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I'm not saying it's impossible that Damien's main goal is to get attention for these pitches, but if folks have only been paying attention to the Twitter updates I've posted on here, or catching a random update, as opposed to going directly to the source, then they've definitely missed-out on a lot of the context in which these updates were given, how his Twitter account was dicovered, etc.

Honestly, while tweets are open to the public (unless you set your account to private), my feeling is that Damien was never expecting fans to stumble upon his Twitter account. I randomly discovered it early last year sifting through many many tweets after having done a search on She-Ra. One of his happen to catch my eye.

I then had to go through hundreds of his past tweets (he's got thousands and many of them are just shooting the breeze with acquaintences, friends etc.) to find ones that were relevant in determining whether or not this person is a legimitate employee. It was actually a bit time-consuming. I dunno. A lot of his tweets seemed very casual to me.
When I did the front page story on the She-Ra show in the works, I researched and found out Damien's background in a few minutes through Goggle. If he really was an employee of Classic Media or someone with power, then he will have been part of some deals or at at least have a write-up about him, confirming his position.