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    Custom Character - Replikor

    Here is a custom character I created based on the Idea that "most" masters characters ended up having a opposing character to fight them Since Fakers toy didnt have an direct opposite to his toy... from this my idea for Replikor was born.

    ---------Design Points-------------
    Taking design cues from Faker, Cartoon -to- toy, I used Skeletor as the body as Faker was built off the idea of a evil He-Man copy.

    To throw some vintage toy look to it I used He-Mans chest harness, as Fakers "toy" had a Skeletor's chest harness to show who he was allied with.

    The colors are the direct color opposites of Skeletor for his "core" color scheme, with some slight modification/re-positioning of the colors to tie them all in well together.

    In the end I found this to be something... I would honestly would have been happy buying as a kid in the original toy line to pose or play and have fighting my Faker toy.

    ...I honestly feel this is a character that should have been made in some way.

    MOTU vintage line Replikor- my original figure from my childhood I had made

    200X style Replikor - Without Swords "Classic Skeletor Style"

    200X style Replikor - With Swords

    Classics "Filmation" style Replikor

    Classics/Toy "NON-Filmation" style Replikor



    Real name= N/A

    A robot created by Man-At-Arms to immitate skeletor in every way possible. Replikor was created with but one fuction in mind; to sneak into Snake Mountain and discover if Skeletor had used up all of the Coridite Crystal he had stolen in his previous attempt to balance the power strugle with the those of the Light Hemisphere of Eternia.
    Sadly for Replikor his ability to imitate Skeletor did not extend into the mystical realm and his true identity was discovered by Skeletors apprentice; Evil Lyn; and he was soon banished into a parallel dimension. Upon arival there, Replikor discovered his appearance was much changed, due to the different nature of that universe. Now the robot seeks only to discover a means to return to his home dimension of Eternia and rejoin the fight against Skeletor.


    Updated to include Classics Filmation style variant pic and his vintage figure version.
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