I am hoping Mattel received enough #wewantmoreshera to deliver to us the almost complete Catra and the still needing work Netossa.

While i love the She-ra from SDCC, I feel the figures shouldnt go over the $30 mark especially if Mattel would be making them. If the boxart SDCC she-ra is not what the box would look like, i believe Mattel could get it as low as $20 per figure perhaps $25 if a special sculpt body wise was needed.

Now the $20 price point especially if released in stores as Adult Collectables, children and teens will love them without even having the cartoon. If they want to have children and teens to actually want sole webisodes like DC Superhero Girls High, then perhaps provide a DVD with the new She-ra that Mattel has said can be made to not be exactly the same as sdcc. Have the DVD contain the top 20 episodes that at least those 20 episodes contain All the She-ra figures released in MOTUc if not more. They could even pull in some MOTU characters is the She-ra line is a success in retail.

If i wad Mattel I would take the Monster High, DC Superhero girls High route and wither produce its own new she-ra Webisode content. Still keeping it an Adult Collector line and having it at retail for the first wave with as i said a DVD with 20 Top episodes of She-ra or each character in the line released in Wave 1 containing a DVD of the top 5 episodes featuring that Character. Otherwise release some webisodes once the She-ra Adult Collector figures are released as Wave 1 in retail (i have a feeling this non-updated 12" classic POP dolls (non updated meaning no newly transformed Frosta or Scorpia). The webisodes could open up the line to some brand new characters (preferably after all the main POP is done then focus on some new characters while still keeping with the Adult Collector and including some characters like Madame Razz & Broom and Seahawk while throwing in some new characters made on the webisodes.

If Mattel just runs a nice size run for Wave 1 and releases it into stores as an adult Collector Doll for $20 in retail. If they dont get the profit to fit for full retail wave 2 and have to lower the numbers down to a $30 adult collector doll then i guess the kids and teens just didnt like the look of the dolls.

Because i had no idea a out DC Superhero Girls High webisodes until i bought all the 12" Dolls, not action figure or basic ones. I believe and correct me if i am wrong but the webisodes came after the release of these dolls right?

I personally think a warrior based girls/boys remarkable doll line made for Adult Collectors un stores for the first wave, if lets say the first wave went like this:

She-ra - Original costume from the Doll or filmation if they can make it be not close enough to pass as the expensive SDCC She-ra doll with three outfits.

Catra - as seen on display

Netossa - as on display but needing a lot more work such as paint and touch ups.

Now we have a main character that is white, throwing in Catra as she appeared at SDCC easily could be hispanic or another nationality without any changes to the displayed version

Netossa - about the only black character (Hence new characters a bit down the line)

So round out Wave 1 with the folowing:

Bow - One of the few males in POP and in love with she-ra

Glitter - for teen sculpt body and younger character

And last Entraptra

So wave 1 features:




Try producing enough for teens or possibly some kids, although the line is an adult line. Create a larger scale production for Wave 1, with the initial wave first shipments to be the higher product count to keep them in a $20 - $25 range. Without webisodes made yet, and this being an adult collector line, watch the pre-teens, teens and some children buying them. Then you could have included DVD or just for the kids a webisode of the characters.

I dont see why these dolls would not sell quite well if having the quality if an adult collector line but keeping it to more of a Monster High price range. I believe DC Superhero Girls High are $17.99 or something.

Try it and pack them as such:

She-ra - 3
Bow - 2
Netossa - 2
Catra - 2
Entraptra - 2
Glimmer - 1

Make Bow - Walmart exclusive or a two pack She-ra and Bow (alternate outfits) two pack
Make Catra - Target Exclusive

Thats my two cents.