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Thread: For Sale 200x Stactions Mini statues And figures all MOC

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    For Sale 200x Stactions Mini statues And figures all MOC

    Mattel 200x action figures (MOC)
    Spitting Khan $25
    Zodak $25
    Roboto $25

    Stactions Mini Statues: (MOC)
    Hordak $15
    Mantenna $25
    Grizzlor $15
    Snout Spout $15
    Clamp Champ $15
    He-Man $25
    Evil lyn $25
    Sorceress Classic Colors $75
    King Randor $25
    Mosquitor $75
    Snake Face $75
    Tung Lashor $25
    Rio Blast $20
    Webstor $75
    Leech (Gone)
    Jitsu ($200) the pony tail is currently attached but the two I already shipped got detached in transit as did 90% of them so I can't guarantee it arrives attached.

    I have almost every 200x figure, staction, repaint, and vehicle MOC (MIB) except the big 3 chases.
    Just let me know what your looking for and I can quote you a price.
    I am willing to negotiate for multiple items but I prefer to ship in lots
    so $50 minimum is what I'm looking fear.

    Thanks again,
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