Hi guys,

My parents have my childhood collection boxed up in the attic. Because we never threw anything away in our family there's lots of original MOTU stuff up there buried under other junk.

To my knowledge there's some valuable stuff (lazer light skeletor, randor, sorceress, scareglow, ninjor, roton and twistoid, some good condition UK comics), some not so valuable stuff (original wave figures, vehicles and playsets, broken extendar) and some stuff I really don't know the value of (NA figures, very used UK comics, card backs). If we can find them I had all the accessories too and most stuff is in good condition

It is going to take a long time and a lot of convincing my parents to actually dig these out of the attic and actually sell them.

So... my questions:

Is it worth the time and effort to dig these out?
How much would I be likely to make if I were to sell them?
Is it best to sell the entire collection?
Should I list on ebay, here, elsewhere?

I've really not done this kind of thing before but I've seen laser light skeletor selling for quite a lot hence why I thought about it.

It'll take at least 12 months to dig them all out!

Thanks in advance.