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Thread: Top 5 figures that grew on you

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    Top 5 figures that grew on you

    There are figures I didn't think I'd like or that I skipped initially, that I like a lot now.

    Top 5 that grew on me:
    1. Icarius - didn't even occur to me that I'd buy it, until I saw AFI's photos. I consider it to be the best figure in the line.
    2. Keldor - Matthew K posted pictures that convinced me to buy it after the fact. Glad that I did. I thought he was a cheap variant at first, but he's really cool.
    3. Bow - The sculpt on Icarius had me curious about Bow, who is similarly well sculpted and detailed. He took a lot of getting used to at first, but he's still in my display two months later.
    4. Carnivus - I was going to skip it, but bought it on a whim. Was very impressed when I opened it up - a great all-around figure.
    5. Snout Spout - yet another I was going to skip at first. Great quality, accessories and sculpt. One of the better figures in 2011.

    What are yours?

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    I never considered any of these to be bad figures, just ones that I didn't have a lot of interest in or liking for various reasons.

    1. Zodac - I never liked Zodac as a kid, or as an adult for that matter. But the Classics figure really grew on me. I think it's the simplicity and the sleekness of the design. It just looks sharp. I also love the idea of multiple cosmic enforcers for some reason.

    2. PD He-Man - I love the idea of He-Man in a disguise so he can go into an Horde occupied village or something.

    3. King Grayskull - I bought the reissue (don't have the original). Not that I didn't like the figure, I just didn't care about him. I've since messed with him recently and I am beginning to like him quite a bit.

    4. Buzz-Off - I still hate his vintage head. It's so stupid, but in hand the figures bright colors, and his large poseable wings make him not only tolerable, but sort of fun. He grew on me. I still want a 200x head though.

    5. Catra - I haven't done much with her since I got her in the sub, but I just took some pics of her, and she's quite nice. She's really moving up in my affections.

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    Stratos and Zodac:
    I skipped Stratos and wasn't planning to get Zodac as both figures looked plain and I had never liked any of their previous toys but I got Zodac after seeing him still on sale onmatty after a few days. I was suprised to find I really really liked him and so then tracked down a Stratos who I was also suprised to like alot. It was so good to have decent figures of these two characters for the first time and it was what made me decide to collect almost every MOTUC figure from that point onwards.

    Clawful was also better in person once I had painted his eyebrows red.
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    I think Carnivus is awesome. I've never understood why some don't like him.

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    Honestly , The POP figures are growing on me . I never got much into them as a kid but now Im wanting more of them.
    #1 BOW
    #2 Catra
    #3 Star Sisters
    #4 Swiftwind

    #5 Queen Marlena : Theres something about her headsculpt - really captures a royalness that Im diggin

    sidenote - The Wind Raider , i cant say its growing on me , but its definately IMO the most impressive Classics toy yet.

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    1) Evil-lyn - I couldn't stand her jaundice skin, but I was able to eventually look past that (thanks to my gf recommending me to get her) and realized the colour scheme on her is gorgeous. Her make up and cold glare is second to none!
    2) Catra - I had issues with how gaunt her cheeks were, but after revisiting the She-Ra filmation series, I understood why. The figure's sculpt is extremely loyal to the show and the overall improvements on the female figure (including the material of the dress, tightness of the joints) are quite a welcoming surprise. She's now in my top 10 of all time!
    3) Faker - I never really had issues with him, but I grew to like him more as time went by. The blue skin and eerie resemblance of He-Man makes him pretty bizarre, in a Bizarro kind of way lol
    4) Grizzlor - I had him when I was a kid and never really liked him then, but the Classics update is such a vast improvement with the weapon backpack and all. I've also grown to love his hairy body :O
    5) Megator + Tytus - I never owned any big figures when I was a kid, until I hit about 10 when my cousins from Edmonton bought me Goldar from Power Rangers. He was a 13 inch figure (I think) with very poor articulation, but that didn't stop me from loving him to death. The same can be said to these 2 underrated titans

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    1. Vikor - I hated the idea of concept characters taking valuable monthly slots away from characters who were more deserving. Once I got him I fell in love. His sculpt is amazing, and I love his accessories.
    2. Gygor - Same as Vikor.
    3. Optikk - Once I got his figure I knew NA had real potential in the MOTUC line.
    4. Count Marzo - I didn't think he'd fit in well with the rest of the figures, but he looks so awesome with the Evil Warriors.
    5. Faceless One - I was ticked that he didn't come in his robes, but he displays well.

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    A Damn Mitten....
    I wanted her because she was an old vintage of mine, but I never realized how attractive of a figure she was until I got me she is simply the best looking female so far.

    Beast Man
    Never had him as a kid, and was only going to collect the vintage updates from my youth toy box, but he spoke to me, and after getting him home....just looks amazing, like a work of art.

    I somewhat liked the prototype, but once seeing the neon release I only wanted him for the Skeletor head, but after getting him open, and posing him a little...I really like him now.

    Another vintage I never had, but I saw a loose 2pk version on Ebay for $15, bought him, and I actually really like him now a lot.

    Once seeing pics online of him, I had to get him and She-Ra & BP...but once I got him I realized how huge he was and how detailed...and mine had the right legs...
    I was never a POP fan until MOTUC, still not a fan fan, but there are some I will get if they put them out.
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    1.Gygor-At first I didn't think he fit in with the line very well. After seeing him standing next to all my other figures, I was dead wrong.
    2.Bow-Never really liked his character that much, but what a great action figure Mattel made with this guy.
    3.Preternia Disguise He-Man-Just absolutely love the accesories that came with this figure. I also like the actual figure alot more than I thought I would.
    4.Kronis-The completist in me finally bought a second Trap Jaw so I could display Kronis next to Keldor on my shelf. The gun and shield from the weapons pack really made me happy I finally took the plunge.
    5.Optikk-Was really bummed when I heard NA stuff would be incorporated into MOTUC. However, this guy started to change my mind. Icarius made it official, and now I can't wait to put Slushhead on my shelf.

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    1. Zodac
    2. Faceless One
    3. He-Ro
    4. Vikor
    5. Marzo

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    1) Man-At-Arms -- not a favorite in the old line, but he's awesome in this one
    2) Zodac (DCUC/MOTUC version) -- same as MAA
    3) Moss Man -- not a fav in the old line but he's one of the best figures in MOTUC in my opinion
    4) King Grayskull -- hated the idea in 200X, but he has grown on me
    5) Cringer -- was sad that he wasn't more articulated, but I actually like that more now
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    1) The Star Sisters- I did not like the way they turned out when I compared the protos to the actuals, but after having them in hand and playing with them they are awesome!!! Tallstar is my fav, I love her extending pieces.

    2) Icarus- Although I really loved the designs of the villans in Na I really did not care for any of the Galactic Guardians. That is until we got Icarus. He is a frickin cool figure. Great design/accessories and love his face sculpt.

    3) Evil-Lyn- Not a fan of the yellow skin version. When I actually got the figure, I was somewhat mesmerized. She looked so evil and witchy I couldn't help but to like her.

    4) Snout Spout- Another character I was not interested in because I always thought he looked goofy. Again just like Lyn there was something special about his figure that I drew me to him (maybe it's his trunk I love playing with it).

    5) The Goddess- I thought this figure was ugly, but once I held her against the light I saw just how cool and beautiful she was. She really looked like some type of goddess from another demension. Now if she only didn't have the exploding crotch action feature she would have been perfect.

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    1. Icarius. Even when he was unveiled...I wasn't overly excited about him...but after having him in hand, he blew me away.
    2. Whiplash. I always thought he was rather plain looking...I always liked him...but never thought he was a "stand-out" but again...once he was in hand, he flew to the top 10 of mine.
    3. Man-At-Arms. I had him as a kid...and I know he's one of the main players...but he never did anything for me. He's definitely in my top 3.
    4. Bow. Incredible redesign of the character/figure.
    5. Teela. Again, I was never really a fan of the original figure...but the MotUC one is incredible!

    Quote Originally Posted by eurorko View Post
    4) Snout Spout- Another character I was not interested in because I always thought he looked goofy. Again just like Lyn there was something special about his figure that I drew me to him (maybe it's his trunk I love playing with it).
    Be careful...if you play with it too'll go blind.
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    1) Titus (do giants count?) I was originally a big no on him but decided to get him anyway. Love him now. Megator has yet to grow on me however.
    2) Optikk - Originally didn't like the NA characters (still don't on a lot of them) but he ended up turning out very well and I think fits in with the rest of Skeletor's crew. I'm looking forward to Slush head as well. Icaruis though I still haven't warmed up to. I guess the NA bad guys just have better, less generic designs in my opinion.
    3) Catra - looks great next to the other Horde figures. Not a big PoP fan but she's growing on me.
    4) Bow - pretty much the same reason as Catra. Update makes him look great and he fits in really well. Love that they gave him 2 heads and 2 chest pieces.
    5) Shadow Beast - Didn't look that great in online reviews but in hand he's pretty good. Nice and big and imposing looking. I think if I were a kid this guy would be a favorite.
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    Cool thread!

    1. Wun-Dar, when 1st revealed I thought 'whatever' its a bonus so Ill just keep it on card, but when he arrived I fell for him and ripped him open! I love him, everything just works.

    2. Marzo, on reveal I thought 'YUK!...I thought they said the anime thing was dead!!' and really wasn't impressed, but when He arrived I changed my mind to a degree, I really liked him....yes I still think he doesnt look like part of the same collection (mainly due to the awful hair) but I can not deny he is a gorgeous figure!

    3. Vikor, I wasn't Impressed that some obscure concept art was taking the place of a 'REAL' Figure, but He blew me away in person! hes easily one of my top ten figures of MOTU.

    4. Hoodie He-man, admittedly after the wun-dar experience I was a bit more open to dear old Hoodie, But again in person I just loved him! (It says something that I prefer Hoodie and Wundy to ANY version of actual He-man!)

    5. Clawful, I was SO Peeved at the Muppet head with No updates, I was eloquent with Rage, and ready to throw him against a wall when he arrived.....But I just loved his Colors and vibe! I still dislike the head...but I dont hate it! ....I did however Let the Neighbors dog have that Gawdawful Shield!was fun watching her chew it to pieces!lol

    DISHONORABLE MENTIONS (ie figures that I was looking forward to but hated when I got em!)

    BG Teela
    Shadow Beast!

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    In no order...

    1. Goddess

    Never thought much of her (nor did i know who she was) except a Teela re-paint when she was first released, but slowly that translucent green grew on me... Shame her right leg (on my Goddess anyway) is like chalk - one wrong move and snap!

    2. Gygor

    Again, another character i'd never heard of and really wasn't too enthralled about buying him at first. His detail in terms of paint and sculpt is pretty cool. MotU's very own King Kong.

    3. Icarius

    The original NA figures were a bit depressing LoL, so i didn't think much but when i saw the reviews and pictures i started changing my views and now think he's actually pretty damn good!

    4. Optikk

    Another NA figure. These FH sure know how to fix things right up sculpt-wise. I remember trying to be excited at the time he was announced and then when he eventually came out... It took some time but, dammit, i like this figure now! An eyeball for a head! Love it. LoL.

    5. Mo-Larr

    Yep. Mo-Larr. I admit i wasn't too happy when i heard this was the case for SDCC. But we know how time can change some things and it did for me in regards to Mo-Larr!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrRoboto View Post
    5. Mo-Larr

    Yep. Mo-Larr. I admit i wasn't too happy when i heard this was the case for SDCC. But we know how time can change some things and it did for me in regards to Mo-Larr!

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    Moss Man: one of my least favorites in the vintage line is now one of my favorites of the MOTUC line.
    Chief Carnivus

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    - Faker
    - Adora
    - Zodac
    - Stratos
    - Green Goddess

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    These are figures that I was "meh" about when I first saw them in a picture, they grew on me - as opposed to characters I was surprised were in the line and that I liked them as soon as I saw them:

    1) Faceless One

    2) Battleground Teela (especially her head, which I stuck one on a regular Teela body for a very cool look)

    3) Scareglow - I just love the glow in the dark, and he looks less "cheesy" in person

    4) Bubble Power She-ra - Never was a fan of this variant, though I'll take any She-ra variant they make - but once I got her in-hand I truly like her now

    5) Captain Glen - Marlena was stunning, one of my top in the line, but I was just kinda "meh" about Captain Glen (at first I only bought one to display as Marlena, actually). Now I find I quite like her, especially posing with the gun and holster (right now I have her hand on the handle while it's still in the holster). I can't wait to get her and Photog together.

    Honorable mention to the Star Sisters - they are about half-way grown on me, LOL.

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    Vikor: I wasn't sure what to expect, but they knocked it out of the park with him.
    Optikk: I didn't have the vintage figure, and my memories were sketchy of him; the DVDs didn't impress me either, but he seemed so cool when I got him. This big hulking eye creature... or is he...? Is he like a Dalek in an exosuit, or is he a cyclopian creature???
    Mo-Larr: The one time I can be called vain. LOL!
    Gy-Gor: His sculpt was incredible. And when I introduced my nephew to MOTUC, Gy-Gor was his favorite figure.
    Zodac: Another vintage figure I didn't have, but when he arrived, as plain as he is, he seemed so special...
    I love an all inclusive canon!

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    1. Buzz-off
    2. Faker
    3. Hordak
    4. Beastman
    5. Leech
    Skeleton-Warriors, Ra-Jar, Spinwit, Rock Golem, General Tartaran, Hawke, Slob-Boar, King Agho, Hunga the Harpy, Sh'gora, Masks of Power Demons, Nocturna, Lizzor, Sagitar, Crimson Fury, Lodar, Vizar, Angast, Negator, King Miro, Melaktha, Crystal-Man, ABC Giants, Stridor, Road Ripper, Land Shark

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    1. Battleground Teela
    2. Icarius
    3. Chief Carnivus
    4. King Hsss
    5. Faceless One

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    I like to include the original yellow evil lyn & tru blue mer-man. they really grew on me & both look great together.
    Skeleton-Warriors, Ra-Jar, Spinwit, Rock Golem, General Tartaran, Hawke, Slob-Boar, King Agho, Hunga the Harpy, Sh'gora, Masks of Power Demons, Nocturna, Lizzor, Sagitar, Crimson Fury, Lodar, Vizar, Angast, Negator, King Miro, Melaktha, Crystal-Man, ABC Giants, Stridor, Road Ripper, Land Shark

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    All are ones I didn't plan on getting initially...

    1. Vikor. Skipped him and picked him up months later after seeing him at my friend's house.
    2. Icarius. Was an easy skip (I'd sold Optikk) but just loved the design from the pics I saw.
    3. BA He-Man. Was going to skip variants, until a year later BA Skeletor came out and I was drooling. Picked up BA He-Man and I like him more than regular He-Man (have double axed him up!).
    4. Optikk. Sold him off without opening him. Only got him again last night through a friend (mainly because he wanted me to have Optikk in my collection, but also Icarius wowed me, so I'm sold on NA now).
    5. Snout Spout. When I first saw the pics, I was under-whelmed. Was going to be the first non-variant vintage I planned skipping. Then saw people's idea of using Icarius' second head on him, and I warmed to Snouty (his elephant head would be a helmet device). But since then, I've picked up more Eternian guards, so the Icarius head has become a unique guard. So Snouty gets his elephant head back and is now under-whelming me again. Particularly with the tears in his foam trunk.

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