Absolutely the best of the bunch in my opinion. I think the rest were a mixed bag. That's not to say they were the only good ones, but even some of the other good ones seem to be getting a mixed reception due to some of their features.

Am I right in saying that the darker/brown Snake man shares the same furry loincloth desing as Snake MAA and that's a new loincloth design? I also think the scaled undies of the lighter/yellow Snake man is new also. I don't think that's the only new parts outside of the obvious (heads and such), so I'm wondering what potential parts re-use there might be for future figures with those parts.

Personally I think the chest guard on the yellowish Snake Man could be modified slightly to make a good NA He-man chest guard (or even a He-man/He-Slave figure if it came with a switchable part like Bow's heart symbol on his armour).