So, throughout my whole childhood I liked My Little Pony almost as much as I liked MOTU, the good vs evil battles in the MLP episodes were often pretty climactic, (Tyrac, the murderous Centaur from "Rescue at Midnight Castle" makes Skeletor look like Paris Hilton) but I was teased by the other kids for liking a "girl's show" and wasn't allowed the toys because I'm a boy.

So anyway, now I reached a point as an adult where I don't much care about My Little Pony, I'm glad it's out there but I don't look at the merchandise and haven't seen the new show.

However, I just heard about the BRONY phenomenon! Adult guys who are addicted to the current MY Little Pony : Friendship is Magic show! The word Brony comes from the words Bro + pony = man who likes My Little Pony (Pegasister for a woman).

Apparently the character designs in the new show, it's more adult plots and humor are giving it a great following among adult males, especially the geeky types. The show is being treated like the Simpsons, Ren And Stimpy, Futurama, Family Guy etc...

I'm going to try and watch some episodes of the current MLP cartoon online to see what all the fuss is about, so maybe it will get me back into MLP.

I just wish BRONY had been around when I was a kid lol!

Anybody on this forum into the new My Little Pony show/characters etc?

What made you a Brony or Pegasister?