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Thread: "Son Of He-Man / Son Of Keldor" Era in MOTUC...

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    "Son Of He-Man / Son Of Keldor" Era in MOTUC...

    Answer to WTFWTK 2.63!

    1. Jon-O:
    Does the acquisition of Filmation rights grant access to characters from He-Ro, Son of He-Man; ie, He-Ro (Dare) and Kay-La?

    We had access to these stories and characters regardless of the Filmation rights (hense Evil Lyn's bio which is setting up some elements heading toward this story)


    So, lets begin -

    First Off -


    Skeletor has been banished to The Frozen Lands by the heroic warrior He-Man, and the Sorceress.


    Meanwhile, In a far away forest, a small 3-year old child is found in the wilderness, by powerful she-bearcat (half bear, half mountain lion). She takes him into her cave and raises him in the wild. As he grows, the child quickly learns to communicate with the animals and has enhanced powers of hearing and sight.

    As the years pass, and his bearcat mother gets older, he finds himself looking after her, as she once looked after him. He teaches the human language to a wild crow called Craven, a language which the boy is still able to remember vaguely from his time before he came to the forest, as well as vague memories of his real parents, a Beautiful Woman and a Strong Man, before he was stolen away in the dead of night. He struggles to remember his real name, but fails everytime.


    10 years after Skeletors defeat, King Adam is now on the throne, with his Queen Teela at his side. Randor and Marlena have retired to the Summer Palace enjoying this time of peace.

    King Adam is contacted by The Sorceress. She tells him that "The time has come to share the power of the sword. Legends speak of a boy without name who will inhert the power sword." King Adam knows nothing of this "boy", and is not very pleased with this turn of events. Even though he is now King, he still feels he is in the prime of his life, and is not yet ready to give up his He-Man alter ego just yet. But he realises he must listen to the sorceress and so sets off to find the unamed boy in the dark valley, beyond the mountains of fire.


    Elsewhere, Skeletor has managed to free himself from his icy prison, that held him captive for 10 years. He frees his old ally, Beast Man, who sends beastly spies to watch King Adam's every move. The spies overhear the new prophecy regarding the child without a name, and report back to Skeletor. Skeletor does not like the idea of a potential new heroic nemesis, so constucts an evil plan to find this child, and teach him the ways of evil, before King Adam can reach him.

    Skeletor sets off, with Beast Man, and Evil Lyn as well as several new evil warriors (detailed below). Beast Man sets his beasts free to track the child, and a savage fight between the childs bearcat mother and Beast Mans beasts ensues. The bearcat mother is killed!
    Skeletor approaches the child, and convinces him that the warrior He-Man is responsible for the beasts that attacked, and killed his bearcat mother. The child swears revenge on the one called He-Man. Evil-Lyn takes the child under her wing, as she trains him in the dark arts.


    Meanwhile, King Adam is still searching far and wide for the child, with his three faithful companions, Cringer, Orko, and an elderly Man-At-Arms (Duncan presumably, not Clamp Champ).

    They catch up with Skeletor, and Man-At-Arms gets captured to create a diversion allowing King Adam to secretly transform into He-Man. He-Man defeats Skeletors new cronies, and tracks him and the child through a sereis of traps and into the Mountains of Fire.

    Skeletor and He-Man both present the child with a choice to choose which path he wants to take, good or evil. The child eventually chooses good, after Skeletor blasts his pet crow, Craven, out of the way in order to get a shot at He-Man.

    As the boy has no name, He-Man names him DARE after his courageous spirit to stand up to Skeletor.


    Back at the palace, King Adam and Queen Teela, decide to adopt Dare, and he recieves tuition from Duncan, and his neice Kay-La, to try and get him more attuned to the civilized world.

    King Adam is still a little concerned about passing the power sword over to this kid, as he is not yet ready to give up his He-Man alter ego.


    Skeletor once again attacks, and King Adam must make a choice between passing on the Power Sword to Prince Dare, or losing hs Kingdom. He decides to hand the sword over....and Dare becomes HE-RO SON OF HE-MAN.

    (BOLDED points that may link to the MOTUC canon)

    ----------continued a few posts down - MODS please don't automerge as it removes images!!--------------
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