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Thread: New Adventures Mutant Trooper Army Builder

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    New Adventures Mutant Trooper Army Builder

    I know they look like storm troopers but I think these guys would be great. They would be sooo easy to make!
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    They do look pretty cool. I wouldn't mine seeing a 2-pack of those down the road.
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    Sure! MOTU Stormtroopers? Sign me up! I love stormies!
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    I'd take a single card release, wouldn't want a two pack.
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    I could do a two-pack. I would want the pink to be toned into a light gray, but otherwise, I think they would be fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 13977 View Post
    I'd take a single card release, wouldn't want a two pack.
    I could be a good idea to release an army-builder 2-pack of Mutant Trooper + Primus Trooper. That would use up just one development slot and we'd get to army build both NA factions at the same time. I think it would be feasible, since neither kind of trooper needs a lot of new tooling (and if the pack came with 4 heads, just 1 of them would be needed for the Mutant Troopers, since they wear a full helmet that makes them all look the same, thus leaving 3 more heads to give more variety for the Primus Troopers, since these are supposed to have different faces just like the Palace Guards).

    BTW, I'd like the Mutant Troopers in their pinkish outfit colors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    yep, and they're....troopers.

    anyway Vizar for me.

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