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Thread: how many of you do this?

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    how many of you do this?

    After you have purchased a figure and receive it, do you look on the back of the package and check off the ones you have, looking forward to the day when you can look on the back and check 'em all off? but so long as they keep releasing figures this will always be a challenge. i am almost there-4 to go (not sure if Wundar appears on the back of any packages).

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    I do!!! And is the same as when I was a child. I always want to have all of them. Recently I was very happy when I got Teela and realized I had all of the cardback characters!

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    I did this in the 80's when a new figure came out and you saw the others that were not released yet or you have not found yet. With the way things are now it does not happen because they don't put forthcoming figures on the back anymore. Only happens if you miss one on sale day which I try to avoid.
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    I don't do this but it reminds me of when Transformers used to come with a pamphlet that showed other figures in the line/wave. One side was for the Autobots and the other side for the Decepticons. I used to read those over and over thinking about which ones I had and which ones I wanted.
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    I used to do this as a kid on the backs of the G.I. Joe cards. Never did with He-Man, because they only showed a few at a time on each card back.

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    No, I don't, but mainly because I've been collecting this line since it started, and I'm not missing any previosly released figures. As far as I know/recall, to date they have never shown any characters that have yet to be released on the back of the cards. It's always characters that have already been released or are being relased at the same time as the figure inside of the package. I still look at the back of the boxes, and I find it interesting (and sometimes questionable) to see what figures they choose for the back of the box, since these days they tend to put the pictures of figures who relate to the character in the box in some way.

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    when i was a kid i did this. kept the back so i could check off the figures i got.
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    I miss the folded up checklists that used to come in the packages back in the day. They did it for EVERY major toyline back then it seems like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Count Marzo View Post
    I miss the folded up checklists that used to come in the packages back in the day. They did it for EVERY major toyline back then it seems like.
    Me too.
    I did it for motu on the poster that came with castle grayskull.
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    Absolutely! ;D

    And it's a real pleasure to be able to check out a lot of characters which I wasn't able to get as a child! (The most classical characters which I wanted sooooo bad looking at the old cardbacks, but that was NEVER available in the stores after the first years!)
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    Up to date with the Classics figures so not with this line in particular but as a kid, yeah, i liked to dream about owning the figures i wanted
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    I've done it a couple of times, but I'm not a completest so it's not a ritual for me. There always seems to be a Goddess on card backs and there's no way I'm buying her!
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    Initially I did it but now that I have all the cross sells on the back usually the fun is gone from it.
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    No, I don't do this. I wouls love it if they'd put art of unreleased characters on the back though, that would be cool. I understand why they can't/won't do that though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CptSpandex View Post
    I used to do this as a kid on the backs of the G.I. Joe cards. Never did with He-Man, because they only showed a few at a time on each card back.
    Same here. G.I.Joe and Star Wars were more fun with the cardbacks because there were always 25+ figures. I just saved my He-Man cardbacks for the pictures on them. They were more like works of art to me. Those were the days!

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