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  • I'd like to see the Clamp Champ armor modified with interchangeable plugs for the back of his armor.

    52 55.91%
  • I don't mind the large hole and bracket on the existing Fisto armor.

    29 31.18%
  • I'd like Clamp Champ to have a full flesh colored torso.

    48 51.61%
  • I'd like Clamp Champ to have an all metallic colored torso.

    11 11.83%
  • I don't mind the 50/50 painted torso Fisto had.

    17 18.28%
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Thread: Clamp Champ Armor!

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    Clamp Champ Armor!

    Many of us are a little disappointed with how large the hole in Fisto's armor is due to the large 200X sword holder/bracket. In a recent Roast Gooble, Eric Treadaway mentioned in retrospect that they probably should have used a plug in type system. My impression was that it would be more along the lines of how He-Man's sword holder plugs onto his back straps.

    We could get two interchangeable plugs, one that would specifically hold his clamp and a second one that could be designed to hold another possible accessory or a future recolored weapons pak Fisto armor for those that want the ability to hold his vintage sword on his armor. We could have avoided having a large gaping hole in the Clamp Champ armor.

    1) Would you like the Fisto armor to be slightly modified with interchangeable plugs for Clamp Champ?

    2) Would you prefer his torso be all metallic, all skin, or half and half like we've seen with Fisto?

    Please remember to vote for both!
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