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Thread: Confession: MOC Collector-turned-Opener

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternia Burning View Post
    …Faced with another impending move, up to 800 miles, I realized my MOC MOTUC might not make the trip. But this was the one line I couldn't part with. So I made the choice to open my figures, as I could store them loose in a quarter of the space…
    I had a similar experience with Star Wars POTF2. I had about 80% of all the Star Wars figures released from 1995 – 2005 MOC. I had as many as would fit hanging on the walls of my room with the rest boxed up. But when I had to move, I realized I just had no space for it all. So, I was faced with the dilemma of selling most of them or opening them all up. If I can recall, it took me about 3-4 hours to open them all up and bag them in individual snake size Ziplock bags. It was surreal to spend that much time opening figure after figure.
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    Let me continue to spread the gospel of the re-packager! I keep all of my boxes and occasionally will take a figure from my shelf and put it back in the package to display. a flap is cut in the bottom of the package, starting with the perforated edge against the cardboard back, so the contents can be slid out. A piece of tape is all you need to hold it together once it's been cut like this. You can also utilize the custom clamshell art linked in my signature for a more vintage look to your "MOC" figure displays.
    The only drawback to this style of collecting is that my closet is now completely packed with MOTUC boxes!

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    I was MOC collector for the longest time as a teenager/20-something. I used to work in the UK's biggest toy shop (Beatties, for those who remember!) and I'd get first pick of the Playmates Star Trek figures. Ahh, those were the days! I used to keep them all all carded and, believe you me, I had a lot of those figures! I've still got a few carded examples from those days, but I got sick of seeing them in those bubbles and I opened 'em up!

    I've posted this before now, but I think it's worth repeating: I'm a big science nerd and I frequently read New Scientist. There was an article in one a few years ago about plastic toys and how they all degrade over time. Long story short, the chances are that, loose or MOC, all these MOTUC toys will have degraded by the time I'm in my 60's. They'll go soft, or sticky, or white (yeah!), or they'll fade, or one of a hundred other things will happen to them. You can't stop the degradation, it's going to happen like it or not. And we all know that Mattel really cheaps out on the plastic they use, so heck, for all I know, these may have degraded by the time I'm in my late 40's! (That'll be about 15 years... Oh my!) My point is, I'd rather have a few years of pleasure displaying these toys and letting them enjoy the air, than leaving them cooped up in their plastic prisons.

    And for those who say, "I'm never selling them!"... sorry, I just don't believe that you'll never sell them. I didn't think I'd ever sell my ST figures, but times got tough and something had to go. Things happen. I keep all the boxes to all my toys/collectables on the off-chance I'll sell them one day. That and I tend to move a lot, so I like to keep the packaging for when I next move; keeps them safe. And if they do last beyond my 50th birthday, there's a very real possibility I'll be sick of toys when I'm 70 and toys with opened packages, whilst not as profitable as MOC, are still worth more than toys without their packaging. Yes, I'm planning for my retirement! I don't care if that makes me a "true fan" or not; I'm gonna enjoy them now and sell them wen I'm wrinkly.
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    My story with includes the loose vs mosc dilemma:

    I was born in 1979 and I truly loved all of the 80's toys when I grew up during that time. Funny thing is I never knew about Star Wars AT ALL. That came when I turned 11 and saw an add of the videotapes in a mail order catalog. I loved that artwork, those movies had to be epic! I was convinced I had to get them and bought them from my newspaper delivery round money. When I watched them I loved them so much that I created a lightsaber out of a rubber handle flashlight with a transparent tube. When my sister's boyfriend came over, he let me borrow his copy of the Star Wars NES cartridge. I was hooked even more! I didn't know there were toys, so I only had my homemade lightsaber with the videotapes.

    A couple years later when I was 14, A friend from school wanted to sell his toys and I was interested to buy. I bought a decent amount from him, especially lots of G.I.JOE, and there was this alien figure with a Squid Head with soft goods cape! I loved soft goods to death and the figure was so awesome! but didn't know from which toyline it was. A year later I found out he was a Star Wars figure!!! when I bought a box full of vintage Star Wars from a newly opened toys & games store. It came with a toy catalog which had him listed. The box had 70 figures with accessories, vehicles and almost a complete POTF including Yak Face & Amanaman for $250. Even back then it seemed a bargain for the amount I got.

    Back to the friend who first sold me Squid Head, he thought it was funny that I wanted them because he outgrew them while I was a year older than him. My dad always told me why I kept buying the expensive junk (figures were always between $10 to $20 here in stores...) because he said I wouldn't even look at it in a couple of years. I always got defensive and would tell him with a passion that I love action figures and I'd never stop buying toys. Years later at age 18, I even had a discussion with a classmate who thought having toys would mean no girlfriend because toys are childish. My wife would disagree with him

    My first urge to have something MOSC to display was from Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters. I had a dream one night when I was 11 years old that I would have all 4 original 1st release RGB in a row hanging on my wall. From the 1st release RGB figures, I only had Ray Stantz. I lost his proton pack and our dog got a hold of him one day and chewed him up pretty bad. His arm was chewed off, his other hand and head had holes in them and his leg was almost falling off. I loved the figure so I tried to fix him a bit and decided to use a lighter but instead of fixing him, I fully melted his leg off!
    I always thought that maybe I saw the RGB as being more fragile than the rest of my toys because of the experience with Ray and knowing about the lost proton pack how fragile the clips were. I might have also wanted them MOSC because how rare the RGB figures seemed and perhaps because I loved the cardback artwork a lot. To this day I still don't own the 4 RGB MOSC but hopefully one day I will. For now I have them all loose, complete.

    When Star Wars POTF2 launched in 1995, I had to collect them! They looked better at that time to me than the vintage and it was amazing to have the translucent lightsabers accessories with the figures!

    I started to take collecting seriously and began to collect MOSC with the Star Wars POTF2 line. I bought double, so I would have MOSC as well since loose was always my preference. One day in 1997 it frustrated me to no end to have the new wave which was very hard to find. I found the wave only once and wanted to keep it MOSC. It was a real dilemma b/c I couldn't wait to have them loose as well. Just looking at them MOSC became frustration. It ended up making me look at a very critical point of view at my collection. I started to really see the simpleness of the loose vintage collection (I almost had a complete loose POTF with all the rare ones including Yakface, Amanaman), and the ridiculously out of proportion bodybuilder POTF2. I had a chance to trade it all for M.A.S.K. including Boulder Hill and some vintage MOTU including Snake Mountain and Castle Grayskull. Now at that time I didn't have internet and I thought it would take many, many years and lots of luck to find those old toys at Flea Markets. I always wanted vintage MOTU back and more M.A.S.K. so I ended up trading all of the Star Wars that I spend thousands on made with newspaper delivery rounds over the years for the trade against MOTU and M.A.S.K. If I would have known at that time how easy it would get to find the old toys on places like eBay, I would have never traded it off. But at the time it made me happy. The M.A.S.K. and MOTU truly made me feel like a kid again!

    Whenever I bought new toys like ToyBiz X-Men, Spider-Man, Spawn, etc. I cared about keeping the full packaging with bubble and all. After a few years it took up a lot of space and I ended up cutting all the bubbles completely from their cards and still saved the bubbles. A few years later I also ended up tossing the bubbles. My current cardback collection is around 3 square foot. I'm coming to a point where I plan to scan the cardbacks and then sell them. I need the space.

    I like the look of MOSC and the artwork, but I can't collect it fully because it takes up way too much space. I still collect some MOSC figures, but preferably only vintage lines and only one MOSC per toyline. I have for example a Bucky 'O Hare and from Filmation Ghostbusters a Futura.
    With the vintage TMNT I might break the rule and eventually get all 4 TMNT MOSC.
    But in general, I try to keep it down as much as I can.

    I love loose the most because it is more that just collecting to me. It is also a creative outlet. I like making diorama's and customizing. I also love the poseability and playability of the loose figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FAKER II View Post
    I had a similar experience with Star Wars POTF2. I had about 80% of all the Star Wars figures released from 1995 – 2005 MOC. I had as many as would fit hanging on the walls of my room with the rest boxed up. But when I had to move, I realized I just had no space for it all. So, I was faced with the dilemma of selling most of them or opening them all up. If I can recall, it took me about 3-4 hours to open them all up and bag them in individual snake size Ziplock bags. It was surreal to spend that much time opening figure after figure.
    That's awesome that you opened them all in one sitting. MOTUC took me much longer to open, all the stupid rubber bands and weapons/capes crammed into bubbles. I had to be meticulous and sometimes just slice up the bubble with scissors. Nearly broke a few weapons trying to get them out.

    @Synthalus, you are/were into a lot of the same lines. Some of that M.A.S.K. stuff made be harder to find now than the Star Wars stuff, at least in my experiences. With the second Star Wars boom in the mid-90s, and the birth of the internet for collectibles, a lot of those rarer Star Wars figures from the '70s seemed to be much easier to find, and still are. M.A.S.K. is really cool, and is up there with Dino-Riders for me as far as ultra cool lines go.
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    I've always opened most all my figures, but for MOTUC, I have an opened set and a MOC set. I hope to display the entire MOC set one day like I do with the loose figs, but I may need a bigger house at that point!

    If I only had one set, I'd open them all for sure unless I planned to sell them. There are however better financial investments than action figures (but maybe not as fun).

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    I too, just ripped into all my moc Motu classics toys and haven't looked back. I will only collect vintage figures moc because i love the artwork and graphics of the packages, which is lost today. Those toys don't display as nicely loose anyway although i have almost the whole set loose from when i was a kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eternia Burning View Post
    I was once an adamant MOC collector, for MOTUC and any other line. But this has all changed recently.

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    I am primarilly a MOC collector, as I don't really look at them as toys, but as little pieces of artwork. Most of my MotUC collection is MOC, but I've bought multiples of He-Man, She-Ra, Adora, Skeletor, and the Sorceress to open up and display. I don't plan on ever selling my MOC figures, but if times get tough, I would sell them.
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    I honestly believe if it were possible every MotU fan would have 2 sets of the collection. One MoC and the other open.
    Personally, I can can't afford a subscription, so I get what figures I can as inexpensively as possible. Usually that means getting them loose, sometimes not complete. I get them anyway I can because I love the figures, as I did when I was a kid.
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    I'm torn between opening my Shadow Weaver or leaving her locked up...on the one hand, I don't ever see myself selling her and the Horde would look strangely incomplete without her...on the other.....she was selling for like$150 on EvilBay. lol
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    I too started as a MOC collector and did so for years. I bought quite a few doubles to open but in the end just completely ran out of space and realised I could store them loose for a fraction of the space. The hardest ones to open where the exclusives like Shadow Weaver, Wundar etc but I still opened them. I now don't even think about it, everything gets opened and I keep the card backs. The only ones I haven't opened are the ones I bought doubles of and the Molar vs Skeletor set because I think it looks better boxed.

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    I've opened all my Classics, with the exception of Vykron (too many parts to keep track of) and Skeletor vs. Mo-Larr (because the diorama is too cool). With the vintage and POP collections, space is at a premium, and I like posing them and moving them around. I save the card backs with the bios, to be sure. But I only found out about MOTUC a couple of years ago, so a lot of what I got was loose to begin with.

    With the vintage re-releases, I've kept those all MOC. I do like the way they look. And since I have the loose vintage counterparts to play with, I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

    I am slowly growing my collection of MOC POP and Vintage. But that's for the amazing box art. They just don't do things like that anymore, and I love looking at it. I have the figures loose, so again, I don't feel like I'm missing out.

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    i'm mostly a MOC collector, but not when it comes to MOTUC, taking them out of their plastic prison is such a cool feeling

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    Welcome, my brother, to the revolution!!! You have freed them all from their plastic prisons!!

    Everyone collects for their own reasons and in their own ways,as it should be, and each should have their choices respected. But forgive the grumpy old dragon if it brings a smile to his face to see someone opening the figures up this way and enjoying himself doing so.
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