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I think it would be a mistake to make all four turtles available again in wave 2. That might make the newer releases incredibly hard to get.

(If they don't start making them available at more stores, then they will be ridulously hard to get as it is)

I would put 2 turtles in wave 2 and the others in wave 3.
That is even worse imho because what happens if Wave 3 gets canceled? Then you have screwed people who don't get the other two turtles. Playmates makes more money if they do a good case ratio because it moves more product. That is why BBTS is offering the entire case for preorder instead of doing single sets right now.

Its also something Playmates would never do, they don't split up Turtles at any time. To them the 4 Turtles are like Superman and Batman or He-Man and Skeletor. They all have to be available at any given time (its why we get 4 variants in Wave 2 of the 4")