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Thread: BRONY! - Dudes liking My Little Pony?!

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    BRONY! - Dudes liking My Little Pony?!

    So, throughout my whole childhood I liked My Little Pony almost as much as I liked MOTU, the good vs evil battles in the MLP episodes were often pretty climactic, (Tyrac, the murderous Centaur from "Rescue at Midnight Castle" makes Skeletor look like Paris Hilton) but I was teased by the other kids for liking a "girl's show" and wasn't allowed the toys because I'm a boy.

    So anyway, now I reached a point as an adult where I don't much care about My Little Pony, I'm glad it's out there but I don't look at the merchandise and haven't seen the new show.

    However, I just heard about the BRONY phenomenon! Adult guys who are addicted to the current MY Little Pony : Friendship is Magic show! The word Brony comes from the words Bro + pony = man who likes My Little Pony (Pegasister for a woman).

    Apparently the character designs in the new show, it's more adult plots and humor are giving it a great following among adult males, especially the geeky types. The show is being treated like the Simpsons, Ren And Stimpy, Futurama, Family Guy etc...

    I'm going to try and watch some episodes of the current MLP cartoon online to see what all the fuss is about, so maybe it will get me back into MLP.

    I just wish BRONY had been around when I was a kid lol!

    Anybody on this forum into the new My Little Pony show/characters etc?

    What made you a Brony or Pegasister?
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    I have a 4 year old daughter and a 3 year old son. When we got the Hub for free for one month, I DVR’d all the My Little Pony and Strawberry Shortcake episodes for my kids plus Transformers Prime and GI*JOE Renegades for myself. That just about ate up all my DVR space.

    For a modern kid’s show, I do find My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to be entertaining. But I don’t think it is even close to an “adult” cartoon like the Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy, etc. It’s one of the few current cartoons where most episodes revolve around a plot to teach children values, similar to the Filmation MOTU cartoon.
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    I like it because the cartoon is really cool. The animation may look childish and simple, but the characters are hilarious (especially Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie & Rainbow Dash), the show has a message for kids and there are lots of pop culture references for the adult fandom.

    Hasbro even named some fan-favourite (background) characters exactly like the fans called them first!

    A Brony actually evolves in 7 phases (borrowed from urbandictionary):
    Phase 1) Are you joking? How can adult males watch a show for girls?
    Phase 2) Pfft. I'll see what all the fuss is about, maybe make fun of the show.
    Phase 3) Meh. It was okay. It wasn't that bad, I'll give it that.
    Phase 4) It's actually kind of funny and entertaining.
    Phase 5) I take back everything bad I've said! This is AWESOME! ...but I'd be ruined if anyone found out...
    Phase 6) Friendship is Magic! Screw it! I'm a brony!
    Phase 7) I'm dead serious, you should watch My Little Pony, too.

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    It's "adult" in the sense that it's a competent show that older people can watch and enjoy, with a few pop culture references that you might get but otherwise do not really stand out or affect the show to any real degree(unlike Family Guy). It's not "adult" in the sense they basically threw in a bunch of nasty stuff that really has no need to be there just because someone managed to slip a disguised joke past the network censors.

    Yes, the show does go into Ren & Stimpy territory a few times. Pinkie Pie's insanity in "Party Of One" is pretty much straight from the episode "Hermit Ren". Twilight Sparkle's big insanity moment also bordered a bit on creepy. This is a show aimed at girls but not specifically for them(unlike a few other things Hasbro's done in the past), nor is it watered down nonsense about fashion and glamour with an airhead cast(unlike a few other things Hasbro, Mattel and others have done in the past). Though it's more "aimed at girls" by virtue of the history and market of the toys, not because of the show itself. I know the previous MLP show was pretty terrible by comparison. I also have to give them credit for hiring John DeLancie to play the season 2 villain, and actually making it clear that, yes, he's based on Q.

    I'm also pretty picky about what I watch, which this day is a mix of NCIS, Dexter, old Columbo films and MLP FIM. I used to include Metalocalypse but Cartoon Network seems to have given up on it. I think the last cartoon I actually watched as well as this was The Mask, which was probably one of the last great "older" cartoons made before they just gave up and started importing anime. The only other modern cartoon I like besides FIM is Adventure Time.

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    When I was home sick from school there was a time when the only show on was the My little pony/potatohead kids show, I'd watch it and I kind of liked em, I started liking the potatohead kids a lot and begrudgingly enjoyed some of the My little pony eps more than I thought I should have. but I never got into the toys and when I wasn't home I wasn't interested in keeping up with it. but durnig Christmas sometimes teachers would bring in the MLP special and I was secretly happy to watch. lol
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    I was a fan of the original show and I love the new one too and I'm not ashamed (weird) I also like other girly" things too(like ssc,rainbow brite and natually she-ra)A fact I know shouldn't be true but hey why fight it? lol!!
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    yeah, my 18 year old daughter has male friends who like this show. i know even older guys online who like this new pony show. i watched and episode and i don't get it.

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    the new my little pony

    I have 3 daughters ages 3,4 &9 its definitely a kid show I've seen it with them and would gladly welcome back the original cartoon over this new crap
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    i see nothing wrong with grown men liking my little pony. real men watch whatever the heck they want, confident in who they are and what they like!
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    I'd give it a try. I remember really liking that one movie with the schmooze.

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    Whoo-Hoo MLP FIM new season

    Okay, okay while I myself am not a Bronie, my wife loves My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.
    The new season started today, just settling down to watch it. Good times with the Missus.
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    Here's A neat little fan made 'Pony' cartoon. Very well done.

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    I have to wait on season 4 because I don't get the hub but I managed to watch season 3 finally recently and I loved it(Especially the final ep)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mbaker View Post
    Here's A neat little fan made 'Pony' cartoon. Very well done.
    ...ok, that was an absolutely AMAZING fan made episode!!!

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