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Thread: Glenn, Snout, Faceless, H Hordak, Syklone, Roboto, Stickers & White Mailers for SALE!

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    Glenn, Snout, Faceless, H Hordak, Syklone, Roboto, Stickers & White Mailers for SALE!

    Hello ALL! Everything for sale here are from 1st Runs of all characters. None are re-issues! The following are all for sale (prices do not include shipping). If interested in any...or all, please PM me.

    MOTUC Figures MOC with their white mailers:

    Captain Glenn - 32.00

    Snout Spout - 22.00

    The Faceless One - 22.00

    Hurricane Hordak - 22.00

    Sy-Klone - 22.00

    Roboto - 22.00 SOLD

    MOTUC White Mailers ($1 ea.):
    Orko, Leech, Clawful, Buzz-Off, Bow, Shadow Weaver PENDING, Sorceress, Fisto, Bubble Power She-ra, The Star Sisters, Swiftwind, Battle Cat, Panthor, Roboto, Adora, Grizzlor, Chief Carnivus, Moss Man, Whiplash, She-ra x2, Catra, Battle Ground Teela, Battle Ground Evil-Lyn, Count Marzo, King Grayskull, Teela (*Note - Her white mailers does NOT have her name on it.), and Evil-Lyn

    Stickers for Cannons (only sent to subscribers): 5.00

    I combine shipping on multiple items purchased.

    Thank you for looking and hope I can help you out with completing your collection!

    I'm trying to make some more room and hoping that instead of throwing this stuff out, that they go to a fellow collector. I will be giving this post until the next recycle day (Next Wednesday) for the white mailers. If by that time I have no takers, these will be discarded. Whatever is left over will be put onto ebay. Whatever doesn't sell from there will be discarded.

    Thank you for checking out my post!

    Just want to know if people are still interested in these items before Wednesday.
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