i couldn't be bothered . if you need any, the order I got was more than i needed so I can send you some for free if you can't find any. just pm me.

the plastic is nice and soft so it's really as simple as lining up with the centre pushing in and twisting. once you get purchase it's easy to stay centred. also the screw part isn't TOO long, it's long enough to be secure and sturdy but not so long that your chances of messing up increase.

The nice part is they can be disassembled if you want to pant them (I painted with the chain on though.) and reassembled very
easily. in fact initially i made the chuk chains 9 links long I didn't like the look so i shortened it.

I'm thinking of making the kusarigama chain longer as they are supposed to be pretty long, I made it longer than the plastic one anyway, maybe i'll go another 10 links.
Cool! Sounds like I've got everything I need, though I'm not gona bother painting them. What I like about this method is the ability to shorten the chains if I don't like the length; my method is a one-shot deal unless you wana break 'em off and try again!

I think I'm gona try to find the eye screws myself, but if it becomes a hassle I'll take you up on the offer. Thanks for the detailed pics and the info!