"Delays in product would wind up being a bane of my existence for years on MOTUC. It is funny, but 99.9% of the time I personally had nothing to do with almost any delay (from Faker to Demo-Man) but as the “public face” of the brand I tend to take the blunt of fans' anger and frustration (understandably so). I used to think, “Man, if they only knew how much I am working on this line in my spare time just to keep it going!” But nowadays I pretty much just accept that all delays and shipping and customer service issues are 100% my fault in the eyes of the customer. And you know what, that is totally fine. If it means people are angry at me personally but in the end we get more MOTU toys, then it is fine. But man, delays suck and on such a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny line like MOTUC they are 100% inevitable."

How does THIS have anything to do with Faker?... Going off on another tangent again are we, Mr. Guru?