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Thread: Matty Sale March 1st-20th

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    Read my post a few pages back. If people think that all these items are all going to be available "year round" I'd say they're sadly mistaken.

    It's a bad way to word it from Mattel's standpoint and I think that people are interpreting one thing, while Mattel says another.

    All you have to do is look at that list of the items that are available "year round" and you know that, that statement seems far-fetched.

    You mean to tell me that *if* they sell out of Blazing Voltrons, those Retro Dolls, JLU Darkseid & Kalibak 2-Pack etc. that they're actually going to call China and request MORE just so that they could fulfill that "year round" statement??

    Isn't happening, that stuff doesn't move to begin with. It simply looks like they're just saying that *this* time these items are going to sit *year round* "instead of being pulled" until they actually sell out.

    Now...there very well could be some exceptions from the list that they WILL go in to another run *if* they actually completely sell out, but it's a gamble IMO with which ones and I think that people are misinterpreting certain things.

    They even state at the bottom that things can change at any time. Pick your poison! Buy now or cry later!
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