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Thread: Need He-man for 6 year old son

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    Need He-man for 6 year old son

    (repost posted last one in wrong place)
    I was a huge fan of the series and toys growing up, I am now bring my son in to the world of He-man. Thanks mostly for the DVD set and now that its streaming on netflix. Anyway, sadly around 1993 I traded all my He-man stuff to a local comic shop for store credit so I could get vintage Star Wars stuff.

    My son will be 6 on March 16th and I am looking to get him a lot of figures. The bad news is, I was laid off work on the 1st. Also I am not looking for mint figures cause he is 6 and will play with it. Doesnt have to have weapons but the chest armor would be nice. I am looking to talk to anyone that can let some figures good at a good deal. I do not have a lot of cash on hand but I am sure I can come up with something fair. I can trade some Star Wars stuff if needed. Some ships and a loose Blue Snaggletooth (the rare one that was released by Sears in a playset).

    I dont know the going price for figures but I know they have shot up. Everyone on Craig's list is asking in the 100s for just a few figures. I am looking to get him a good collection going. He does have Buzz-Off and a He-man (the one with the caps in the back) cause the local comic shop had and worked out a deal. He was asking $20 each but cause of it was for my son he let us have both for $10 each.

    Love to talk some to someone that has extra's figures, even beat up, that they like to sell or trade off.

    my email is

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    pm sent. I also sent ya an email with a few links to sellers that have helped me build a great for my 6 yr old son at very fair prices.

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    I have what you are looking for. I have quite a few doubles and I think a couple vehicles. I am not insane and want 10000000000000000 dollars for all. LOL I would be happy to work out a price that is reasonable and I can also send you a list of what I have.

    Just PM me.

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