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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread February 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for February 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    30th anniversary products

    Any idea when we will know more about this? T shirts, posters etc. also I wish Mattel was coming to c2e2. You will be missed.

    Merchandise beyond the toys are being handled by Classic Media. Not something we have access to.
    Any update on Frosta's cape?

    In Pixel Dan's Toy Fair video, Toyguru mentioned that Frosta's cape may get a shimmery effect and I was wondering if there was any update on this?

    I for one would love to see this as it was arguably the coolest part of the vintage toy.

    No, no update right now. We'll have to see how the Horsemen and design tackle this.
    Why no Snake Mountain stands at NYTF?

    Why were the Snake Mountain stands not shown at NYTF? Some pics with figures standing on them would be nice...

    Sure would have been. We just didn't have any around to bring.
    Motuc like Smallville?

    Hi Tg,
    when I heard You talking about what would it be 3° and 4° cartoon series I start dreaming.

    You know the Smallville Tv serie run out last year. So no more Clark Kent on the CWchannel but fans still love those characters and so serie is goning to be continued in a comic serie season 11.

    I know It's a big project, but what about a 3° and 4° serie with digital comsics to buy on matty with subscription?

    It would be fantastic to have also the new charachters in ( Spector, Photog, DraegoMan)

    I know you as fan of the line you'r hanging on this idea , isn't it?

    C'mon! Go on with the serie, we like to see masters as renegades and what happened next!

    It would be great but we just don't have the resources at this time to do something like that.

    But yes, the 3 mini comics are envisioned as what the finale of a potential 3rd season of the 200X show might have been like ("classic-ized" a bit). Between the first page of the 1st mini comic and Thunder Punch He-Man's bio you should have a good idea of what Season 3 would have been like.
    Preternia Map Question?

    I absolutely love the subscription maps! They are outstanding! All 3!!
    I just have one question. Why does the Preternia map deviate so much from the style of Eternia and Etheria map? The map boarder is different and the title scroll is much bigger and features more detail? And perhaps the most obvious change, the land is drawn as one mass, on its own, instead of within the two circles like Eternia and Etheria..
    I know that Preternia pre-dates the Spell of Separation, but Etheria has been drawn within the two circles, so I can't help but think Preternia could have been done within the template of the first 2 maps.
    Again, all 3 are beautiful and, honestly, the highlight of my sub, but Preternia looks out of place next to Eternia and Etheria..

    I'd really like to hear your views on this.

    With Central Tower being in the center, the double circle layout was not working so we went for a more traditional flat map.
    Fans Want 200X Inspired Roboto and King Hsss Variants (in Classics style)

    I started a topic based on a statement made by Mattel in this months Q/A about a 200X Roboto and King Hsss variants (or re-release them with corrected shoulders). Right now about 7/10 fans say yes they would want these made in 200X inspired design done in Classics style.

    Oh we can still look at 200X inspired variants for figure that had a signifigantly different outifts (i.d. Randor, Hsss, Sorceress, etc...) what is less likely is us re-doing a vintage version of a figure to correct an earlier error. Nothing off the table, but it is hard to justify a slot for something like this vs. an all new figure or variant with the limited resources we have.

    OLD STUFF!!!

    Laser-Lot with Red Belt?

    First of all, I think Sir Laser-Lot is really cool! I hear that Geoff Johns had suggested a belt to break up all the blue, which I think is a great idea. I think it could help. Is this maybe the piece you were considering? I think it'd push the figure that extra little bit. The details seem to gel with the rest of the outfit and look very "knight-like" to me.

    We tried to add this but it is officially too late. I can confirm the belt will not be added.
    MOTUC vs DCUC 2-packs

    Are these officially done? Or will they be revived perhaps for con exclusives or something else? I would love to see a Moss Man vs SwampThing or an Evil seed vs Poison Ivy...something green. Plus the SDCC Swampthing is huge, and out of scale with my collection...let us know if we will ever see these mash ups agains, there are so many possibilities and an easy way for redecos and variants.

    Offically done. We could not find a retailer who wanted them.
    Horde Prime Staff and MS whip

    hi TG. is there any hope Horde Prime will get his staff/MS get his whip later on like Keldor is getting his swords?

    We hope so! always looking for a way.
    Horde Prime - possible to cut head instead of staff?

    I was curious as to whether it would be possible to eliminate the alternate head, instead of his staff? From the overwhelming response on various forums, it seems that this is a better idea from a customer's perspective. Is it logistically possible?

    No. The choice was already made and it is too late to change anything as he has been tool'd already.
    Will you be keeping the Horde Prime 2nd head?

    Seems some people want you to trade out the 2nd head for the staff. Is this being considered? I for one would be pretty ticked off if you did not include the 2nd head, seeing as part of MOTU lore is that Horde Prime has 2 heads. Duh!

    Yes. He was running over cost so we had to remove one accessory. Between the second head, the mask, the armo cannon and the staff, the design group voted to remove the staff. But we are looking for ways to release this with a future figure in time.
    Production Numbers Going up For Day of Sale?

    Since both Sorceress and Fisto sold out within a hour of sale time, does this mean that you will increase production numbers to better meet the new 2012 fan demand?

    No. The next figure which we can change the quota on is the Oct 2013 figure. 2012 is set in stone at this point. There will still be production for non sub holders day of but it will be less compared to previous years. The sub remains your best way to guarantee each figure.
    Convention Question

    Years ago Mattel used to attend the Wizard World convention in Chicago but stopped. The last couple of years we finally got you back into our town at C2E2. Now I see we are being skipped again. Can you discuss why Chicago keeps getting passed up, unlike New York and San Diego? Feeling a little jilted here in the midwest.

    We have conflcting internal shows that week this year.
    Why are 30th and Reg subs not shipping together??

    Wasn't the whole point that these two subs would ship together?
    I didn't really want to pay an extra $10 in shipping.

    Subs ship together in the first month they renew. Since this was the first month for the 30th sub it is not renewing.
    no Goddess 2.0???

    If we can't get a Goddess redo, perhaps then, a Sharella figure with Goddess cap and armor???????

    That would be more of a possiblity vs.doing a straight up new GG figure, but no plans right now.
    Spikor's Tridents!

    Will one or all of Spikor's Tridents be in silver vac metal? It would really finish this figure of fantastically.

    Right now there is no plan to use vac metal.
    sub question

    ordered voltron and masters subs at the same time will they ship together or seperate

    Only in the second month each sub ships an item (when they "renew")
    Frosta's Eyes & Lips

    Frosta has turned out fantastically, but quite a few fans have expressed concerns over the way her eyes and lips have been painted.

    Will you consider making some tiny tweeks to the way the shape of her eyes and lips are painted, her eyes in perticular look a bit bug eyed. Her eyes (Size, lack of purple eyeshadow & to much black eyeliner) and shape of her lips let this lovely figure down IMO. Everything else is spot on! :0)

    This isn't meant as a criticism moreso a suggestion, here is what she could look like if these tweeks were made! :0) (Her eyebrows were also tweeked a little bit as well)

    You'll need to talk to the Horsemen on the Horsemen site. They do the deco, not me.
    30th anniversary products

    Any word on when the products is hitting retail. Also with the 30th anniversary this year why is Mattel not going to c2e2?

    There are no plans right now to bring MOTUC to retail.
    TG: Question about POG mini comic part#2 please

    Hi Scott, I ask to you directly because I remember to have read from you sometimes ago on this forum that you found in the old Mattel's archives the full POG script of the 3 original vintage POG Mini comics.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I am sure of that lol.

    So, if I am correct, the title "He-Ro unleashed" was also the original title envisaged for the old mini part#2 or it is an all new title improvised?

    Also, about the cover, the old cover of the part#2 was done by the past or really not?
    If Yes, the new one is very similar to this one or very different?
    I ask because the first cover of the New POG comic part#1 is very similar to the old one.

    We used the original rough notes (and vintage first issue) as a jumping off point (the outline was a very vague detail-less story outline) and went in a direction that incorporated the Classics storyline as told in the bios. These are not meant (and never were meant) to be what the vintage part 2 and 3 might have been to an exact degree.
    If you were to do a Head Pack of five heads... much would it be? Some fans are used to buying expensive 3rd party add-ons for lines such as Transformers, so long as they are worthwhile heads, such as the 200X heads for Sy-Klone, Buzz-Off, Grizzlor, Snout Spout and Clawful.

    So what would you be asking for if Mattel decided to relax their position on 200X heads and Head Packs?

    It is not a question of cost. It is a question of tooling. I brought this up to management and they rejected it outright. We simply can't execute on every fan demanded idea. It is a cool idea but there is too much tooling involved. For the tooling we would need for a heads pack we would prefer to do a 100% tool figure like Ram Man or Shadow Weaver.
    200x Alternate Heads Pack

    I know there's a huge demand for a 200x alternate head pack.

    I know there's involved a high cost of tooling, but if this pack gonna be a big success wouldn't it pay off those costs soon or later?

    Unless you plan to releasel in the near future 200x motuc version, then I can understand that 200x head pack could compromise the future selling.

    The 200X interpretation of figures is retired at this time (and yes we know there is fan demand). All figures in the MOTUC line are in the "Classics" style. (both 200X and Classics are different artistic interpretations of the vintage line). In addition, as you pointed out, a heads pack would eat up too much tooling and right now we are putting all of our tooling into the figures.
    Windraider only doing ok?

    I know that you said the wind raider didn't sell out fast enough to warrant anymore for the time being. I was just wondering if the outside factors were included in this decision. Personally I wanted to buy more but being moved from October to December made that difficult. Battle Cat was sold in February, I have more money to spend frivolously now then I did in December.

    Are these factors looked into, or just the sell out time?

    We announced the price months in advance. So customers had more then enough time to save or put away funds for the Windraider if they wanted it. We simply can't run the line for each customer's individual buying habits or financial situation. That is why we announced the price well n advance.
    What Should Fans Do About Snout Spout's Trunk Splitting, Mattel Have Any Statements?

    I'm sure that Mattel has seen this post and the news post posted on about this new issue of the foam used for Snout Spout's trunk. Does Mattel plan to make a statement or at least to promise not to use this specific material for future figures?

    Yes, I've seen the posts on other sites about this issue. If you have a toy that breaks, you can return or through customer service. The issue does not appear that widespread but I have passed it along to our design team to review.

    We never intend to put out anything but great figures and I am sorry for anyone who has less then perfect figures. It is a shame when figures break or are damaged after time. It is never intentional.
    Alternative heads pack

    A lot of us ask ourselves if Mattel has considered doing an "alternative heads pack", just like some of the ones already included with figures like Whiplash, M-A-A, Trap-Jaw...

    I think it would be great to have, for example:

    - Clawful 200X style head
    - Faker "Battle Damage" head (kinda Terminator style)
    - Zodak/Zodac head without helmet
    - Keldor to Skeletor "acid damage" head
    - Some "generic" heads to customize new figures
    - ...

    This would simply ROCK and I think it would be a great success!! Please consider it, will you?

    While a cool idea, there is just too much tooling involved to do this. But we will look into getting alt heads out here with appropriate figures like we did for Demo Man.
    I find it unfair

    So the updates to mattycollector are done and there is still no option to 'top up' the monthly sub with day of sale purchases. A lot of us bought the sub on this promise and it looks like you've just forgotten about it. You could at least tell us that you won't be doing it rather than having your customers wait for something that is not going to happen.

    On the news section about the new sub page it states: You can also choose not to have any of your subscriptions ship together, which is something many of our international customers have requested. International fans wanted the ability to break up each monthly sub and last year you made it sound like that's what we were getting and many of us bought the sub based on that. We weren't asking for the ability to break up two subs that ship together when that is something we could already do back then by ordering them individually.

    There's no way I'm getting a sub again on the promise of changes to come because you either simply don't follow through or you had no idea what we were asking for in the first place. It has been like this for three years now: Promises about DR and then it just goes on and on and you don't even have the decency to tell us that what we are expecting (based on your comments) will never come.

    We said this is an option we are working on and we still are. It just isn't ready yet.
    Order Unsubmitted

    what does Order Unsubmitted mean ?
    I have three in my order history two for April
    and I'm confused.

    Check out the new "My subscription" link to manage your account:

    My Subscriptions
    Combined Subscription Shipping?


    I had ordered the Club Eternia, 30th Anniversary, and DC Infinite Earths subsciption programs, all at different times in 2011. Can anyone confirm that my monthly releases will be shipped together, and will only be billed a single shipping charge? Thanks!

    Not quite. The first time any item for a any sub comes out it does not ship together. But any club item that is "renewing" in the second month, will ship together.

    So because the MOTU monthly sub will renew for the first time in Feb, that is the first month the sub has the "option to renew". Because MOTU 30th is not renewing in Feb, that is the inital order, it will not be combined. Combined shipping will start in months where multiple subs are being "renewed". You can find all of these details in our news section. It was explained back when we put the subs on sale.

    So in April, your Eternia and MOTU 30th will renew and will ship together. But your DC sub will be a first time sub and will ship seperate. In May when your DC sub is renewing and your MOTU sub is renewing they will ship together.

    It is a little complicated but this was the best option to combine shipping. As long as it is the same credit card, shipping address and order details subs that renew will ship together regardless of when you placed your order.

    Will temple of darkness sorceress be available at the matty site at any point?

    Will temple of darkness sorceress be available at the matty site at any point?

    If there is any left over after the 2012 conventions much as we did with the 2011 JLU 3 packs. (likey there will be and remaining units will be sold in Nov/Dec 2012)
    MetLife Superbowl Ad

    Surprise surprise- He-Man's first animated appearance in almost nine years has caught us all by surprise this Superbowl weekend! Can you tell us how his cameo in the MetLife advertisement came about?

    Met Life approached Classic Media and Mattel and asked us if He-Man could be in the spot. We read the script and approved. Worked out nice for his 30th!
    Question about management's input...

    I've been reading your blog about starting off the MOTUC series, and you made the comment about management giving you direction on the style of the line and how they wanted the 200X style retired. To satisfy my curiosity, could you explain why management would have drawn a line in the sand on this? Are they huge MOTU fans as well and believe they know what will sell and what won't, or do they hate the 200X line because it didn't do as well as the vintage line or what? I just figure that if they hired you to handle this line, they'd let you make those sorts of decisions, just so long as the money rolled back into their offices.

    We wanted to have one unified look going forward and move the brand in a forward direction with the Classics interpretation, not go backwards to the 200X hyper detail interpretation.

    New line, new look.
    Toy Guru can you please tell me when is tryclops going to be re released?

    Toy Guru can you please tell me when is tryclops going to be re released?

    No I can not. You will just need to wait for that to be announced if it happens.
    Temple of darkness scorcess

    Toy guru any word on what conventions this will be sold at? I am attending c2e2 and hoping to get one. Thanks

    We will be announcing all of this at NYTF on Feb 12.
    To Toyguru: A Mighty Question regarding Spector!

    IF it was possible to give a Steed for The Mighty Spector, what would it be and why? (Theoretically speaking of course, since it's most likely that it would not get made for various reasons that do not need to be explained)

    He doesn't have a steed, he rides around in a time traveling hover craft that is powered by his wrist communicator/cosmic key. He pulls it off his wrist and plugs it into his craft when he needs to transport more then just himself on a mission.
    Toyguru,is The Mighty Spector a Time Traveling Grim Reaper???

    The Reason why I ask is because The "Symbol" of the Spade means/Represents "a tool to dig graves" that "suggests death."

    No. His is a Time Agent who prevents other bad guys from messing with time and stuff. More when his bio is revealed.
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    Time traveling hover craft, eh? Good to know TG will push to get at least one more vehicle in the line!

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    I wonder if Mattel will make a BTTF Hoverboard in 6 inch scale... It WOULD Look cool with Spector...
    FINALLY!! GLIMMER IS IN MY SHELF!! Crita is coming... Now I NEED SONGSTER! The Awesometastic Bard!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DO4M View Post
    I wonder if Mattel will make a BTTF Hoverboard in 6 inch scale... It WOULD Look cool with Spector...
    No, it would look cool UNDER Spector. But the thing above the Hoverboard would still look contrived.
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    Guys, please remember to keep criticisms constructive and respectful. There's no need to get personal.


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    so i have to pay shipping 2 times in feb? that sucks

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    NO it was NOT explained when the Subs went on sale.

    Thanks for the slap in the face, Scott & Mattel. For Being a loyal customer, I get to pay shipping twice.

    Well, you just lost three day-of purchases from me, Mattel. I was going to order an extra Sorceress, Fisto, and Photog.

    Now I am not.

    I think this company is an absolute joke. In 2012 they couldn't swing this? Cheap and classless.

    Oh wait... "world class."
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