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I watched a couple episodes last night and think they could improve it BIG TIME if they change a couple things about the format:

The host is pretty annoying, but he gets reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally annoying when he pulls out a Super-Powers toy and gives the history of Super-Powers to the guy WHO OWNS A TOY SHOP. Now, if he's doing that to get the information about a certain toy out to the audience, then that's great, because not everyone knows about Super-Powers, much like I found it helpful when he described the old Rembrandt toy. Instead of him telling it to the person he's buying from, they should have him do a voice-over with that information while showing shots of him looking at the toy...or maybe do a 'confessional' type of shot where he's looking into the camera while saying it cuz that way he's informing the audience instead of lecturing the owner, who obviously knows what they have.

Second, they need to take a lesson from Storage Wars, the only reality show I've ever watched and freaking LOVE. They show the guys buy the storage locker contents, and then at the end of the show they tally up what they ended up making once they ACTUALLY sold what they found in that episode. Yes, this will take more time to produce the show, but a a better product usually takes longer to make. The way it is now just makes him look like he's running off and saying "HAHAHAHA SUCKERS!!!!"

I hope they do those things or somehow tone him down cuz I really did enjoy the rest of the show and seeing so many rare and old toys--it was like having comic-con come into my living room!
Coouldn't agree more John!

This one was bad he couldn't even pronounce Darkseid right (3-4 Times) if you actually know the character you would know how to pronounce it right..

And I had to laugh that he lost a little bit of money on some of the items..C'Mon he's not a collector he's an Invenstor passing himself off as a collector. And the pilot episode about finding the rocket firing Boba Fett in the guys comic shop...Really??? The store owner has a $15,000 figure just laying around.....Right...

The collection intervention is more watchable at least they are more believable...