I saw somebody's post about how many of us complain about QC issues (joints, paint apps, wrong pieces, etc.), which got me thinking...

If everything in MOTUC worked the way we hope it would, and every figure came out on time, in the right box, in mint condition, and all of the figures looked exactly how they were supposed to and had the joints they were supposed to, what would be your biggest complaint about the line up to this point?

Decisions were still made the same, but there were explanations that placated and not infuriated. So Whiplash still got his 2 heads, Clawful didn't, but we were told why in a way where everyone went "ok, that makes sense," and we never saw the Grizzlor alternate face, so we never knew what we missed.

I think my biggest complaint would be the window for subscriptions. Every time it's been available, I've had some outside influence that has me worried whether or not the money would be available each month.

EDIT: I just realized this sort of seems like another complaint thread, and that's not how I intended it. If we could keep this light (despite the fact that its focus IS complaints), I'd be pretty grateful to all of you.