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Thread: Shadow Weaver as a Character

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    Shadow Weaver as a Character

    This thread is in the same vein as two others I've made; one asking questions about Adora, and one about Catra.

    Time to start again with Shadow Weaver. So, bascially I have never watched PoP beyond The Secret of the Sword, and I honestly haven't seen that since I was a kid, so I don't remember Shadow Weaver at all. What I'm looking for is info beyond the bio from the PoP fans: offical and otherwise (as in: what you thought of her when you were a kid).

    Here's some questions:

    - I know she is a powerful witch, but what is the extent of her powers? What has she been witnessed performing throughout the history of the show (or in anything else she has appeared in)?

    - The MotUC bio says she secretly plans to overthrow Hordak; has that ever been mentioned anywhere outside that bio? I like it, but I also like Catra trying for that as well.

    - What's the story behind the her wand and book? Do those show up often?

    Feel free to expand on anything in any way you like! I'm looking for as much information as possible to form my own ideas around what others have thought about her over time.
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    Personally, I don't think the series went for as long as it needed to in order to flesh out those details but there is one episode Of Shadows and Skulls (Season 1) when she teams up with Skeletor to overthrow Hordak. The only problem with that scenario was that cliche "no honor among thieves" Shadow Weaver was using Skeletor as he was her & in the end, neither one of them managed to come out on top. Shadow Weaver has always seemed to me to be a self serving shallow evil sorceress. Throughout the series, she seems bent on collecting & mastering all sources of magic & thereby ultimate power (for she feels superior to Hordak but pretends to be subservient because it mostly suits her needs). If she knew of the Crystal Castle's existence, like Skeletor on Eternia trying to usurp Grayskull's magic, Shadow Weaver would be constantly trying to destroy Lighthope & take over Crystal Castle & its magics for herself. In that sense the PoP series would simply have been the flipside of the Masters series. There is that brief interlude in The Price of Power when we learn of her past before she became Shadow Weaver. It suggests that then she was an individual much like Ariel in The Anxious Apprentice who was good at what she did but not good enough & was always under-appreciated. But the moment she trades her humanity & soul for ultimate power I believe she ceases to be human which is why her face is always in the dark shadows of large hood. Are there moments when we should empathize with her because she grieves for the human soul she no longer has? Who knows? She doesn't spend any time introspecting but it's clear when she's finally confronted by her old teacher & mentor (before she became Shadow Weaver) that she is not nearly as powerful or indestructible as she thinks. Perhaps because she knows this anyway, she's constantly trying to unearth, awaken, harness ancient relics of magic so she can control them & thereby be all powerful & unstoppable.
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    Shadow Weaver was a great original character and never had a toy released back then. She would never openly challenge Hordak until she secures enough power to do so. Filmation would certainly never show her face post-transformation that's for sure. Maybe as a MOTUC extra head but one can only hope.

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    The book is the Eldritch Book of Spells, which shows up in the episode, The Eldritch Mist. The wand showed up in one episode, and she was using it to drain Glimmer of her powers.

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    The thing about having a group of evil warriors, whether they be as well organized as the Horde or just a motley group of criminals along the line of Skeletor's warriors, you are bound to have mistrust. It can come from mistrusting your leader (Hordak) to truly be treat you well. You may fear him and respect him out of that fear, but that can also breed hate and jealousy. In the toon, Shadow Weaver seemed very loyal to Hordak, but there were episodes/scenes that showed that loyalty was not 100%. I could see her trying to secretly overthrow him.

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    I think Shadow Weaver is an extraordinarily powerful witch and is definitely one of the most powerful witches on Etheria. Shadow Weaver's spells are pretty much always suited to the demands of the script, but she can cast offensive spells (i.e. fireballs), teleport, fly (or at least hover) and she also seems particularly adept at spells which enable her to control others, physically and mentally.

    At the same time, Shadow Weaver has an unquenchable thirst for more power, which is really what led Light Spinner to become Shadow Weaver in the first place. So, Shadow Weaver's schemes often involve hunting down mysterious magical artifacts to use to increase her own power.

    I believe that Shadow Weaver is definitely planning to overthrow Hordak. Shadow Weaver is at times, almost an independent villain in the Filmation series as she has her own "base" in Horror Hall, appears to command her own legion of Horde Troopers and often acts independently of Hordak. In her interactions with Hordak, Shadow Weaver appears to merely tolerate his presence and while she allows him to take the credit for all of her ideas and her (limited) success, it's clear to me that she believes that she is superior and is simply biding her time until she believes she is powerful enough to take control of Etheria for herself.

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    It says a lot about Hordak that everyone in his employ - because being affiliated with The Horde must have come with certain perks, otherwise they wouldn't have left their own lairs and participated - wanted to take him down. Catra and Weaver were the main two who actually tried to overthrow him, and I think the guys (Mantenna, Leech, Griz) were just too dull to consider it.

    When Skeletor took over the Fright Zone, no one objected on Hordak's behalf - they just went after Imp! So Weaver isn't alone in her distrust of Hordak, though I think she has much stronger reasons for wanting to see him gone.

    Weaver never really needed magical artifacts like books or wands to be powerful - we see her teleport and reappear as a giant column of flame several times in the series, and she's able to use shadow coils to capture and contain her enemies. She can cast brainwashing spells on those Hordak wants under his control. Her power levels do fluctuate depending on the episode and whoever is writing it, but her greatest strength seems to be that she knows more about Etheria than most people, with the exception of Razz, Angella and Lighthope. She knows about the Cavern of Winds and busts it open to cause trouble for the Rebels, she knows about Mystic Isle and can figure out which day it will rise...

    Honestly, Weaver is one of the best reasons to watch the She-Ra series. She was a serious female villainess with interesting motivations and a compelling backstory. They developed her slowly over time, and I can't think of any episodes where she was shown to be anything less than powerful and smart.

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    Well, she does turn herself into a pig in the episode with Orko, one of the few times she is ever played for comic relief.
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