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  • Prince Adam

    19 11.31%
  • Adora

    9 5.36%
  • The Goddess

    31 18.45%
  • He-Ro

    10 5.95%
  • Keldor

    8 4.76%
  • King Grayskull

    13 7.74%
  • Queen Marlena

    7 4.17%
  • Captain Glenn

    7 4.17%
  • Scare Glow

    22 13.10%
  • Teela

    71 42.26%
  • Tri-Klops

    22 13.10%
  • Webstor

    16 9.52%
  • Whiplash

    20 11.90%
  • Zodac

    17 10.12%
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Thread: Most wanted reissue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowfall1976 View Post
    I don't think any of them are technically re-issues, just being resold....
    re-issue is a new run of an old figure, technically I think Scott said the Wind Raider was a new run, if so that is the only true "re-issue"
    resold is old stock of old figures....
    there is a huge difference, nothing sold this year, except say Wind Raider is a new run. so you shouldn't consider anything old sold in 2012 as a new "re-issue" just old stock of old "re-issues" from whatever the last batch that was run of a given figure.
    technically Teela & Tri-Klops still don't have "re-issues"
    Goddess, Hsss & Snout Spout would have to be....according to Mattel, new figures to be fixed, not re-issues, so then they might as well be 2.0 versions....
    You're right, I'll correct the first post.
    To be pratictal I'll call any new occasion to get a figure, a reissue.
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