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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread March 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for March 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Shipping matters

    Why do parcels get shipped to Sweden first, when they are supposed to be shipped to Germany? It doesn't make any sense.

    And why doesn't DR note the shipping costs on the parcels?
    It's important for customs duty...

    How product is shipped is based on the shipping method you choose. Some of the less expensive methods take longer.
    Sky Tree/Serpos

    Any chances to get a Sky Tree or Serpos in the line?

    We will need to see how Granamyr does before tackling anything else large like this.
    Changing subscription shipping type

    How can one change from the basic international shipping to the better, faster, trackable shipping, in subscription services. This is due to things either not getting delivered, or taking up to 2 months to arrive.

    It would be great if we had an actual time frame that the subscription page will be updated by, instead of a general idea. Its frustrating to have conversations with customer service that are days in between replies, replies which usually are completly unhelpful.

    We are working on getting a my sub page up and running that will give you greater control over payment and shipping options.It should be launching soon as quick as we can work out all the bugs.
    Teela has not shipped

    I bought a teela and a B.A. Teela on the 14th and they haven't shipped yet.
    I asked cs on the 20th and they told me I should get a shipping confirmation and I haven't got one yet.

    I don't have access to shipping info. This forum is for questions about the brand or product.
    ToyGuru, please read: Idea for customizers

    You always say Mattel cannot release things like alternate heads packages, as they would require heavy tooling.

    But how about this idea for helping customizers, which would require NO NEW TOOLING AT ALL: Would Mattel be willing to release "generic" bodies of different types (human, beast, reptile) with different color combinations (skin/boots/shorts)? I'm sure this would be an instant hit, and as you can see, no extra tooling from already existing molds.

    Same basic idea could be done for reusing existing heads in different colors: how about, let's say, a bald He-Man head in different colors, to name one?

    Please let me know your thought on this. Thanks.

    We actually have discussed this for multiple lines. Doing a blank buck would still take work as we would need to create this unpainted buck and that would take a design slot. Right mow we are using all of our design slots for new figures. We just don't have a slot to spare right now.
    Toyguru - What are we supposed to do when ignored by DR?

    Is all we can do complain about it?

    I'm still waiting on Kobra Kahn. It said my subscription has renewed... But no invoice or shipping notice!?!? Still!??! It's the 25th and many non-subscribers have had kahn arrive. I've had money in my account no worries!

    I see that when addressed, you state we have to deal with DR customer service... But when you get continuous emails beating around the bush and not addressing the problem in anyway whatsoever, it's very disheartening.

    I am really stuck on what I should do now to obtain my subscription figure!? Keep trying? That's a laugh... not to mention unfair!

    We have a new customer service team starting this week based on the US. Ideally this will resolve a lot of the CA issues going forward.
    back card

    can you guys put the images of the upcoming figures instead to put the ones we already have in our hands? is kinda boring to look the ones we have and should be long way better to have the upcoming figures on the cardback

    Often we don't have photo models of anyone further out than the current figure. That is why there are not sneak peaks on the back. We try to put figures instead that are "related" to the figure (enemies, relatives, allies, friends, etc...)
    Check list

    i know i ask for this before and u answer me on one WTFWTK about if there is a chance to get a check list poster like we had in the 80΄s over a rock picture. i do have 2 and i love them the one with the eternia playset and the normal one so i wonder if this was talked about and if it is any chance to see it in the near future? thanks!

    A check list poster is a cool idea but we don't have one planned right now. Maybe down the road.
    Man-At-Arms plus weapons

    With Dekker being a Man-At-Arms at one time how cool would it be if he came with all the extra weapons that you are trying to get out to us? I think this would be a win win for everybody, we will be getting the extra weapons, a 200X figure figure and an awesome figure with a cool Bio in MOTUC

    That certainly would be cool, but we don't have a Dekker figure to announce right now.
    Growing Fear Being Shared

    We were promised - and signed up for - the fact that our MOTUC 30th anniversary figures AND sub figures would ship together, not separately. As the April release date approaches, fear is setting in amongst some that they will not since there have been so many errors over the past few months (years) with shipping, billing, and customer service. Can you confirm that the regular MOTUC subscription and MOTUC 30th anniversary subscriptions will indeed ship together as promised to defer additional shipping?

    Yes, as April is the first month these subs renew they will ship together.


    Kowl in MOTUC

    Bow has been getting quite lonely without his wingman (pun not intended) at his side. Has there been any talk as far as whether he will get a solo monthly release, or if he will be held for something special, like SDCC for example, and packed in with another figure as Orko was?

    We would love to get to Kowl (as we would all vintage figures) time will tell when he make it into the line.
    Customer Service Question

    You've mentioned a new cusomer service team coming aboard, pending the legal team approving contracts. Does this mean that Digital River will no longer be handling the customer service, or that you will have a team from Digital River that is exclusively handling customer service for Mattycollector and not one of several other company's CS issues? Of course, if the lawyers approve the contracts, etc.

    No, it means additional resources to have more dedicated reps. We are still with DR.
    Light HOPE as a Diorama stand

    Hello Matty, I was thinking about the best way to produce a LIGHT HOPE action figure. Since he is only depicted as a beam of rainbow color light and no human figure form, it seems perfect for him to be painted as a beam of light inside a the crystal castle. Maybe he could have some light features the would work to show him glow in different colors surrounded by a pool of water and clouds. Maybe the crystal castle will have its own weapons rack to add some flavor.

    We actually have talked about Light Hope and many different ideas have come up. Time will tell what we do with Light Hope if anything at all.
    ButterFlyer as a Figure?

    Hi Would it be possible when you get to Butterflyer to make her a Beast Slot and a full 12' figure in scale with Tytus and Megator?

    I just think having a Giant winged female warrior would be an awesome counterpoint to Tytus.

    I suppose it is possible but no plans right now.
    Orderemails says shipped Digital River say not

    *** just got this stupid response from DR after about 23 emails a out my missing subs for January. Dear Andrew

    Thank you for contacting the online store.

    Order xxxxxxxx was generated for the second installment of the Star
    Sisters pack. Nothing was shipped from this order. We apologize for the
    inconvenience this may have caused.

    Diana B. What the **** I had an email saying they had shipped on January 18th. Perhaps posting here might actually illustrate what a hard time people overseas have getting thier orders

    This forum is for questions on the brand or products. I don't have access to shipments. You will need to call customer service. We are actively working on adding more resources to improve this experience and make it easier for these type of issues. We are working on it!
    Digital River says i have to pay again for my subs

    Just got an email from Digital River saying that my order that shows up unsubmitted has not been paid for, but on 12/2/2012 i was charged for it and received an email that it had been sent. My question is what do i now and is there a frued department i can contact?

    Contact customer Service.
    Snake Mountain stands

    So, it`s March now and in less than 2 months, matty will sell the Snake Mountain stands.

    Can you give us any pictures of how the figures look like on these?

    Yes, we had one shot. As soon as it is done we will post it.
    Snake Mountain Stand Pegs

    I know this has been asked before and has been discussed on several forums. I have not seen an answer anywhere yet so I apologize if it was answered and I missed it. Are the Snake Mountain stands going to come with enough pegs for both feet and the attachment? The Grayskull stands have been such a wonderful upgrade for my collection but it has been frustrating not being able to secure down both feet, as several figures (such as Prince Adam) are in desperate need of this. On that note, are there any discussions or plans to possibly release bags of pegs for those Grayskull stands? I certainly don't intend to buy extra 5-packs just for the pegs. Thanks!

    The stands are very similar to the Grayskull stands. I don't have a final one with me to check this out. As soon as one arrives I'll try to answer.
    so? help us.....

    i read all the time that you are all sad that someone leaves the line for things you are not responsable of. i understand that but what can we do??? its not that most of us want to leave. you read all the crap thats going on. a lot of toysites are full of pages with things that go wrong. what should we do? where is the help? what number should we call so that things are back to normal? we want to support you and mattel even digital river for that matter if they would do a descent job. you should tell us what to do and not we ask you what is up. help us please thats all we want. what should we do???? what can we do???? is there a thing we can do????

    I wish I could just wave a wand and make and MOTUC perfect.

    I really do.

    We are actively working on improving QC and Customer Service and additional resources were assigned to both recently. Hopefully you will see more and more improvements coming down the pike soon. We are always working to make the best it can be.
    ship fails

    even after 20 days I have come sorceress, fisto and photog, matty is happening? YOU ARE listless? many people are not this coming February packages, too many people

    I think you are fooling customers with shipments, or you send much later or not at all do you do

    I think it is going out of hand, if this happened in my company would be produced a lot of layoffs, I have spent my money, I want my toys

    I don't have access to shipping info. This forum is for questions about product or the brand. Customer service should be called for issues like this.
    Where is the logic?

    I'm amazed at what I can only describe as the opposite of common sense with the whole Teela situation which can only be described as a trifecta of pure stupidity!

    It wasn't enough that Teela, a highly sought after core character showed up without warning, or that she showed up on a sale without a scheduled recent reissue slot happening. No, Matty in it's infinite stupidity also decides to put a maximum order of 99 on them (wasn't the whole point of subscriptions and the usual 10 maximum to avoid this very situation from happening).

    At some point, you would THINK the penny would drop of "oh wait, scalpers might go nuts for these- we should probably put a low order limit of maybe 5 per order on these so actual fans can still get their hands on one".

    Yet it didn't when they were first offered. Then more stock showed up, and even then, the penny failed to drop.

    As a result some of us missed out and have to pay scalper prices now. The question has to be asked though, why was she uploaded onto the webpage by someone so infinitely stupid that they make a trained gorilla look like Einstein to begin with?

    You expect technical problems from time to time, and potentially for things to go wrong with shipping, but when things are directly within DRs control and entirely down to the human factor, surely a little bit of common sense isn't too much to ask.

    That's on top of the other issues with the February orders (which I'm also waiting on), double charging on shipping & non-existent responses from DR.

    We keep hearing about the new CS team and about how they're coming on board soon. Well guess what else is coming "soon"- Christmas in 2020.

    Seriously, I don't know what the holdup is, but Mattel needs to get this sorted immediately, because if it takes much longer getting this sorted, there may not be enough of a customer base left to make the line still viable. Fans have been patient, but it's seriously getting to the point of saying "enough, I'm done!"

    Yeah. I know. As a collector myself I totally understand the frustration. Honestly, there is a reason not many companies run online only toy lines. It isn't easy and we are trying.

    More resources are actively being added to customer service and we have some great figures coming down the road. We know fans have been patient. We are working on things and you should see radical improvements in the near future.
    MOTUC Mini figures

    We've been seeing a lot of love for the Giants in MOTU mythos, but what about more of the little guys?
    Lo Kee

    They have just as important a part in the mythos as the big guys!

    We do have ideas on getting to more mini figures in time. Stay tuned!
    Sub Kobra Khan still not shipped, but others have him already

    I still have not received a shipping notice for my 2012 sub Kobra Khan. Others are already receiving him and mine still hasn't shipped. Is this going to be another Demo-Man situation?

    I was under the impression that no figures are shipping until all are in the warehouse to stop this problem?

    I have the sub for simplicity, and thought I was supposed to get my figures before the day of sales people. I know sub numbers are down, but nothing being done by DR/Mattel is making me happy I'm a subscriber.

    Sometimes it comes down to how far you live from DR or what shipping method you choose. But I don't have access to orders. This forum is for product or brand questions, not shipment issues. For that you will need to cal customer service which we are actively adding resources to in order to improve things as quick as possible.
    No March figure for me!

    TG sorry If I wrote you here but I have no answer from DR service.

    I'm a subscriber, for unknown reason instead to haveKobra Kahn shipping confirmation as I expected I got another demo man shipping confirmation which is not supposed to be the march figure:

    CS USE ONLY - MOTU: Demo Man (Figure of the Month) 1 1 1 $20.00
    Shipping: $0.00
    Total: $0.00

    I ask to customer service and they seems not to understand the point they told me that my credit card need to be updated (then I wonder to myself why for Demo Man was ok???) and there is no way to replace demo-man with Kahn since already left. They also told me that if I won't updated my credit card details my subscription could be suspended.

    Besides credit card info which I have nothing to update, is there any chance that is only about a mistake in the invoice description but is Kobra Kahn the figure shipped at the end?

    I don't have access to orders, I can only answer questions about product. But CS is getting additional resources so hopefully issues like this can be resolved even quicker in the near future! We are working on this.

    i have not yet got my sorceress or fisto, i ordered them seperately so they shouldnt have been be held up by uk customs.when were they sent?or have they not been sent yet?

    This forum is for asking questions about product, I don't have access to orders, for that you will need to call customer service which is getting improved resources added as we speak!

    apparently no longer just the people I know but still much European fan has nothing this year or of missing the last month, what happen toy guru? we are all angry, frightened, so we want to continue but can not ...

    Worst of all, the DR's customer service, I have read things like that answer, IT'S YOUR PROBLEM, I think this is so, suppose you were a fan like us and you would have to understand it and do something

    if you send things more afternoon, I think you would have to speak, know a person who customs of Spain, that him ye had sent the package 15! days after having your shipping confirmation email

    This forum is for asking product related questions. I don't have access to orders so you will need to call customer service (which is getting more resources added to it as we speak~!)
    Help! My sub continues to show as unsubmitted!

    My debit card info was stolen just before Cobra Khan was ready to ship and my bank had to cancel my card and order a new one. I called go-matty last week and changed to my default credit card. As of today my sub still has not been submitted rather it shows on the order history as unsubmitted. I called again today and the Rep told me I had to change the billing info on the website. When I tried that it said I had to call go-matty which I did earlier and they said to do it online. I am going in circles! I give up! What do I do to get my sub back on track and get Cobra Khan? PLEASE HELP!

    I don't have access to subs or orders. This forum is for asking product related questions. What you will need to do is call customer service. I can tell you we have so new resources coming on board to make CS smoother and you should see that in affect very soon.
    Ooo Lar bio doubt

    a question about Motuc's bio; is Ooo Lar and Wundar the same character?

    In other words is Ooo Lar going to be released in the future?

    No they are not the same character.
    SDCC Exclusive Reveals... When/Where?

    When in April can we expect the SDCC exclusive reveals?
    Has Mattel decided where the announcement will occur?

    Please don't use that G4 Attack of the Show again!
    They didn't do MOTU any justice at all last year.

    This year they will be revealed on sometime in April.
    shipping problem to Europe...please look

    i am from Italy,
    something changed in last months,i have 8 subscription,but i am going to cancel all,cause now with parcels arrive me also big taxes(and also many other italian friends have the same problem)
    why motuc can not be shipped from Germany ? sometimes in past on the box there was written from Frankfort.

    cause i have 8 subscription for club eternia ,sometimes happened that i receive items in 2 parcels(expecially when there are 2 figures in one month)and when it happened inside every box there is a double paper with complete invoice,so happened that i have payed 2 times taxes...

    at least you should cover the parcel with plastic bags as you did before,it should more easy cause items are expensive and it is not good every month to pay more.

    There are not enough customers in Europe currently to justify a European distribution center. If this ever changes we would love to open one up!

    OLD STUFF!!!

    So... Toy Guru...

    So, Toy Guru, what do you think of me quitting this line after I asked about us collectors being walking wallets, and you not being able to give an honest answer which does not insult my (and every other collector for that matter's) intelligence?

    I guess the fact that I've spent $1265.80 on these figures in the last 16 months on this site alone doesn't make me as important as Mr. Scalper who bought 99 Teela's and who is now selling them at $40 a pop. I guess I will be able to buy every single Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles release in August after all. I really don't think I need to buy 2 of each of Stinkor, Griffin, TP He-man, Horde Prime, Snake-man M-A-A, or Granamyr or the Snake-men two pack anymore. I'm not paying scalper prices for Teela, Scareglow, Prince Adam, or Whiplash. So before I spend anymore money on a set which is not going to be complete I'm rather ditching it while the going is good.

    Always sad to hear about any fan/customer "leaving a line" especially if it is due to logistical issues such as delays or QC that I have no control over.

    I can tell you we are constantly working on improving all areas and there are some amazing figures coming out soon. Don't want you to miss out!
    Wizard World Philadelphia/ Comic expo

    Hello Matty, I have always gone to the Comic conventions in Phildelphia and notice that Mattel has never had any Exclusives MOTUC figures to sell there. I wish that Philly gets the love to have an Exclusive figure there like the Traveling Cons, Temple of Darkness Sorceress. Anyway this figure could come to Philaldephia's Convention???

    We won't be attending Philly Con this year, but if we do in a future year and if we have a traveling show exclusive that year we would likely bring it.

    I was just wondering if you guys have recently changed factory's in China? Upon comparing figures from early 2011 to the first figures of 2012, the newest ones seem to be of an inferior plastic compared to the older ones.

    No, we have not changed vendors. I've read these speculations online and they are not true. We are with the same vendor.
    Digital River lying

    Matty something has to be done about Digital River, they are blatantly lying to customers. On 18/2/2012 i received an email that my subs of Shadow Weaver, Fisto, map of Preternia and Sorceress had shipped. My Order history now says that this order is Unsubmitted. I purchased a sub to receive Shadow Weaver and am now not going to receive her nor the other figures i have paid for. I have not received a refund and DR will not answer emails.

    We have a new customer service team coming on board as soon as the lawyers approve the contracts. This should help resolve a lot!
    When will the My subscriptions feature be working again?

    Scott, You guys took down the My Subscriptions feature in January to fine tune it because it wasn't working correctly for people.

    My question is this we are getting very close to April now and sub holders like myself with two subs Club Eternia 2012 & 30th Anniversay will see both subs rennewing. I know I don't want to have to pay separate shipping cost for my Club Eternia April Figures & Separate shipping for Draego-Man from 30th Anniversary sub. I want combined shipping like you promised us from the begining. How soon will you have the My Subscriptions feature back up and running so we can set our subscriptions for combined shipping?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply

    It, along with the new customer service department is with the lawyers for approval. We want to make sure everything is set. Should be ready to roll out many new features over the next few months!
    OLD STUFF!!!

    Original Figure Production Runs

    You mentioned that the "reissue" figures are leftover from the original run and not new production.

    Can you confirm that in 2011/2012, the "reissue" run of the figure was completed at the same time as the "initial" run?

    For example, we know that Roboto was produced (and released) in both original burst and no original burst packaging.

    The completists just need to know what packaging variations are out there for what figures. We understand that DR can't guarantee if we get a burst or no burst Clawful

    I'll see if I can get a list posted of all the figures that did have a second run package variant. I don't know off the top of my head.
    2012 (Teela) Reissue Follow-Up

    You said that none of the reissues in 2012 is from new run. Since Teela was "unofficially" part of March Madness sale & with only 3 MINIUTE SELL-OUT under her name, are we going her reissue in 2012 ???

    (Honestly, Teela never really had a "proper" reissue, so fans whom joined late in this line never had the opportunity to grab her on time !)

    It all depends on if we have more stock of Teela. We are not going into production again on any older figures. But will sell off remaining stock periodically.
    Flying stand

    I recently discovered they had plans for flying stands to come out early in 2010; they'd obviously be a great addition for characters such as Stratos & Buzz-off so could say say more about that?

    We are looking into a 2.0 version of the flying stand by not until 2013 or beyond.
    Follow up on She-ra answer

    When you stated Mattel was checking stock did you mean for the March sale, or did you mean it is in question as to whether she will be sold year round?

    Snake Men Warriors

    Is their armor going to be swappable, too, or just the heads?

    Yes, armor can be swapped. At least I believe it can. I haven't seen a plastic version yet.
    NA He-Man

    There where 3 different NA He-Man's which one will be in the MOTUC line 1st or will you take elements from all 3 to make the "Ultimate" NA He-Man

    Honestly I don't know. We haven't gotten to him so these conversations haven't happened.
    Will She-Ra reappear for sale during March sale?

    Will She-Ra reappear for sale during March sale? Why is She-Ra listed as sold out? She was hardly available, just for a few hours the first day. She was listed as an essential character available year round (February 29, 2012 news item).

    We are looking into whether there is more inventory.
    MOTUC Mini Comics

    Do you have an idea of how much figures would increase if NEW Mini-Comics where added? Also, would a Mini-Comic's Sub be out of the question?

    No I do not. We have not run the numbers on this as it is not happening.
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    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Do you have an idea of how much figures would increase if NEW Mini-Comics where added? Also, would a Mini-Comic's Sub be out of the question?

    No I do not. We have not run the numbers on this as it is not happening.

    Well at least he finally squashed that issue once and for all.

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    sucks that Teela is not coming back

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

    For the Love of Illumina & her Cat Sleetah!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Sorceress View Post
    sucks that Teela is not coming back
    He didn't say she wasn't. He said they would sell off the remaining stock periodically.

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    I have a feeling we will see a Teela 2.0 with the new buck, and both a Filmation and a MYP head in the not-too-distant future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EtherianChronicles View Post
    I have a feeling we will see a Teela 2.0 with the new buck, and both a Filmation and a MYP head in the not-too-distant future.
    So do I.... something like that
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    Quote Originally Posted by EtherianChronicles View Post
    I have a feeling we will see a Teela 2.0 with the new buck, and both a Filmation and a MYP head in the not-too-distant future.
    That would be cool.
    My original teela from 2009 is one of my favorite female figures. The horesmen just sculpted her face to look so beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-Ra View Post
    He didn't say she wasn't. He said they would sell off the remaining stock periodically.
    he said if they have any left. seeing how fast she sold out i bet they don't have a lot left...if any

    Quote Originally Posted by EtherianChronicles View Post
    I have a feeling we will see a Teela 2.0 with the new buck, and both a Filmation and a MYP head in the not-too-distant future.
    that would be so cool i LOVE her MYP and 200x toy look

    the King needs his Queen and pet! Queen Veena and Battle Lion for MOTUC!

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