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Thread: Top 5 figures that grew on you

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    #1 Carnivus - I was really unsure of him in the beginning.
    2. The Star Sisters. Wasn't thrilled with the concept, but love having them in hand for some reason.
    3. Icarius - Wasn't sure he'd fit, but he actually got me way more interested in the whole NA portion of the mythos.
    4. Vykron Tank Head. When I saw someone put this garb on a green MAA body, it's just rocks!
    5. Cy Chop/Laser Lot tie - Characters that are cool enough and vague enough that you can really do a lot with them once you have them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn29 View Post

    Zodac - I never liked Zodac as a kid, or as an adult for that matter. But the Classics figure really grew on me. I think it's the simplicity and the sleekness of the design. It just looks sharp."
    That's me, exactly. I'd only bought 2 or 3 figures before, and he was cheap at my comic shop at the time when prices on these things were insane. It was odd how the look of the figure in package struck me with nostalgia for an old toy that I was never even very find of. In hand, he was fun and the simplicity really showcases the basic MOTUC form perfectly.

    2. Goddess, Zodak, Randor V1, Webstor. I group these together since when I was mostly caught up in mid-2010, these were the ones I didn't consider essential. Got a great deal at a con for all 4 at once and I really love them all. Aside from worrying that Goddess may break one day, they came out peefectly. Haven't decided to skip a release since.

    3. Beast Man! Before I got a single MOTUC, he looked nice of course but it seemed like a step backwards after 2002. Bought him loose and he was all broken in and fun to pose. He showed me that even though the redesigns were really cool, the original designs weren't broken. They just needed some modern love. The figure that made me think Classics was worth skipping turned out to be the one that really sold me on the whole line.

    4. Sy-Klone. After several releases that had been tweaked with era homages and alternate portraits, he just looked kind of boring. There's a lot more new tooling on him than I thought and the colors really make him stand out.

    5. Grizzlor. I sure was irritated to see that extra face wasn't going to be included. But take a look at this guy. Fur alone makes him unique and adds value, but he is packed with accessories.

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    1. Optikk - A really cool figure, I never was a fan of NA, but this began my respect for it.

    2. Adora - She's gorgeous, and ended up being perfect.

    3. Castle Grayskullman - Much better looking in hand, a cool scary looking hero that has a vintage vibe.

    4. Icarius - Not my favorite figure, but he's cool. And the Val Kilmer head rules.

    5. Frosta - My favorite POP character, I didn't care for her face at NY Toy Fair. But she's beautiful in person. Only complaint is that she's got that gray. Otherwise perfect.

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    5. Castle Grayskullman - At first, I wasn't thrilled with the juvenile sounding name...but the design execution, backstory, and Nate's videos won me over.
    4. Star Sisters - I have no explanation other than those fantastic photos of them fighting in the "bone yard" posted on the Fwoosh. I blame them. ;-)
    3. Vykron Tank Head - Like someone said above, on a MAA body, that goofy noggin works.
    2. Vykron Space Ace - On a Snout Spout body, with a Preternia Disguise He-Man head, Thunderpunch arms, and Mo-Larr boots...wait, with all those changes does that still count as him?
    1. Scareglow - Always thought he was a cheap gimmick character in the vintage line but the Horsemen's love and detail on him make him one of my favorites in Classics.

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    5. BP She-Ra
    4. Snake M-A-A
    3. He-Ro
    2. Faker
    1. Star Sisters - Disliked them when I got them, now I have 3 sets! Totally fits in with the POP line!
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    Honestly, Spector is on my list. When I'm watching TV and just mindlessly have a figure in my hands, it's usually him. I think the simple design, and pose options with the gun, combined, initially, with me knowing I wouldn't be too upset if he was scratched or joints loosened, actually made for a new favorite.
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    I would say this is more or less in order

    1 - Spector - really did not like him as MOTU character at first, but he has grown on me
    2 - Laser Lot - also a groan when I first saw him, red, blue, cape, really? But he has grown on me too. I will still repaint one some day though.
    3 - He-Ro - skipped him way back when, then got him as a gift and really glad I did, like him a lot.
    4 - Snake MAA - not excited at all for this one, but he is really nicely done as far as paint goes.
    5- Leech - Bummed by round, fat teeth, but overall I like him more now
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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyes0217 View Post
    3. Vykron Tank Head - Like someone said above, on a MAA body, that goofy noggin works.
    2. Vykron Space Ace - On a Snout Spout body, with a Preternia Disguise He-Man head, Thunderpunch arms, and Mo-Larr boots...wait, with all those changes does that still count as him?

    Can you post pictures of those?
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    (5)Icarius - I hated TNA, and thought it shouldn't even be considered He-Man,but this fig is beautiful.

    (4)King Grayskull - Hated the flocked shoulders, but after displaying it, it looks good actually, especially in winter scenes!

    (3)Frosta - Had to get over my nostalgia for the Filmation version and accept her. She's not so bad in 'person' actually.

    (2)BG Evil-Lyn - Didn't care for her 200x incarnation...too many parts on her costume, but this version makes it look clean and cool.

    (1) Teela (original). - Thought her face made her look dull and bored. She looks like Teyla Emmagan from Stargate, who is not ugly, but not all that pretty either. Once I painted the lips hooker red, and redrew the eyebrows, the face looks more alive.

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    Pretty sad (though unsurprising) that the negative 'top 5' thread is twice as long as this one. Let positivity reign!

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    5. TP He-Man
    4. Cy-Chop
    3. Snake MAA
    2. Eternian Palace Guards
    1. Blue Mer-Man (Mer-Man is one of my fav figures and at first I thought the blue variant was stupid but now I freakin' love it!!!)

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    5. Buzz-Off - Never liked the figure a whole lot in the vintage line, but the Classics one grew on me for some inexplicable reason.

    4. Man-E-Faces - I have no idea why, but this figure just inspired my imagination unlike any other vintage update. I've probably spent more time enjoying my Classics Man-E than I did playing with my original when I was a youngster!

    3. Fearless Photog - Lord how I thought this figure was lame, stupid and a waste of time when I first heard it was actually being made. I couldn't understand its appeal until I had it in my hand and spent some time with it. Now I see that it's actually a pretty cool figure, and I'm not shy to point it out as being one in my collection that I enjoy.

    2. Gygor - A nobody character who cost me a fair penny more than a regular figure wasn't really top of my want list but once I had him in hand the fun began. I have really enjoyed counting Gygor among my MOTUC figures, I've given him quite the personality to boot.

    1. Fisto - When this figure was first announced I yawned. BORING! But the instant he arrived and I tore that package open, I knew I had a winner of epic proportions. Easily one of my favorite figures in the whole line, and originally I was contemplating whether or not I'd keep him!
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    Fisto: Despite some non-trivial problems with the design and materials (very bad looking hole in his back armor caused by the ridiculous 200x sword carrier, the visible contrast in back between silver lower back and flesh-toned upper back, too-soft material used on armor making it look more like a shirt, head that is slightly too small and that doesn't resemble the vintage toy at all), once he was positioned with the heroic warriors I was sold on him. He still looks awesome for all his flaws. I think it's mostly the fist. I almost sold him but in the end couldn't bear to.

    Cy-Chop I hate his over-sized scissors, but after replacing those with Trap Jaw parts, I actually kind of like him. He looks very Filmation. I'm a sucker for blue and orange characters. He's not great but I don't hate him anymore.

    Teela - I kind of had to have her as she's so essential, but at first I was disappointed by the brown boots and snake armor, and thought she looked too plain. I've grown to like her more now.

    Whiplash I paid too much for him, which is probably why I was a little disappointed in him when I got him. But really he's an awesome figure and probably the best of the figures based on third-wave evil warriors.

    Stinkor I was a little underwhelmed at first. Reversed forearms and lack of shading on his boots and loincloth are all problems (I'd have preferred more shading and nix the useless gas valve plug in thing). Still, I love his smell and overall he's got a great color scheme and appearance that really pops. One of my favs.

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    1. Draego-Man
    2. Demo-Man
    3. Count Marzo
    4. The Goddess
    5. Optikk

    I'm mainly interested in the vintage MOTU, POP and Filmation so anything else has to wow me to buy it. Those 5 grew on me and I got them but if they ever did a Filmation Marzo I would get rid of the 200X one for sure.

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    My TOP 5 had to be:

    1) Gy-Gor - Didn't want him at first since I don't have a history with the character. But after I had him on hand, that Gorilla is AWESOME! Heavy and solid. Looks really intimidating, regardless of his green and yellow colors, he is awesome to have!

    2) Chief Carnivus - Don't really know what to think of him. Didn't like his character in MYP since 2 out of 3 of his appearance, he's being saved by someone. But his figure looks great + he even has his own Royal Guard to protect him.

    3) Catra - Yes! the fiendish feline. Want to have her in her toy outfit but her toon uniform is great too.
    Sure hope we get her in he toy colors as well.

    4) King Randor (Original) - Didn't want him to be released so early in the line since I was hoping to get some of the other more useful characters. But in hand, he is amazing. Better than his vintage counterpart, IMO.

    5) Not so "Mighty" Spector - it's the worst and least likable in the 30th Anniv. line, IMO. But since King He-man's debut, I found a place for him on the shelf. And he ain't as hideous as I originally thought of him.

    (Worth Mentioning) Mo-Larr - Hated the idea of wasting good plastic on this comedic character made only to make fun of MOTU. But in hand, Meh, he's ok.
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