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Thread: Memory Lane: When did you find out about Classics and what happened next?

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    Memory Lane: When did you find out about Classics and what happened next?

    When did you find out about classics and what happened next?

    Just taking a trip down memory lane.

    I found out about classics at a toy show about a year and a half ago. I didn't buy them immediately because I primarily collected Joe stuff and I guess I already had the figures as a kid so there was no need to revisit the line and plus, I didn't want to pay a premium to buy the figures on the secondary market.

    Shoot ahead six months and I noticed that figures were coming out that were never released in the old line and I was hooked.

    Took me four months but I finally have every figure in the line. It's a nice feeling.


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    I used to play basketball 24/7 than my knees began failing me and I stopped. Around 2009 i found that i had nothing to do and it started to bother me so one day I saw the Marvel Universe figures at Target and i started to collect them. Two months later I was told to go to Frank and Son Collectible show in Ca. Since I live like 15 minutes away I went to check it out and I was hooked to toys. Most importantly the first thing that caught my eye that day was how nice the MOTU line looked. I started buying them and it was not that bad to catch up. The problem was that since I did not have a sub and the figures sold like in 5 min I had to pay extra each time they came out.

    It's been a nice ride, but lately it's just harder to enjoy them with each passing blunder.

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    I've been a member of this site for years and I knew that it was coming before it started, and have been collecting it since the beginning.

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    I've always kept up with MOTU through this site, and I must have found out about King Grayskull and then realized it was going to be somewhat of a continuing line. I liked King Grayskull, but was more excited to get He-Man and Beast Man. I thought, "whoa... 20 bucks a figure. I don't know how long I can last." Turned out I've collected every figure and always did the subs. It was a dark time at the job I was working at in the beginning of the line, and I can very specifically remember the day Beast Man and He-Man arrived at my desk. I was amazed at how cool of an update He-Man was. I couldn't wait till Skeletor came next. I have not regretted this line. I look at my shelves and with each wave I wonder, "how am I gonna fit anymore figures in this room?" Yet, somehow I do. I've only had a few minor complaints along the way. Unless something really extreme happens, I see myself collecting it till its end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo of Eternia View Post
    I've been a member of this site for years and I knew that it was coming before it started, and have been collecting it since the beginning.
    Same for me. Lost the original King Grayskull for the stupid no-international-shipping-for-electronics policy though.

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    I was a lurker from 2001 and I checked out the .org's reactions to the MYP episodes that was airing at the time. I actually joined the .org the day I found the Hordak, Clawful and Snout Spout stactions at a local Suncoast. I had a Pryde of the X-Men Cyclops avatar back then, but I didn't post much.

    Since I was always a member on, I was here for Classics since the beginning. When I first found out about Classics, the Pre-Filmation fan in me I liked what I saw. Especially that Mer-Man figure. However, the thing that made me come out and post as much as I did was the point reusing parts. I didn't take that too well, as 200X/MYP made me like MOTU even more than I did back then in the Filmation days and that I thought that reusing parts was a HUGE step backward. I'm ultimately after a dozen radically different 200X versions of Classic characters and some 200X alternate heads--not so much the original characters from 200X, as most people think (I'd get them as well). I soon became the posterboy for the archetypical 200X fan stereotype who is ultra aggressive and has to fight and campaign for anything that he might want because of the belief that Mattel won't make such things automatically and many fans prefer the vintage designs to 200X designs. As aggressive as I was in trying to get other like-minded fans to my side (until KnightDaimien said something to change my mind about my aggressive nature on the Fwoosh), my "vintage purist foes" were just as aggressive in opposing me back in 2008-2009 (You like 200X so much? Get them from eBay!) and we've had numerous epic, thread-closing confrontations over the years. I've even got a Rogue's Gallery out of it. LOL! Those were the Dark Ages of the line where fans fought with each other to see who should get made first.

    I've mellowed out over the last few years, as I've come to somewhat accept the Classics designs and parts re-use (within reason--you cut too many 200X elements away, then the point of making a 200X look is lost), although I favor 200X elements. Just as I "calmed down", the vintage purists have gotten many major classic characters and have relaxed. At first, I sought out specific news for anything TG might say about 200X versions of characters and brought it to the .org, but that search naturally evolved into discovering any MOTUC news, no matter what the era. And now, many of my "Rogues" are on my Friend's list and we talk in the Chat.

    I'm STILL waiting on a 200X version of a classic character.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

    Sagitar (Jetlag) • Azdar • Belzar • Chazdar • 200X Evil-Lyn • 200X Teenage Prince Adam • 200X Teenage Teela • 200X Sorceress • General Rattlor (MYP) • 200X King Randor and Queen Marlena • 200X Battle Armor King Randor and Battle Armor Queen Marlena • Ice Armor He-Man • WMD Roboto

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    I actually heard about the line back in 2008, and since at the time I heard of it, there were no figures at that time because it was around the end of July. So after a while and still heavily collecting Transformers, I forgot about it, until this year when Dark of the Moon came out and the toyline pretty much sucked then Generations / RTS / Classics 3.0 died down I was looking for something else to collect, and I saw a pic of someone at the SDCC '11 with a MOTC figure, and remembered about the line, and was like...yup, that's it. There are only a few Transformers that I want at the moment that are not going to be released for a little while, and even then it's like 4 or 5, which between MOTUC figures I can easily get.

    I finally started at the end of July with He-Man from Matty, and he then took after waiting 4 days for a confirmation, 2 weeks to get to me. Now I have 20, and will be 22 when Febs figures come....I am only collecting what I like, and what I had as a kid minus a few that I don't like anymore, or didn't like then, like Buzz Off & Leech (ironically, I liked the vintage Leech, and not the Classics update). And I still need Ram Man, Mantenna, Mekaneck & Dragstor to be made, but along the way there are more I find myself liking, and pick up, like now I have my first ever POP figures with She-Ra, BP She-Ra, Adora & Swiftwind.
    Recent.... HATMOTU Beast Man & Evil Seed
    Wanted.... Filmation Mer-Man, Teela & Sorceress
    Needed.... MOTUC Lord Masque

    Oh man, did I forget to use these [sarcasm][/sarcasm] again? Sorry....

    Check here for my My collection page, MOTU and more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo of Eternia View Post
    I've been a member of this site for years and I knew that it was coming before it started, and have been collecting it since the beginning.
    Me, too.

    Found out at the intial announcement, been happily & steadily going broke ever since!

    Long Live MOTU!!!!
    Now & Forever!!!!

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    accidentally found the advert for He-Man on line. I decided to buy He-Man for ***** and giggles but never intended to buy the rest. Months later I found more adverts on line for other figures like Tri-Klops and Mer Man and realized I have to have them. So I tracked down whatever I didn't have on ebay and the rest is history.

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    I became aware of the figures through Toyfare magazine. I remember being "meh" about them at the time, because I had wanted a continuation of the 200X series. I had enjoyed the updated looks of many of the characters. I remember reading about the Classics and being turned off when they said that they were going to look like the vintage line. While they were fun toys for me as a kid, as a adult they don't carry much weight past nostelga. I never collected the commerative figures when they were released. So vintage meant weird little squatty legs and kind of goofy looking character. It didn't help that the initial lineup consisted of some of my least favorite characters. Stratos and Zodac do little for me, and I prefer the look of the 200X hulking Beastman over the vintage. The 200Z Skeletor figure had spoiled me with how evil he looked in the face. So between having my mind made up and the initial lineup not being that appealing, I just didn't give it much thought.

    I kept seeing new figures in Toyfare and would read the full page ads that they would put in. Characters began catching my interest. I remember thinking that Triklops looked pretty cool, reminded me of the vintage figure but looked updated. Than Adora was released, and that excited me. I had been collecting the 200X stactions for the Horde and snake men at this point and Adora could be displayed with them. Plus she's just damn cute. I ordered her from Matty Collector when she was released, making her my first Classics figure.

    At some point while I was researching remaining statcions that I needed, I came across a toy review site called OAFE. They had some reviews of Classics figures as well and I started reading up on them. Merman was one of my favorites, and between his review and Toyfare ad my interest started to grow. Then I read about Trap Jaw...he could be Kronis too! That was pretty awesome! So my interest began to grow and my initial mindset about the line began to change. The final tipping point was when the 2nd series of DC and MOTUC was released. I saw the blue merman and thought the figure looked great! It was not a blocky, squatty vintage figure, this was a great updated version of a figure I liked. I wanted the vintage head while I didn't get that set soon I ended up finding Mer-man on Ebay.

    That was the tipping point. Mer-man needed badguys to hang with, so I started buying evil warriors. Just evil warrioers was the plan. Then I bought King Hiss and Catra, because I could display them with my Horde/Snakemen stactions. Then when the Cyber monday sale hit this year I got some of the Heroic Warrioers, so that I could make some battle scenes. And it has just gotten out of hand since then

    So now I'm not completly "all in", there are still a few past figures that I don't plan on getting, and some future figures that I have no interest in. That being said, I certainly own a lot more than I planned too!

    One thing I really cannot remember for this post... I have no idea how I found the .Org. Probably when looking for figure infor at some point or by following a link...but really, no idea. Some how I kept coming back and eventually started posting, I can't even remember what my first post was... maybe complaining about the lack of 200X stuff, I really don't know. But I'm here now and have started posting more, so that's fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dynamo of Eternia View Post
    I've been a member of this site for years and I knew that it was coming before it started......
    This part,we're the same..... but at the time my finances were in the toilet. We bought a new house in '07, then as the release of KG at SDCC approached I was switched to only working part-time, I was also switched to having a very long commute when gas prices here were $1.33 a litre (I was fueling up my car every 3 days during tis time!), my wife was not working with our then 1 & 2.5 year old boys (maternity leave pay had also expired since she barely worked between pregnancies). There was only enough $$ to keep our heads above water, but I managed to scrape a little extra together to buy KG (which turned out to be the bronze statue variant). The other figures I had to begrudgenly pass on due to funds. I even desperately tried to find a fellow Ottawa collecter here that would be willing to buy figures together in order to split shipping costs in an attempt to decrease the total cost of a figure, but to no avail.
    Luckily just as reissues were announced, I was already back to full-time, working a little closer to home, and my wife was back to work. I was able to get caught up on all the figures I wanted thanks to the reissues, and the generous help of orgers in the Marketplace that charged non-scalper prices for the other figures I was missing. It was awesome not having to pay inflated prices when trying to make up for the time I missed being able to buy figures straight from Matty. I think $34.99 for Zodak at BBTS was the most I had to spend while playing catch up.

    ....Now things are much better as far as finances go *knocks on wood*, so I'm just enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts collecting new versions of figures from my favorite childhood toyline. Let's hope it lasts until every version of every character gets made.

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