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Thread: Memory Lane: When did you find out about Classics and what happened next?

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    I came across MOTUC around July of 2011. I collected Mattel's WWE figures and at the time, WWE Legends were pulled from retail and placed on Mattycollector. I checked out the site, saw that Shadow Weaver was announced as the 2012 sub exclusive and that the sub window was still open. As cool as she looked, I was focused on WWE and told myself I'd have to be crazy to start so late and try to catch up on a bunch of internet-exclusive figures through the secondary market. No thanks!

    So I walked away from MOTUC but would check Matty every few weeks for WWE Legends news. Each time, I couldn't keep from looking at the MOTUC catalog. Towards the end of the year, I finally caved in and bought Skeletor for the fun of it. I was instantly hooked and tried to limit my collection to the Original Eight.

    But things didn't feel right without Trap-Jaw, Evil Lyn, Man-E-Faces, Hordak, Buzz-Off, and Tr-Klops...

    ...And I always wanted Scareglow, Faker, BA He-Man & Skeletor...

    ...And Orko and Queen Marlena looked cool, too...

    ...And who the heck is Count Marzo, Chief Carnivus, Icarius, and the Faceless One...?

    Of course, 2012 rolled in with Sorceress, Fisto, and other cool characters so I went all-in! DOS for 2012 was a little nerve-racking at times but I got everyone on each month and now, I'm enjoying being a subscriber. I love looking at my MOTUC collection and have a better set of figures now that I did when I was a kid!

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    I had bought some hard to find toys (Lunar Jim) on ebay last fall for my son. Something made me want to check out Leech, one of the last vintage figures I held on to as a kid. I saw this tall, more articulated version on several auctions.

    Cue Spock eyebrow.

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    A bit of a long story but I first discovered MOTUC when I stumbled across a Pixel Dan review of Skeletor in 2009. The video poppped up as recomended for me and at first glance I just thought it was a review of the old Sksletor figure I had as a kid. I had no idea the figures were being made, watched the review and decided I just had to buy one just to sit by my TV. I also found out that Hordak had just been released, so decided to get both of them - I love the bad guys. So, I got them both from Ebay not long afterwards, fully intending on opening them, and fully intending not to buy any others as I didn't have the space or the money...

    At this time I was going through a break up, so as dumb as it sounds I wanted to keep the figures boxed until the break up was official, then I figured I could open them to cheer myself up with a shot of nostalgia, almost like an alcoholic hiding a bottle somewhere for a rainy day. The break up became official, but for some reason I didn't open them and then I saw a review of Mer-man (who remains my favourite figure to this day) and had to have him. Faker followed and then Beastman. I decided at first just to get all the villains, but then figured I should get He-man...

    To cut a long story short I now have all the figures except for Wondar, the giants and some of the POP figures. I still haven't opened any of the figures but will one day... honest

    Really wouldn't have found this line without Pixel Dan's vids.
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    Knew about the line since the beginning. I wasn't thrilled about the huge size, mostly I collected 4 inch toys. Purchased Scare Glow had him for 2 years, come to 2012 GI JOE took a big break so He-Man and his He-friends moved into my wallet. I totally enjoy collecting them absolutely love the size now. I am only missing the ones that cost more than $100.

    I was was a 1982 baby so Masters was kinda done by the time I was ready to play with action figures. But we had a small collection. Moss Man and Stinkor were the releases that brought a little tiny tear to my eye from my child hood. Also I remember speaking into the rat microphone on Snake Mountain for years when I was a child. That thing was awesome.

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    I came here looking for toys for my son and noticed people talking about the line. Then at my local comic store a Count Marzo popped up. I thought it was cool but not $50 cool. However, I saw Draego-Man's early shots and as my birthday is in April decided that for my birthday I wanted him. I collected Dragons at the time. Anyway, sales day came and there was Orko and Prince Adam so I got them too. Then I decided well, I need the rest of the royal family. And then He-man and Skeletor and the cats. Then just the ones I had as a kid......and well now I have most of them and I'm a subscriber. I'm not a completest and have passed on a few varients, some PoP, and all NA.....but I love the ones I have. Every month is like Christmas 1982!

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    I knew about them since the beginning, but wasn't on board right away-- they were pretty pricey, and I stiil felt the burn from the 200x line. I didn't want another incomplete line. But I was at NYCC one year and saw Zodac in a display case at the Matty Booth and I fell into the abyss.

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    For me, it started with that unsolicited He-Man figure the Fab four snuck into the case during SDCC several years back. I was sad to see nothing happen until the big announcement of King Grayskull and the launch of the MOTUC line. What happened next was elation, as one of my favorite properties was back, sculpted by my favorite toy makers, the Horsemen, and it looked like the problems of the 2002 line were all in the past. So I jumped on Mattycollector when the SDCC stuff was offered, and made my first purchase (and I still maintain that the cardboard Grayskull fold out box KG came in was one of the best ideas Mattel has had in a long time; when they do it right, they decidedly kick keister). Of course, it wasn't long before the new problem known as Digital River reared its head, but there was at least a short time where everything looked wonderful...
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    I knew about them from the start and followed the line, but was going through a divorce at the time. I didn't officially get into the line until Buzz-Off was released in Dec of 2010. I got Vikor(how cool is he??), the Palace Guards, and Bow, but took a break for financial reasons over the summer. Then the re-releases started coming. Then there was the now infamous Black Friday '11 sale. That caught my collection up in a hurry. One of my best friends and I collect this line and were able to get every figure in 2012 without problem and without subscribing. Then there was the sub scare and we decided "why not?". Now we both have the reg sub and Filmation sub, and will probably sign up for whatever comes next. On a side note, my buddy only wanted Mer Man. Oops.

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    I found out about MOTUC a couple of years ago from Transformers collectors because there has been crap all official promotion of this line to people who are not already 'in it'.

    I Cherry picked for a year but the toys were still decent enough to endure the DR headaches. Then decided to get a sub and it's been down hill ever since on all fronts.

    Toys are now crap, customer service is crap, Mattel is crap. I no longer collect this line and wish I never did, should have stayed with 200X.

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    2008. I've been visiting since the late 90's for nostalgic purposes and to get news. I remember seeing an update about the King Grayskull SDCC item that summer in 2008. I was not totally impressed by King Grayskull, so I passed on getting him. But heard about He-Man and Beast Man being released that October. I was really intrigued. The figures got moved to December 1st, and got them when they went on sale the day I was putting up Christmas lights. And got every figure thereafter. Finally joined the forums after visiting as a lurker for years, as I found myself checking out the Mattel Q&A's and fan discussions.

    So, I can thank this site for my MOTUC collection! Kept me in the know from the Commemorative line to 200x to NECA stactions to MOTUC.

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    Basically, I've been following the line since the first prototype was shown in '07 before a line was even announced.

    Needless to say, I was very excited when it was announced, because this line is exactly what I wanted the 200X line to be: Classic styled figures, but with modern, generous articulation. The bonus is that they are sculpted by true MOTU fans that are also collectors just like us!
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    If it wasn't for the WSOD I may never have have found MOTUC...

    After a several year break from toy collecting I had started buying Star Wars figures again at the end of 2010. Like many others, I failed at ordering the 2011 Star Wars SDCC exclusive from due to their site's crappy performance that day, and someone posted on a SW board that they were used to site performance issues because of the WSOD on on MOTUC sale days. I did a little investigating on what this MOTUC thing was, saw that Man-E-Faces was the next figure up for sale, and I've been hooked ever since!

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    i knew about classics when they were advertised in toyfare. however, i was more of a statue/large scale figure guy, so i wasn't really moved to start collecting them until i saw skeletor in person at a store.

    i bought him (he was the first edition of skelly, and he's still MOC)...and the floodgates were opened. this was a couple years ago. it was an expensive game of catch up at first, but it was worth it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Piccolo Daimaoh View Post
    Once I saw this pic at SDCC in I believe 2007, MOTU 25th Anniversary, I was hooked.

    At first, as I remember it, the 4H had made it on their own and presented it to Mattel at SDCC as an idea for a new line. Mattel liked it so much that they asked the 4H if they could put it with the mini He-Man display Mattel had. So many people saw the figure and asked if He-Man was back. I think that planted the seed for the Classics line. Fast forward to 2008 and I'm ordering He-Man and Beastman from a website I'd never heard of named It's funny, i think I waited 2 weeks before ordering He-Man and Beastman and had no problem ordering them.
    This was my first memory. For some reason, I remembering him being squattier, but he looks pretty much bang on to the final version.

    I didn't even know about the King Grayskull release, but a friend of mine had a copy of ToyFare and there was a picture of Skeletor in there. I was like, "wow", he is almost perfect (never liked the kerchief look of his hood... wished they integrated it to his armour more, like the FILMation cartoon).

    Then explored Mattycollector and was hesitant about picking up a new line. Had a few friends who also wanted them, but the US dollar was still strong then so a $20 figure was going to cost us around $45ish Australian. Anyway, bit the bullet and ordered a few hours after released. Got the slow shipping so didn't get them until January 09. Took about 6 weeks for He-Man and Beast Man to arrive. Was hooked as soon as I opened them. Perfection.

    Fortunately, the US dollar has been on parity with the Aussie dollar for the majority of this line. I'll cringe if our currency drops. >_<

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    When I was a kid I collected Masters of the Universe and Transformers. I discovered MOTUC online. Don't remember which site. I read about the SDCC King Grayskull and the upcoming Beast Man and He Man figures. I have been a major Transformers collector for over twenty years but up to that point there had been no new MOTU figures in several years.
    I missed out on thew King Greyskull but I ordered He Man when he went on sale. I was originally only going to get Heman but I liked him so much I immediately ordered Beast Man. I ordered Skeletor the following month and the rest is history.
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    I saw the review on Michael Crawford's Toy review for Tri-clops after his month originally...I thought he looks better then the 80's version...who else have they made? I went to Ebay to see the existing figures, hoping to see Stinkor / Spikor and Tung Lashor - my favorites as a kid....I bought 9 figs that day from one seller - including Faker and Teela...paid $27 each.


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    Through Toyfare magazine back around early 2009. Was rapt when i saw a couple of Classics figures already produced but they were scarce (and expensive) on eBay here in Australia at the time.

    Initially, i only wanted to complete my vintage collection and tried not to pay attention to 200X & Classics. Low and behold i failed miserably at ignoring those and that's when i started collecting ~ both 200X (slowly over a period of time) & Classics.

    Thankfully though, there weren't many Classics to catch up on and my first Classics figure was Stratos. But the Classics figures shown at SDCC 2009 was the deal breaker without doubt... Haven't looked back since.
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    I knew about them from reading Toyfair magazine, but was not that impressed. I was still bitter at how the 200X line had ended, and at the time had no need to collect another He-Man or Skeletor. Plus the idea about swapping parts and looking like the vintage line didn't really excite me. In my mind I saw them having the weird, squat bodies and all that.

    He-Ro's announcement was sort of exciting, because I remembered wondering who he was and being interested in him in the POG mini comic. Not enough to get me involved though.

    And then Adora was announced, and I was super happy. Loved her, and she looked straight out of the cartoon. I even ordered her from Matty on sale day! But still, I didn't get into the line, just put Adora with my stactions. Later on, I would purchase Catra for the same reason, and then King Hiss.

    At first I was just going to get Horde members or Snake men that I didn't have a staction of...but then I saw the MOTUC VS DC packs at TRU. Seeing them in person showed how cool they could be, so I picked up a Skeletor and ordered a regular Mer Man soon after. Then it was going to "just be Evil Warriors". That was it.

    Well it didn't last, lol. Eventually I decided that I needed a He-man, and a Cyber Monday sale saw me get several of the Heroic Warriors. Now I'm pretty much "caught up" for my purposes. I think the only two missing that are high priority are Count Marzo and Vikor. The rest (Startos, Roboto, Dekkar, the assorted giants, etc) would really only be of interest if the price was right.

    I am pretty happy with the way things have turned out
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    I learned about it here in the Org first around 2008 they showed it on SDCC 3008.
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    A friend of mine used to collect them when I was working in san diego. It was the summer of 2011. When he realized that I was into motu, he talked to me about the line. At first I imagined he was talking about the 200x line so I said to him to back off, I didnt want that stuff to came along to me because I profoundly dislike the modern and oversized design. Then he showed me the classics on the internet. It was completly another line inspired by the original artworks and I was speechless. I immediatly felt that nostalgia sensation. Bought some figures in a local toy store (sy klone and ba skeletor) and then, when i came back to italy, I found the org community.
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    I forget how I heard about MOTUC, but it was basically the very beginning when it was just He-Man on sale. I remember going to the sight, checking him out and thinking it was cool but I wasn't about to drop $20 on a single fig. I checked back months later when I belive the Goddess was on sale, and I think He-Man was being reissued, but still wasn't swayed to make a purchase. Finally a bit later I picked up Webstor and Tri-Klops on eBay for a decent price, and from there I was hooked! I then got a Mer-Man on eBay, and I think my first purchase on the MattyCollector site was the reissues of Man-at-Arms, Beastman, and Skeletor. From then on I was a day of sale customer picking up the figs I wanted, until finally subbing up for 2013.
    It's been a lot of fun collecting the line, and I actually even liked the suspence of the quick sell-outs day of sale, because I knew if I missed it I would just get the reissue, but those days are done and it appears we're nearing the end of the line. I'm pretty happy with the collection, it's currently the only thing I display, and I love just sitting in my "Toy Room" and looking at all the characters I have so much nostalga for. Despite all the issues and infighting on the boards, I really do love this line and am happy it came about. Just hoping to add a few more vintage figs before it ends.

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    It was ToyFare magazine for me (RIP). I was out of toys for a while but had a ToyFare subscription to at least be able to look at all the cool new stuff still being madfe. I loved the retro Star Wars, Transformers and GIJoe stuff and always hoped MOTU would get something similar. When MOTUC was announced, I bought He-Man and Beast Man on Day One, have subscribed from the beginning, and am in 'til the end. I have sold off a few unwanted figures and I split the sub with a PoP fan so she buys all the PoP stuff for cost. I'm a vintage purist (LOVE the shared parts) but I hold no ill will toward the other eras and I am thrilled that those fans are getting their good stuff as well.

    I did keep Optikk because he was the one NA I bought as a kid. His is the one design from NA I felt fit right in with MOTU. One of my favorites, actually!

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