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I felt you guys were very over critical of this mini comic and that a most of your criticisms could be equally applied to the vintage mini-comics. You even point out yourselves the limitations of the format so you can't judge it to the standards of a regular comic. Personally I'm very pleased with it and only have a few minor nit picks. I think the Teela's Sorceress oufit looks terrible, she looks more like a Jedi, they should have used the NA or 200x Sorceress outfit for her. I agree He-Man's comment to her about her hair is cringe worthy, not to mention he can't really even see her hair under the hooded cloak, but I don't really have problem with the rest of the scene. Like Irian and others point out the relationship between Adam/HM and Teela has now changed a lot, they're not going conversing and joking around like they're still training in the palace grounds. Teela's life has been through some huge changes lately, she's had this huge responsibility thrown upon her, she literally has the weight of the universes on her shoulders, she's in her late teens/early twenties and basically had to grow up.

I did the exact same thing that Dan did and was like how the hell did Skeletor get into Grayskull, someone in the mini-comic talkback tread had to actually point out to me that the last two panels on that page had moved to Central Tower.

I do agree that its a bit odd that a gun just sprouted out of the bionotops's head though
I feel EXACTLY the same, so I just QFT.
I am laaaazy...