View Poll Results: Would you support a PoP 30th Anniversary line in 2015?

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  • YES! I want to get more of the great rebellion quicker!

    107 66.05%
  • YES! I am sick of PoP taking up spots in the regular MOTUC sub!

    12 7.41%
  • NO! I like 2-3 PoP figures a year and they don't need to recognize the 30th anniversary!

    43 26.54%
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Thread: Would you support a PoP 30th Anniversary line in 2015?

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    Would you support a PoP 30th Anniversary line in 2015?

    With the success of the 30th Anniversary subscription evident (at least in terms of sales) I am wondering who would support a PoP 30th Anniversary Subscription. This would still be comprised of MOTUC figures but all would be from the PoP faction. It is increasingly evident that there is almost an overwhelming number of PoP figures still to be released and that they are a polarizing faction for many. I would think that a separate subscription for the 30th anniversary would be a win win for both supporters and detractors alike as it would allow those who desperately want more PoP to get several figures (probably 6) in one year while giving those who are not happy about getting PoP figures included in their MOTUC subs a year that would be entirely free of them. This is all assuming, of course, that MOTUC in general lasts until 2015. I have a feeling it will

    Let me be clear on what I am proposing (and what several PoP fans have been asking for when discussing this possibility). This would NOT work like the current MOTU 30th line, which is comprised of entirely NEW characters. This would be comprised of established PoP characters who have yet to be released (like Castapella, Sea Hawk, Madame Razz, and Mermista ... although I'm sure a couple of those will be out by 2015 but you all get the point). I personally wouldn't mind if they did the create a character contest again for the final figure but the other 5 should be fan demanded characters.

    So what does everyone think? Vote and then discuss!
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