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    52 31.52%
  • Box Illustration version

    87 52.73%
  • Vintage Toy version

    23 13.94%
  • 200X version

    3 1.82%
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Thread: Which Castle Grayskull Should Mattel Make?

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    Which Castle Grayskull Should Mattel Make?

    After re-discovering MOTU through the new Classics line, I was curious to see if Mattel had re-done Castle Grayskull. A recent question in Matty’s forums about making this iconic castle provided a short response that I’m sure most people here are familiar with by now; Basically, it’s too large a project to simply put to pre-order, sight unseen, without putting in a lot of time in research and designing. So it got me thinking, which version of Castle Grayskull would you like to see for the Classics line?

    I could only think of four iconic looks…

    Cartoon version inspired by the Filmation animation:

    Box Art version inspired by Rudy Obrero’s illustration:

    Vintage Toy version inspired by Mark Taylor’s sculpt:

    New Cartoon version inspired by the 200X animation:

    Personally, I favor the classic Filmation version, it's the one that sticks in my imagination the most. A very close runner-up, though, is the Rudy Obrero illustration. Seeing it again made me remember how awe-struck I was as a child when I got the playset as a present!

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    I like the way Grayskull looks imposing with the large skull in the front that would make passerbys hesitant to even approach it. The box art looked the most creepy and would make a person think twice about wanting to go in there. So I'm going with that one. The Filmation version was nice but some of the light heartedness really made it less creepy. The vintage toy was fine too but the box art looked a lot better as I mentioned. The 200X castle looked way too pristine and didn't look gothic or creepy at all.

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    I just hope they make it properly and massive!
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    Just thinking you should add the prototype version with the ledge on the side of the tower and the higher bits of the skull.backcovernw.jpggrayskull_prototype.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by skeletorous View Post
    Just thinking you should add the prototype version with the ledge on the side of the tower and the higher bits of the skull.backcovernw.jpggrayskull_prototype.jpg
    This is what I'd prefer to see and my avatar shows lol. I think that's the way Mattel and the Horsemen would go too based on the way the castle looks on Scare Glow's reliquary. So there's no option for me in this poll.
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    Filmation version for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akai View Post
    The Filmation version was nice but some of the light heartedness really made it less creepy. The vintage toy was fine too but the box art looked a lot better as I mentioned.
    An entire castle built on the ribcage of a giant dead creature is less creepy?

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    I voted Box Art, but I agree with my buddy Skeletorous-the proto details should be there. Actually, the SG reliquary version is swell.
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    Love the vintage box art!

    Does anyone have a large, clear pic of it?

    They really should release that as a poster!

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    Box Art for me...
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    If it's strictly the structure of the castle...I vote for Box Art...but in the poll I voted for Filmation because that one looked like it could've just got up and walked. It was so creepy that it looked as if it was sitting on a structure of bones.

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    Box art for me. Looks dark and cool.

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    Had to go for Rudy's version. It is sooooo good.
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    Box art is the ultimate Grayskull, and what I would expect to see in MOTUC

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    I would buy the prototype castle and I don't even collect the MOTUC line!!! It also looked most like the box art and still pays homage to filmation

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    box illistration version, if any. Actually the best mix of them all I'd wager, but particular design for the favourite depiction from vintage.

    Very similar to what we got back in the day.

    But vintage box art.

    Of course that's what I'd want, not neccessarily what they'd do.

    But it's safe to say at this juncture they'd do a really awesome update of the vintage design elements.

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    I prefer the Filmation version.

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    Box Art for me!!
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    Well I would take either the box images or the cartoon version cause to me hey its the CASTLE so why not.
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    I still cant swallow this "we cant make it now" pill that scott keeps dropping about grayskull... THEN on top of that he starts talking electronics an design... ITS MOTUC!
    "suppossedly" why not just redo the original vintage castle. I mean every OTHER MOTUC item is a MOTU vintage or original figure redone as a back to vintage then turned into the new style...

    So just make the Vintage shell style castle like before but re-scale it with 3D sculpting in the places of the original stickers and cardboard cutouts like how the 4h did on the wind raider an battleram prototype an be done with!

    I would be 120% fine with it done like that... gezz!.

    ...nuff said!

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    Definitely the Box Art version.
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    Castle Grayskull
    Everytime I watch the old Filmation cartoon series, I'm absolutely fascinated of Castle Grayskull's mystical appearance. I love Filmation's picturing of the "Fortress of Power and Mystery" and regret that there was no option to vote for the Grayskull version shown at the back of the first minicomic "He-Man and the Power Sword", which is my personal favourite:

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    Filmation is my favourite but I'd be happy with any except for the 200X version which is way to "neat and tidy" for my taste.

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    I'd go for the classic toy version... but... as mentioned by skeletorous and others, I'd like to resemble the prototype version, which was also reflected in much of the merchandise and literature.
    This prototype version was very similar to the final version, but differences included a"ledge" a little way up the left tower, an extra "crown" (kinda) design it the very top of the skull, and some different sculpting and features. As the Classics is very much influenced by those vintage prototype and box art appearances, I'd hope to see some of this incorportated.

    Without getting into that whole "200x / where did it go wrong / how much should be used in Classics" can of worms, 200x Grayskull was one of the biggest letdowns of that line for me (both in the playset, and in general media). If some of the front-side box art and Filmation influences are put in, that's fine with me.
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    This is very hard. I like the box art, filmation & myp. something that combines all its best features?
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