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Thread: Answers to WTFWTK 2.73!

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    all good questions :-)

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    I'd like to suggest if the packing question gets used to also ask Guru' if he's aware that they could slimline the packaging to contour the blister and leave them as plain white besides the name and copyright on occasion and save a CRUD LOAD on production costs.

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    I can't imagine the savings being more than a dime each for the slightly reduced white mailers. I don't think its worth irking off the many sole MOC collectors or the collectors that buy one loose and one MOC. What is the point of collecting figures in bad shape packaging? It going to cost them more sales than the pennies they are saving per figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CicconeSC View Post
    Money money money is all I ever hear out of ToyGuru's mouth regarding questions people have on the MOTUC line. Yet we have had major delays in 2012 and looks like it will continue well into the summer months, who knows perhaps the whole year. The figures seem to be produced at a different factory than before. The plastic seems not as hard, paint apps different, some of the figures are kind of boring, which is a surprise for me from the 4HM. I wonder if the 4HM are getting annoyed with this line due to Mattel wanting to cut back on all costs.

    Finally questions that should be asked and answered rather than the debacle of everyone going back and forth about having an extra $5 dollars in your account or not!

    And to not take a side on the money matter.... Allow me to propose this scenario;

    Funds are in the account and ready to be charged for the monthly batch:
    -A figure is not ready, the stock did not arrive, a figure gets swapped out to another month or the price increases...
    -The charge for said scenario goes thru but then since the charge is not matching the product, DR changes the offering and has to recharge your card;
    (But anytime a credit card is charged, the funds go pending for 3 days whether it is cleared or rejected or cancelled by the merchant)
    Now since a revision has altered the order and now DR has corrected it, you're charged immediately on said correct shipment...
    But since your card is still spending the charge does not go through or just withdraws more funds from your account (say for out of sub products), seemingly putting you on the failure to renewal (or not able for out of sub purchases) now puts you in the three strikes your out clause for your sub or prohibits you from purchasing anything outside the sub...
    So saying this happens ( Man E Faces, Wind Raider, Demo-Man, BGE )...

    But I will give you all some sort of answer; you get on THEIR A$$ about it and sometimes you find someone there who actually finds the gumption to step up and personally handle it! But it does happen, enough money or not...

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