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Thread: Rank Fisto's Importance

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    Rank Fisto's Importance

    Next up we have Fisto!

    This is a multiple choice poll with 2 categories to vote in. The first category is whether or not you would buy a variant of this character. The second category is the overall importance you feel this character brings to the franchise.

    Variant worthy?

    Variant Worthy: This is a character that you believe is variant worthy. You're willing to purchase different variants of this character even if your favorite version is the first one released. Matty can certainly put them in MOTUC's quarterly variant slot for you.

    Not Variant Worthy: You don't feel this character needs any variants whatsoever. You only hope that when they make this character that they get them right the first time around. You do not want to be taken for the ass.


    A-List: Integral to the story and the franchise. MOTU isn't MOTU without them. This is a core character that is extremely important to you. If Mattel doesn't make them, someone will have some serious explaining to do!

    B-List: They might not be integral to the story in your eyes but this is an excellent supportive character that helps to round out the story, franchise and your collection.

    C-List: You feel this is a good guest star type of character. You don't expect to see them hanging around the supportive crew all the time but you still want to see them show up to lend a helping hand now and then.

    D-List: Fills the role of background character and cameo maker for you. You acknowledge their existence but in a very limited way. This is an "okay" character.

    Z-List: You'd rather forget about this character entirely. Should they never be mentioned again in MOTU-lore, you would be quite happy. This character would kill teh lien for you.
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    With him being the first Man at Arms before Duncan and having a prominent role during the second season of MYP, I'm definitely going to put him on the A-list as I did remember him being in a lot of artwork back in the 80s. I'm fine with him being Duncan's brother but NOT Teela's daddy!

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    important but a b-lister that rounds out the story.

    no need of a variant. the one that we got has everything.
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    He was never MAA-chalk that up to the awkwards sentence structure.

    I don't think he needs a variant-this release is stellar. He's a solid B-Lister-possibly the highest ranking being Duncan's brother.
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    B-List and not variant worthy...
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    I voted B-List and not variant worthy.

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    I have to say B lister for Fisto.

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    I know and accept that at best Fisto is a B rate character. But I voted A because to me he always has been eternia's Second Greatest Hero.

    In 200x we began to see just what potential he has.

    I think if they ever did another MOTU Cartoon, they should feature other characters more prominantly because if nothing else 200x showed just how cool these characters were if you just wrote them well, gave them good backstories ect.

    Fisto is just prime to bust out as an important character, adn I want to see this happen.

    In my world he always was at war with Jistu over control of the two magic gauntlets of some sort of power, the possessor of both having "unlimited" fighting ability, ect ect. Oh sure, the were the same hand, but as I like to say "If Sauron's One Ring can change shape to fit anyone, the so cant he Fisto/Jitsu gauntlets"

    Mind, that's my story, but I still love me some fisto.

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    B-List to me and since we have all those accessories, no variant needed.
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    At the top of the B-list for me. I had him as a kid, and he was one of my faves.

    I know I'm in the minority on this, but even though his release is super cool and the 4H did an awesome job on him, I think he needs a variant because of the red hair. Loved that as a kid.

    I know, I know. Buy two and paint one.
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    I voted A-list. According to MYP, he's Teela's real father after all. That should make him pretty important..............

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    I rank him as upper-B list. Not one of the very key "front line" characters, but a reliable knight-like character who is a stratelgical and level-headed warrior in battle.

    Variant worthy? NO! Even beyond the whole "the line is being swamped by too many pointless variants", surely we have just about everything we need with Fisto's release to cover all bases.
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    He's a definite A lister for me. Lower A lister but none the less his importance in MYP and he's one of the best heroes for the Masters. Plus his Classics figure is top shelf. What an amazing figure.

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    No variant, A-Fister! (see what I did there?)

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    Fisto's story has the potential to become a huge part of the future of MotU. With he and the Sorceress finally coming back together and Teela exploring her new fatherly relationship with him, he should be a regular part of the storylines. Plus he and Man-At-Arms could further deepen their long standing feud as Fisto takes over the daddy controls from Duncan.

    My vote- B-list currently but potential for A-list
    Variant- Yes
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    A-Lister, no contest.

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    As I see it, he's definitely not A-list. But he's high on the B-list, awesome, and I wish I had one.

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    B-List at most, not variant worthy.
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    To me, Fisto is definitely not variant worthy.
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